NORAHG Responds To Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – Anti-Pesticide CBC Celebrities & Others Oppose Cuts To CBC Documentaries – CBC Deserves No More Free Money – 2014 06 23


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National anchor Peter Mansbridge is one of the CBC radio and TV personalities who has signed a petition against planned cuts to in-house production of documentaries.


CBC personalities including Peter Mansbridge, Anti-Pesticide Lunatic David Suzuki, and Linden MacIntyre are speaking out against a CBC proposal to shut down in-house production of documentaries at the public broadcaster.


Anna Maria Tremonti, Carol Off, and Nahlah Ayed have also signed the petition calling on the CBC to protect its documentary department by placing it under its News and Current Affairs division.


On June 26th, 2014, the broadcaster is set to reveal its five-year strategic plan to employees.


The CBC is battling a budget shortfall of $130 million due to federal cuts, flagging advertising revenues and the loss of hockey rights to Rogers Media.


Those who signed the letter fear the plan would mean laying off the majority of CBC’s documentary department, which has created a number of award-winning productions including Canada: A People’s History and the aboriginal miniseries 8th Fire.


Embedding the department within News and Current Affairs would preserve original CBC documentary production, while allowing for sharing of resources, facilities and infrastructure, the letter states.


In April 2014, the CBC announced it would cut 657 jobs over the next two years to meet its budget shortfall. The union representing most CBC workers held a rally in Ottawa last week to coincide with a meeting of the board and executives.












1 billion dollars per year is even too much already. 


CBC deserves no more money because it supports pesticide bans and recommends pest control concoctions. 


In fact, we are seeing real trends against pesticide bans. 


The trends against this form of prohibition are relentless and unceasing.  


Nonetheless, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( CBC ) continues to operate as the media shield for left-wing anti-pesticide organizations, like David Suzuki Foundation.   


Moreover, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( CBC ) officially recommends so-called « alternative » or « organic » home-hade-pest-control-concoctions that are in violation of federal law.  


( See reports below. )  


Consequently, the corporation is now listed among the nation’s prominent anti-pesticide organizations.  


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is interfering with partisan politics, and is also in violation of taxation laws and its own code of conduct. 


The public is now directed to complain about Canadian Broadcasting Corporation by contacting business, fund-raising, government, and taxation agencies !   


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s non-profit charity status will be investigated and, at the very least, severely curtailed. 


At NORAHG, all Canadian Broadcasting Corporation statements and activities are being archived for the purpose of government investigation, or to have the corporation’s brains sued out. 


If prohibition is arbitrarily imposed nation-wide, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will be held accountable for the carnage created by business failures since anti-pesticide prohibition will destroy the professional lawn care industry.  


Health Canada, and NOT Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, ( and NOT its own David Suzuki ), has the essential expertise on the subject of pest control products. 


There is NOT ONE KNOWN INCIDENT OF HARM from the proper use of pest control products used in the Urban Landscape. 


Pest control products are scientifically-safe, and will not cause harm to people, animals, or the environment.   


It deserves no more free money. 


NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to destroy the Green space industry. 


NORAHG responds on behalf of the VAST SILENT MAJORITY of the public that DOES NOT WANT PESTICIDE BANS. 


NORAHG SUPPORTS those LEGITIMATE AND TAX-PAYING PEOPLE who work in the Professional Lawn Care and Agriculture Industries.