53rd Volume – IARC Monograph – Carcinogenic Risk to Humans from exposure to many Pesticides 2,4-D

A popular Monograph referenced by the Enviro-Activists.

This is a 1987 Monograph.  If 2,4-D is very dangerous and considered a safety issue, why have they not re evaluated / updated their conclusions?

2,4-D Grouped with Chlorophenoxy Herbicides as ‘limited Evidence”

2,4-D Individually as “inadequate evidence”

2,4-D is classified as a “2b” regarding carcinogenicity to Humans.

Coffee, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Dry Cleaning, glass wool, styrene and gasoline exhaust are classified as “2b” as well.

Did you know that some studies suggest Coffee has an inverse relation to cancer of the large bowel in humans.  Could this be a type of “Hormesis”

Excerpts of Megan Sears Report:  Includes references to IARC report, Ontario College of Family Physicians 2004 Report