Pesticide Truths Newsletter – 2016 01 31 – Dr Geoffrey C Kabat – Dr Jack L Eggens – Glyphosate & Cancer – Health Canada’s Management Actions – Met52 Insecticide – Mr Art C Drysdale & Neem Oil – Ontario’s Anti-Neonicotinoid Prohibition













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Ontario’s Anti-Neonicotinoid Prohibition Puts Farmers At A Competitive Disadvantage











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Health Canada’s Management
Actions On The Safety Of
Pest Control Products


Response To The 2015 Audit











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Glyphosate Herbicide
WILL NOT Cause Cancer


Coffee & Meat Are Carcinogenic ?!?!











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Lunatic Propaganda Survey
On Pollinator Health Action Plan
By The Government Of Ontario










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Dr Jack L Eggens,
The Great Communicator











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Mr Art C Drysdale   Neem Oil
Banned From Garden Centers











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Met52 Insecticide SUCKS !










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Bees & Bee-Keepers      Burnaby Pesticide Ban      Calgary Pesticide Ban     

EPA Rules      Glyphosate & Cancer      Golf Industry      Minimum Risk Pesticide

      Neonicotinoids      Pesticide Fraud




Newsletter — 2016 01 10


Bees & Bee-Keepers     Glyphosate & Cancer      Golf Industry     

Hudson Corruption      Kamloops Pesticide Ban      Organic Pesticides




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Green Alternative Pesticides      Los Angeles Launches Hatred-Of-Lawns

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Newsletter — 2015 11 29


Bee Colony Collapse      British Columbia Pesticide Ban      David Suzuki

      Neonicotinoids      Quebec Pesticide Strategy      White Grubs




Newsletter — 2015 11 22


Bee Colony Collapse      David Suzuki      Glyphosate & Cancer      Neem Oil Insecticide

      Summerside Pesticide Ban      Suspended & Cancelled Organic Certifications




Newsletter — 2015 11 15


Canada Revenue Agency      Deer Lake Approves Vegetation Control      Environmental Factor

      Golf Industry      Greenpeace & India      Montgomery County Pesticide Ban

      Oshawa’s Neem Oil      Riverside Golf Course Obliteration




Newsletter — 2015 11 08


Agriculture Industry      Anti-SLAPP Legislation      Bacon &  Cancer     

Canadian Federal Election      City Requires Turfgrass      Cornwall & Pesticide Dangers

      Montgomery County Pesticide Ban      National Pesticide Ban     

Neonicotinoids      Putting Monsanto In Your Vagina