Sharp Park ( USA ) – No Injunction for Golf Course – 2011 12 01



Lunatic-Enviro-Terrorists STOPPED

NO Injunction Against Sharp Park Golf Course in California

Enviro-Terrorists Seek the Destruction of the Golf Industry

Enviro-Terrorists Attack the Golf Industry on the Pretext of Alleged Ill-Effects on the Habitats of Obscure and Insignificant Species like Garter Snakes and Tadpoles

A Judge Has Ruled That This California Golf Facility Is Not Harming Animal Species

Nonetheless, Enviro-Terrorists Want to DESTROY the Golf Industry to Save All Tadpoles and Garter Snakes


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For more information, go to The Pesticide Truths Web-Site — VICTORIES AGAINST TERRORISTS — Includes The NORAHG Library of Force Of Nature Reports ( link )