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Steinbach Opposes Pesticide Ban

2012 06 weeds

Steinbach city council is joining other municipal councils that are urging the provincial government to drop its plans for a ban on cosmetic pesticides.

Councillor Michael Zwaagstra made the motion saying this is a decision that is best left to the individual. "Regardless of one's personal views, in terms of whether you use pesticides or not, I think the reality is, we recognize that people wish to have choice and, in particular, municipalities wish to have choice. Some municipalities in this province, such as the City of Brandon, have chosen to ban pesticides on lawns for cosmetic use. Most have not, including ours. The reality is, this is a decision best made at the local level and that's why I think we should oppose this. People should have the right to chose for themselves how they best take care of their lawns and the city should should be able to choose how we take care of our city property."

City council was unanimous in approving the resolution.

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