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Where there’s smoke …

Kudos to Patricia Dawn Robertson for her excellent article Hazards Of The Mighty Pesticide Wand (Sept. 7). One point: Not just Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick but fully half the provinces – including Nova Scotia and PEI – have laws restricting lawn pesticides.

What keeps the other half from following suit? Perhaps pressure from pesticide makers that, like the tobacco industry before them, spend millions denying the science linking their product to cancer.

When Ms. Robertson says “pesticide spraying is the smoking habit of our era,” she’s exactly right.

Gideon Forman, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Toronto

Sept. 8: Letters to the editor – The Globe and Mail.



December 1, 2008

Dr. Gideon Forman of Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), an affiliate of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment, made the introductory speech at the public forum. In September 2008, CAPE released its position statement recommending against water fluoridation on scientific, ethical, and medical grounds.



The Herald has done good work covering the election, but it would be great to see more emphasis on health and the environment. Calgarians are concerned about these issues, but they’ve hardly been mentioned in your coverage. The Canadian Cancer Society has put forward excellent proposals, including a ban on lawn pesticides and on smoking in parks and cars. The Herald needs to tell us where candidates stand on these issues.

Gideon Forman, Toronto Gideon Forman is the executive director of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

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Issues voters need to know

All the focus on Rob Ford’s bad behaviour has taken attention away from other issues.

For example, where does Ford stand on environmental protection? Does he support safe, renewable energy such as off-shore wind turbines in Lake Ontario? Is he in favour of closing dirty coal-fired electricity facilities that contribute to Toronto’s smog?

Does he support electrification of the Union-Pearson rail link? There’s hardly a word about this on his website, but voters deserve to know.

Gideon Forman
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Toronto


Wind turbine plan blows in controversy

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“The science does not show adverse health impacts,” said Dr. Gideon Forman, the executive director of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment.