Newsroom : Paul Mellor Fined $1,500 for Pesticide Violation

This is Paul's second time infront of the Courts for pesticide violations.  

Paul Mellor Fined $1,500 for Pesticide Violation

August 6, 2014 10:00 A.M.Ministry of the Environment

Brockville – Paul Mellor was fined $1,500 for performing an extermination using a pesticide on residential lawns without a valid license, contrary to the Pesticides Act.

Mr. Mellor is part owner of a pesticide business in Elgin, Ontario. The ministry conducted a pesticide related inspection at Mr. Mellor's residence located on in Brockville.

Having been warned by an officer, Mr. Mellor was already aware that he did not possess the proper licence to conduct landscape exterminations to residential lawns. When asked, Mr. Mellor indicated that he was acting as a technician and spraying under the licence of a person who is properly licensed for this activity. A statement from the licensed person confirmed that Mr. Mellor was never given permission to perform exterminations using their license.

A search was conducted of the ministry's pesticide licence database that showed no record of a landscape exterminator's license issued to Mr. Mellor or under his business name.

Mr. Mellor was fined $1,500 plus a victim fine surcharge of $375 and was given 12 months to pay the fine. In addition, Mr. Mellor was issued a probation order for a two year period to not offer or perform any residential landscape exterminations without possessing a valid license.