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 In addition Dr. Silbert said he would 
like to give the Recreation and Park Department and Mr. Maynard an award on behalf of the Water-
shed Partnership for the best organic town green in Connecticut.  No pesticides have been applied to 
the Guilford Green for three years.  

Mr. Schipani asked what the next step would be.  Dr. Silbert replied that he would like the Commission’s support when he presented the natural turf proposal to 
DPW and the Board of Selectmen.  Mr. Schipani felt the Commission would like to hear both sides of 
the story before making a decision, especially as he had heard the program was not so successful in 
Cheshire.  Dr. Silbert replied that the main football field in Cheshire was overused and so it was not 
possible to keep it in good condition. 

TOWN OF GUILFORD  Recreation and Park Commission Minutes – 7 th
 June, 2010 

People winning awards from the Activists for being MisInformed Non-Experts, on the taxpayers dime. 

Another Non-Profit Activist Group Scamming Society with outright MisInformation.

This Guy Bob Ceccolini takes it upon himself to Manually Clearcut Along Sensitive Areas with NO PERMITS, Council Members Lose it on him.

The Notice of Violation for clearing at Mixville Park is on the agenda
of the November 6, 2012 meeting under Enforcement Actions.

Chairman de Jongh said “I for one when he went out the site was
appalled at the conditions that were there.” He said clearly activity
was taken without an application.

Mr. Ceccolini stated for the record that “he does not have expertise
in that. I’ve never been trained in it or gone to school for any of that
so – but that’s no excuse – the park is under my stewardship like you
said and I should have known that we couldn’t cut some of that
brush or gone close to the water and done certain things without


Info in Quotes Taken From Connecticut NOFA – (Chip Osborne, Paul Tukey is involved with this group as well)

Jerry Silbert, Watershed Partnership; Bob
Ceccolini, Cheshire Park and Recreation and Alex Palluzzi, Jr., Branford Park and Recreation presented on their experience maintaining organic athletic turf in Branford and Cheshire.

Parks and Rec Commission Meeting 12/4/13

8. DIRECTOR’S REPORT – Bob Ceccolini

a. Park Status

Mr. Ceccolini reported that he, Town Manager Milone, and Dan Marsaglia (BOE) met with the DEEP about pesticide and organic use by municipalities. A state-wide program will be undertaken, and at this time, Cheshire is the only town that is almost totally organic in use. For K-8 schools, no pesticides can be used – only synthetic products are allowed. Cheshire’s Parks and Rec Department has been doing heavy organic use since 2006, and the State looks to Cheshire for assistance and information on the town’s organic program.







The Watershed Partnership will be recognizing those who have played an important role in protecting children's health and the environment
By [unknown]
Sep 9, 2010 – 8:36 AM


The Watershed Partnership, Inc., a Connecticut based nonprofit organization, will be honoring those individuals who have protected our children's health and the environment by their work with pesticide-free lawns, parks, and playing fields.

Lawn pesticides are among the most toxic agents used where people work and play. Evidence continues to accumulate showing that exposure to pesticides, even at low levels, is linked to in increase in the risk of asthma, cancer, neurologic disorders, and birth defects.

A ban on the use of toxic lawn pesticides is now in effect on all public and private schools with children in grade 8 and below, including day care centers. Connecticut was the first state in the country to legislate a ban and other states are now following our lead.

Some municipalities have gone beyond what the law requires and have stopped using toxic lawn pesticides entirely. Experience has show that, done correctly, attractive lawns and safe playable sports fields can be maintained without the use of pesticides.
Training has been offered for years to help groundskeepers learn how to transition lawns and fields onto organic, pesticide-free methods of care. Now that pesticide-free care is mandated by law, additional free training will be offered in these techniques.
The Watershed Partnership will honor those who by their work and foresight have provided a legacy of protecting our children and the environment. Those to be honored:

* Governor Jodi Rell for her strong support of the landmark school grounds and day care pesticide ban in Connecticut;
* State Senator Ed Meyer as our Legislator of the Year for championing the school grounds and day care pesticide ban here in Connecticut;
* State Representatives Dick Roy and Pat Widlitz for their strong support of the pesticide ban in Connecticut;
* The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven for their support of the Watershed Partnership's Safe Grounds Campaign to protect children and the environment from the toxic effects of lawn pesticides;
* Essex's First Selectman Phil Miller for voluntarily and successfully maintaining pesticide-free municipal grounds;
* Alex Palluzzi, Director of Parks and Recreation in Branford for voluntarily and successfully maintaining pesticide-free parks and playing fields;
* Bob Ceccolini, Director of Parks and Recreation in Cheshire, for voluntarily and successfully maintaining pesticide-free parks and playing fields
* Dan Marseglia, Facilities Manager Cheshire Schools, for voluntarily and successfully maintaining pesticide-free high school playing fields.
* Rick Maynard, Director of Parks and Recreation in Guilford, for voluntarily and successfully maintaining a beautiful, historic, pesticide-free town green.

About the Watershed Partnership
The Watershed Partnership, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Connecticut. The Watershed Partnership promotes healthy sustainable communities and watersheds in harmony with the environment through education, advocacy, and technical assistance. Funds for the Watershed Partnership are provided by the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the MFund, the NewAlliance Foundation, and individual donors.

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Bob Ceccolini
Director of Parks & Recreation
Town of Cheshire

Bob Ceccolini said that his park district encountered "Tons of Geese" this year and were without any type of program to get them under control. "Using FlightControl really opened our eyes to proven products available for Canada Geese Management. We were thrilled with the results, and are currently planning a comprehensive goose management program to begin in the early spring that will start with an application of FlightControl Plus."

Anthraquinone (CAS No. 84-65-1) is being listed as a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.  The listing of this chemical is based on formal identification by an authoritative body (i.e., the National Toxicology Program (NTP)), that the chemical causes cancer.  The criteria used by OEHHA for the listing of chemicals under the “authoritative bodies” mechanism can be found in Title 22, Cal. Code of Regs., section 12306.