Ontario Pesticide Ban – LIVING IN INFAMY – 2009 04 22




On Sunday December 7th, in 1941, Japan launched a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

The Japanese attack left 2403 dead, destroyed 188 planes, and crippled the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt described it as « date that will live in infamy ».

To paraphrase the words of U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt  ― 

April 22nd, 2009  ―  another date which will live in the period of environmental infamy  ―  the full force of the Ontario Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act came into effect.

The Professional Lawn Care Industry has been SELECTIVELY and DELIBERATELY stripped of its conventional pest control tools by the Government of Ontario on the pretext that children needed to be protected by products evaluated by a small group of health care workers that has NO expertise whatsoever in matters relating to pest control products. 

The massive and detailed studies of sound science performed by Health Canada are annihilated and discredited by those very same health care workers, who have decided to set their own agendas for conspiring to change public policy regarding pest control products.


On April 22nd, 2009, Force Of Nature examined  …

●   The alliance between state and activists

●   The unnecessary risks of cosmetic pesticides

●   The green alternatives allowed in Ontario

●   The validity of OCFP literature review

●   The reputation of Health Canada

●   The fate of the Green Space Industry

●   The question of valid alternatives

●   The green alternatives are NOT an improvement

●   The role of organic lawn care companies

●   The industry challenging the Ontario prohibition

●   The political challenge to the prohibition in Ontario

●   The civil disobedience of activists in Ontario

●   The role of Canadian Cancer Society

●   The role of David Suzuki

●   Prohibition racing across British Columbia

●   Prohibition taking hold in Atlantic Canada

●   The aspirations and activities of CAPE

●   Prohibition in Quebec

●   The looming Canadian national prohibition

●   The ENTIRE industry is threatened

●   The Golf Industry exception status


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