April 17, 2024

1 thought on “FON MEDIA REPORT : British Columbia Conspiracy – Revelstoke

  1. Ms. Hatescrap [Cottam],

    You are not being excluded from the blog by UncleAdolph.

    You may be having technical difficulties on your end and are assuming the cause is related to your posting here.

    You could check with wordpess support for help.

    Several requests have been submit regarding Comment Moderation, but Uncle Adolph feels that everyone should have a documented say in what they believe is right.

    Ms Cottam, you have 130 plus posts on this blogsite. You do make a lot of accusations with minimal proof. If possible, It would be best to include more facts (links to documents) with your commenting. Info on the name of your Whistle Blower friend from Health Canada would be a great start.

    This would make for a more balanced discussion.

    Please ask your friends to comment here as well.
    All are welcome.

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