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Price to wack weeds rises in Manitoba

The price of one lawn-care company to rise 34%

CBC News

Posted:Jan 02, 2015 7:33 AM CT

Last Updated:Jan 02, 2015 7:33 AM CT

Weeds may seem more pesky than ever during summer 2015, when increased rates for their removal will come into effect following a cosmetic pesticide ban in Manitoba.

Manitoba's cosmetic pesticide ban is now in effect across the province, which means paying to have weeds eliminated from your lawn will be more expensive in 2015 than in previous years.

The ban prohibits certain widely-used pesticides and the province is expected to hold workshops in the near future that help people understand all of its implications.

Dana Kapusta of Nutrilawn says the company's prices are expected to rise by 34% following the ban, but he is prepared.

"The decision is made. They are not going to change it," he said. "Us, being a small family business, we change with the times."

While Kapusta says he has pre-booked a number of clients at the increased rate, not all of his customers are signing up after they discover they will have to pay more for the same services.

"Of course we are getting pushback," Kapusta said.

"I can't say we're not getting any. We have customers who say 'we have to think about this,' but the vast majority are saying 'it is what it is.' You have a conversation and tell them why and they totally understand."

Kapusta says he wishes the province would help his company by providing a subsidy for added costs.

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