David Suzuki – Suzuki Hates People, Especially Albertans ?!?! – Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid – 2018 06 16




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Does Suzuki hate people ?!?!  Suzuki and his fanatжcal-operatives conspire to rid the planet of fossil fuels, genetically-modified organisms ( GMOs ), and pest control products.  This conspiracy is designed to subversively attack the one thing that helps sustain and enhance human populations ― our food supply. No doubt, Suzuki’s conspiracies will ultimately lead to the demise of the human race.  Consequently, observers have suggested that David Suzuki hates the human race.

Is this all true ?!?!  We are now told that Suzuki is a hateful political propagandist, an environmental extremist, and a remarkably intolerant celebrity.  Suzuki does not tolerate those people who are opposed to his views, and has sought to have them ostracized and even jailed.  Seemingly, Suzuki also hates everyone in the lawn care industry, and has destroyed it by ruining businesses and unemploying thousands of professional employees.  Suzuki also hates golfers, despises the game of golf, and has strongly ( and falsely ) implied that golf courses cause cancer and kill people.  Indeed, Suzuki appears to hate MOST of the human race, except, perhaps ( creepily ), his young attractive female body-guards.  Suzuki is a hateful bastжrd.

Does Suzuki hate Albertans ?!?!  Thanks to the research of author Sheila Gunn Reid, we have clear evidence that Suzuki hates those people who live in the province of Alberta, especially those who inhabit the city of Calgary.  Albertans are deemed as awful since they are unenlightened about the oil and gas economy, which is, according to Suzuki propaganda, a source of nothing but disaster and evil.  Albertans care only for their dirty oil money and care nothing about the environment. Suzuki is an extremist who hates Albertans.

Does Suzuki serve any useful purpose ?!?!  David Suzuki certainly is not good for Alberta.  He is really not good for the environment. And, above all, he is not good for Canada.  Demands must be made to revoke Suzuki’s registered charity tax-exempt status.  We need a better David Suzuki.

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Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Author Of The Book The Case Against David Suzuki


Rebel News Network


Selected And Adapted Excerpts











The Case Against David Suzuki    Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Poor Role Model



Suzuki Is A Political Propagandist,

An Environmental Extremist, & A

Remarkably Intolerant Celebrity



In a SECRETIVE VOTE behind closed doors, the University of Alberta decided to give David Suzuki an HONORARY DEGREE. 


It would be a questionable decision for any university    Suzuki is NOT A SCIENTIST, or at least he has NOT PRACTICED ANY REAL SCIENCE IN DECADES. 


He is NOT A CHAMPION of the University of Alberta, or of anything Albertan. 


He is NOT A ROLE MODEL for students, or scholarship. 




His personal habits    including TREATING YOUNG WOMEN AS OBJECTS    make him a POOR ROLE MODEL for today’s graduates. 








The Case Against David Suzuki    Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Hating Alberta



Alberta, & Its Oil & Gas Economy, Is A

Source Of Nothing But Disaster & Evil




But most of all    David Suzuki just HATES Alberta. 


Or at least HATES everything Alberta is trying to become. 


To Suzuki, Alberta, and its oil and gas economy, is a source of nothing but DISASTER and EVIL. 


Want proof ?!?! 


Listen to him go on about how Alberta is literally WIPING ANIMALS FROM THE EARTH.  [  ?!?!  ]








The Case Against David Suzuki    Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Indifference To Endangered Species



Albertans Care Only For Their Dirty Oil Money

& Care Nothing About Sage Grouse




Suzuki wrote just a few years ago   


Witness the SAGE GROUSE in Alberta    almost 90 per cent of its Canadian population died off between 1988 and 2006 because of habitat destruction caused mainly by oil and gas development. 


[  ?!?!  ]


But the Alberta government refuses to curb economic growth and protect the areas it needs to survive and recover. 


Of course. 


What would such cruel, heartless money-grubbers care for a poor little GROUSE ?!?! 


You cannot sell a GROUSE. 


You cannot fuel a car with a GROUSE. 


Everyone should know those Albertans CARE ONLY FOR THEIR DIRTY OIL MONEY.  


But that’s just NOT TRUE. 


Suzuki could have been LYING. 


Or maybe he just DID NOT HAVE A CLUE. 


Neither excuse is pretty. 


See, the SAGE GROUSE is indeed an endangered species. 


But NOT just in Alberta. 


It is actually DOING BETTER in Alberta than in most places in North America. 


Its habitat has actually shrunk more dramatically in places without an oil business than it has in Alberta. 


There used to be SAGE GROUSE in British Columbia. 


And Kansas. 


Also Nebraska. 


And Oklahoma. 


There once were SAGE GROUSE in Arizona and New Mexico. 


They DISAPPEARED entirely from all those places. 


But there are still SAGE GROUSE in Alberta.  


They’re struggling there, too, of course. 


The SAGE GROUSE is obviously NOT a particularly hardy species. 


But in Alberta, government is actually working harder than most anywhere to help preserve the GROUSE. 


It is against the law to destroy SAGE BRUSHES and other habitats that the GROUSE require. 


And there are laws prohibiting where certain structures can be built, including things as minor as fences, so as to not harm the GROUSE. 


So, actually, it is the OPPOSITE of what Suzuki says. 







Reference — Suzuki — 2018 05 24 — Emergency Order For The Protection Of The Greater Sage-Grouse — Government Of Canada





Reference — Suzuki — 2013 05 21 — Ontario’s Wildlife Needs Continued Protection — Georgia Straight










The Case Against David Suzuki    Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Propagandizing Against Alberta



Albertans Are Awful




It is NOT drill, baby, drill, and damn the birds. 


Economic development actually has been curbed in Alberta explicitly to help the SAGE GROUSE, and it is surviving in Alberta better than elsewhere. 


BLAMING the greedy oil and gas industry is just Suzuki’s way of PROPAGANDIZING AGAINST ALBERTA. 


He wants people to think Albertans are AWFUL. 


Because he thinks Albertans are AWFUL.  


And because he can raise money off it, for his multi-million dollar « charity ». 








The Case Against David Suzuki    Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Lies About Totalitarian Petro-State



Alberta Government Just Rubber Stamps

Any Proposed Oil Development




Suzuki CONDEMNS Alberta as a PETRO-STATE, a term that normally means an UNDEMOCRATIC TYRANNY, as in Iran or Saudi Arabia, where oil revenues ensure the survival of the regime and pay for its brutality. 


He spreads the LIE that government just « rubber stamps » any proposed oil development    so the Alberta government is somehow both TOTALITARIAN and yet also completely toothless. 


Consistency is not the point, obviously. 







Reference — Suzuki — 2013 08 27 — Beaver Lake Cree Case Reveals Flaws In Environmental Review Process — Georgia Straight





Reference — Suzuki — 2010 11 17 — Keynote Speech To New Zealand Green Party Sustainable Economics Conference — Video Recording — 09 Minutes 58 Seconds









The Case Against David Suzuki    Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Smearing & Slandering



Albertans Are Unenlightened Because

They Cannot See That There Are

No Benefits To Fossil Fuels




The point is to SMEAR Albertans as unenlightened worshipers of Mammon, with whatever SLANDER he can come up with.  


As Suzuki puts it   


[ Alberta ] oil has never been about « ethics ». 


It has always been about money. 


Suzuki sees NO BENEFIT TO FOSSIL FUELS, despite the fact that they have literally saved millions, and probably billions of lives, by allowing us to more cheaply transport food, and water, and rescue people from disaster, and provide life-saving medicines, and keep people warm in dangerous winter temperatures and cool in dangerous heat waves. 


Suzuki says the only reason anyone would want to burn oil is « so you could run around on a Sunday afternoon », all you people doing your silly errands and seeing your silly friends.  







Reference — Suzuki — 2012 11 04 — Hateful — Suzuki & Rubin Form An Unlikely Alliance — Beaudoin — Montreal Gazette





Reference — Suzuki — 2011 02 01 — It Will Take More Than Re-Branding To Make Tar Sands Oil Ethical — Moola — Georgia Straight










The Case Against David Suzuki    Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Evil Slavery



The Alberta Oil Industry Is Evil

& So-Called Global Warming Is

The Same Thing As Slavery




Suzuki CONDEMNS Alberta’s oil industry as EVIL. 


As a crime against humanity, like HUMAN SLAVERY.  [  ?!?!  ] 


Suzuki told journalist Evan Solomon   


[ So-called global warming ] is the same thing [ as SLAVERY ]. 


[  ?!?!  ]


According to Suzuki   


[ Alberta ] sounds very much to me like the Southern states in the 19th century, [ with its self-interest and materialism and its utter immorality ]. 


[  ?!?!  ]


Who would say today that the economy should have come before SLAVERY ?!?! 







Reference — Suzuki — 2015 11 24 — David Suzuki Compares Oil Sands Industry To Slavery — Berger — Maclean’s










The Case Against David Suzuki    Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Fort McMurray Fire



While Lying About The Fire Being A Weather Event, &

While People Were Losing Their Homes, Their Jobs, &

Everything They Owned, Suzuki Decided This Was

The Right Time To Demand More Anti-Oil Policies



And so, when Albertans suffer, Suzuki SEIZES THE OPPORTUNITY. 


When Fort McMurray was ravaged by fire in 2016, David Suzuki Foundation sent out a note implying that the oil industry based there was to blame    and that it was time to get serious about stopping fossil fuels to cool the climate. 


According to a press release from David Suzuki Foundation   


For decades, climate scientists have predicted that [ so-called ] climate change would cause EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS like flooding and wildfires to increase in frequency and severity. 




It was a fire. 


And fires have been the natural cycle of forests before humans even showed up on the planet. 


As devastating as the fire was that swept through Fort McMurray, scientific evidence shows that in the pre-human era fires were many times larger, burned far more intensely, and burned for ages. 


The difference today is that serious forest fires sometimes occur near human habitation, which is what happened in Fort McMurray. 


Meanwhile, experts said there is NOTHING to connect Fort McMurray’s fire to [ so-called ] global warming    « one cannot rely at all on this event », as an indication of climate effects, said Yan Boulanger, a forest ecology research scientist at Natural Resources Canada. 


And even the United Nations’ official [ so-called ] global warming think tank, the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change [ IPCC ], said   


  [ wildfires ] have NOT yet been positively attributed to [ so-called ] anthropogenic climate change. 


But that DID NOT stop the Suzuki-ghouls from attributing it to carbon, anyway, and calling for action against Alberta’s oil industry. 


According to a press release from David Suzuki Foundation   


Alberta had twice as many fires last year as its 25-year average    with fires consuming greater areas. 


And as people were losing their homes, their jobs, and everything they owned, while Fort McMurray literally burned, David Suzuki Foundation decided this was the time to call for more anti-oil policies. 


According to a press release from David Suzuki Foundation   


It is also important for governments, industry and citizens to live up to the commitments of the 2015 Paris climate agreement and reduce the causes of extreme weather and its consequences. 


With a BRIGHT RED DONATE BUTTON on the corner of the press release web-site. 


Donate to Suzuki’s projects    and NOT to the wildfire victims. 







Reference — Suzuki — 2016 05 06 — David Suzuki Foundation Statement On Fort McMurray Wildfires





Reference — Suzuki — 2016 05 25 — Experts Won’t Blame Fort Mac’s Fire On Climate Change — Neither Should We — Corcoran — Financial Post





Reference — Suzuki — 2015 06 15 — Raging Fires, High Temps Kept Big Dinosaurs Out Of North America For Millions Of Years — Balter — Science










The Case Against David Suzuki    Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Calgary Flood



While Calgarians Were Losing Their Homes To Severe

Flooding, Suzuki Decided It Was The Right Time To

Trash Calgary As An Ecological Disaster By Falsely

Alleging That The City’s Development Is Sickening



And when, just three years earlier, Calgarians were losing their homes to severe flooding, Suzuki was just as SMUG AND MALICIOUS towards them. 


Suzuki has always had a SPECIAL LOATHING for Calgary, probably because it is the hometown for all the greedy, GROUSE-KILLING oil capitalists and their twisted SLAVE-OWNER mentality. 


He trashes Calgary as an ECOLOGICAL DISASTER and says the city’s development is SICKENING  — despite the fact that the U.S. and Canada Green City Index, put out by the Economist Intelligence Unit, RANKED CALGARY IN THE TOP 20 of all cities, and the FOURTH-BEST CITY in Canada. 


Yet, when Suzuki has come to speak in Calgary, he has been called out for moving around the city’s relatively compact downtown in a huge, diesel-burning bus that he leaves running while he is making his stops. 


So given Suzuki’s revulsion at the city’s very existence, it is little surprise that when the floods hit, and began destroying people’s lives and homes, he did not waste an opportunity to SEIZE ON THE MISFORTUNE. 


As with Fort McMurray, experts said there was NO WAY to connect the floods directly to [ so-called ] global warming. 


Rivers break their banks sometimes. 


Calgary, with two rivers running through it, the Bow and the Elbow, has never been immune. 


Heavy snow had accumulated in the mountains that winter. 


It was melting just as the spring was exceptionally rainy. 


Neither could be said to be signs of [ so-called ] global warming. 


But Suzuki said it anyway    effectively BLAMING Calgarians for their own misfortune, just as he had BLAMED people in Fort McMurray for theirs. 


According to Suzuki   


We heard it this week ( that climate was NOT a factor ) as communities in Calgary and Southern Alberta were evacuated in the face of extreme rainfall and rising flood-waters. 


But Suzuki was NOT buying it   


We know burning fossil fuels and pumping carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere causes the Earth’s average surface temperatures to rise    which generates increased extreme weather-related events. 


[  ?!?!  ]


Those floods, he said, were the result. 


And once again, Suzuki took the opportunity to say this was proof we needed to 


  wean ourselves off fossil fuels. 


[  ?!?!  ]


It takes a particular NASTINESS to turn to people in their time of crisis and desperation, whether in Fort McMurray or Calgary, and tell them IT IS THEIR OWN FAULT.  [  ?!?!  ] 


That it is their sins against the climate that have come back to HURT them. 


That they must repent by sacrificing their own economic well-being    and by PAYING MONEY to Suzuki, for the privilege of being scolded by him. 







Reference — Suzuki — 2018 09 26 — Hateful — Suzuki Slams Calgary — Thompson — Fort Saskatchewan Record




Reference — Suzuki — 2013 06 22 — Hateful — Column Offensive And Ill-Timed — Alberta Floods — NORAHG RESPONSE





Reference — Suzuki — 2013 06 21 — Global Warming — Is Alberta Flooding A Sign Of Climate Change ?!?! — Huffington Post





Reference — Suzuki — 2013 03 19 — Hateful — Finding Common Ground — David Suzuki & Jeff Rubin Join Forces — Taylor — Calgary Journal





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Reference — Suzuki — 2007 04 27 — The Tory-Fication Of Reform — Doll — Western Standard









The Case Against David Suzuki    Biography Written By Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Not Good



But then, Suzuki is NOT generally accused of being a nice guy. 


He is famous for his WICKED TEMPER. 


He has stormed angrily out of radio interviews because the questions did not make him feel flattered. 


Suzuki is had scholarships pulled from universities because a professor did not compliment his book lovingly enough. 


David Suzuki is NOT A NICE MAN, and he is out to HURT Albertans most of all. 


But as you will see, the worst thing about him is that he HARMS THE REST OF US TO ENRICH HIMSELF. 


Far from being a scientist, he is actually working to UNDERMINE REAL SCIENCE, putting the lives of innocent people at risk in the process. 


Far from being an icon of the academic and speech freedoms that the University of Alberta maintains it is celebrating by honouring him with a degree, Suzuki believes in SILENCING ANYONE WHO OPPOSES CERTAIN POINTS OF VIEW, HIS POINTS OF VIEW, even by JAILING them, if necessary. 


And far from being a champion of our nation and its values, he TELLS THE WORLD THAT CANADA IS RACIST. 








But he gets away with it because people think he is a well-meaning environmentalist. 


But as it turns out, that’s the biggest myth of all. 




He certainly is NOT good for Alberta.


And, above all, he is NOT good for Canada. 







Reference — Suzuki — 2015 07 13 — Paddle For The Peace– Prepost — Energeticcity.ca





Reference — Suzuki — 2015 07 13 — Paddle For The Peace– Prepost — Energeticcity.ca — Video Recording 1 — 00 Minutes 51 Seconds




Reference — Suzuki — 2015 07 13 — Paddle For The Peace– Prepost — Energeticcity.ca — Video Recording 2 — 08 Minutes 11 Seconds




Reference — Suzuki — 2013 03 01 — Hateful — Suzuki Ducks Sun Queries, Spurns Freedom Of Speech — Goldstein — London Free Press





Reference — Suzuki — 2013 02 27 — Suzuki Even Makes Liz May Look Good — Goldstein — Sun News












Message From The Author Ms Sheila Gunn Reid










The Case Against David Suzuki


Message From The Author Ms Sheila Gunn Reid




2018 06 14


Ms Sheila Gunn Reid


Author Of The Book The Case Against David Suzuki


Rebel News Network


Selected And Adapted Excerpts






Dear Reader,


It’s been a week since The Rebel published my latest book, The Case Against David Suzuki : An Unauthorized Biography, and already more than 9,000 people have downloaded it ! 


By the way, a Canadian best-seller is 5,000 copies    so we’re almost double that already ! 


The book is free at www(dot)SuzukiBook(dot)com, and if you haven’t got your copy, please get one now. 


Although the University of Alberta stubbornly insisted on giving Suzuki an honorary degree last week, we managed to turn lemons into lemonade, by using that occasion to spread the truth about Suzuki    the truth that the CBC suppressed about him for so many years. 


Thank you. 


But I’d like to ask you a personal favour. 


If you liked the book, I have an idea : let’s make the book the number one best-seller on Amazon, the on-line bookstore.


That way, everyone in the country will know about the book    not just Rebel fans.


And, just as important, all the elites who love Suzuki, whether they’re in the mainstream media or at the University of Alberta, will know that their decision to give him a public honour is completely out of step with the Canadian public. 


If you have $2.57 to spare    cheaper than a cup of coffee !    you can buy the official e-book on Amazon.ca.


What that does is it moves the book up the best-seller rankings    and the whole world sees that. 


Right now, the e-book is ranked #945 in Canada. 


I bet we could get that in the top ten best-seller list in a day ! 


Like I say, the book will always be free at www(dot)SuzukiBook(dot)com. 


But for a Toonie and a bit, let’s show the world that Suzuki’s popularity has always been a myth    and we know the truth about him now.


Yours truly,


Sheila Gunn Reid


P.S.  Wouldn’t it be something if The Case Against David Suzuki : An Unauthorized Biography were in the top ten best-sellers on Amazon.ca ? 


Even the CBC would have to acknowledge that ! 




















FACT We Do Not Care About Suzuki Anymore


FACT Suzuki Does Not Care About Us By Disgracefully Comparing Humans To Maggots


FACT Suzuki Pretends To Be A Charity Organization That Somehow Deserves Its Tax-Exempt Status


FACT David Suzuki Foundation Is An Anti-Pesticide, Golf-Hating, & Environmental-Terrжrist Organization


FACT David Suzuki Conspires To Impose Prohibition Against Pest Control Products


FACT David Suzuki Violates Taxation Laws By Interfering In Partisan Politics & Public Policy


FACT David Suzuki Conspires In Partisan Political Interference Against Neonicotinoid Insecticides


FACT David Suzuki Interferes In Public Policy To Destroy More & More Professional Lawn Care Businesses


FACT David Suzuki Conspires To Interfere With Public Policy By Attacking The Golf Industry


FACT David Suzuki Falsely-Alleges That Golf Courses Cause Cancer & Kill People


FACT We Need A New Suzuki That Does Not Make A Mockery Of The Electoral System


FACT We Need A New Suzuki That Does Not Interfere In Illegal Partisan Political Activities


FACT We Need A New Suzuki That Does Not Flout Taxation Laws


FACT David Suzuki Deserves NO Free Money Because Of Its Charity Tax-Exempt Status


FACT We Need A Better Suzuki


FACT We Need To Get Rid Of The Current Suzuki, Forever







Who cares about Suzuki ?!?!  We want a nation where charity organizations, like David Suzuki Foundation, DO NOT pretend to be charities.  We also want a nation where interfering in partisan politics, as does Suzuki, leads to consequences for organizations pretending to be charities.  We need a nation where charity organizations, like Suzuki, DO NOT violate the taxation laws.  These organizations, like Suzuki, CANNOT be allowed to closely participate with political parties like New Democratic Party. 


David Suzuki Foundation promotes itself as a registered-charity, tax-exempt environmental organization.  The rules at the Canada Revenue Agency are clear.  A registered charity cannot be involved in partisan political activities.  Unless, apparently, you are David Suzuki and the David Suzuki Foundation.  Here is how Canada Revenue Agency defines what is prohibited to David Suzuki Foundation    a political activity is considered partisan if it involves direct or indirect support of, or opposition to, a political party or candidate for public office.  Charities can promote the policies of political parties and candidates they agree with, but must NOT directly or indirectly support the political party or candidate for public office. 


In anticipation of an unfavourable and imminent audit by Canada Revenue Agency, David Suzuki himself has already been forced to resign from his own foundation for fear that his outspoken political views and interference in partisan politics would compromise the foundation’s charity tax exempt status.  Although David Suzuki was forced to quietly step down from the Board of Directors of David Suzuki Foundation during summer of 2011, his resignation was NOT officially announced until 2012.  Demands are now being made for David Suzuki to step down as host of television programs produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, including The Nature Of Things, which is now being used as a platform against the golf industry.  We need to get rid of the current Suzuki, forever ! 









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Suzuki Hates People ?!?!






















We Speak The Whole Truth About David Suzuki From An Independent Perspective



We are the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that conspire to destroy the Green space and other industries ( NORAHG ).  As a non-profit and independent organization, we are environmentalists who are dedicated to reporting about truth-challenged pesticide-hating fanatжcs ( HUJE ), like Suzuki, who conspire to destroy businesses that are dependent on the use of safe and effective conventional pest control products.  We also report on the work of several highly-rated leading experts who have recognized expertise, training, and background in matters concerning pest control products, and who promote environmental realism and pesticide truths. 


Not surprisingly, enviro-fanatжcs have demonstrated that they are incapable of processing overwhelming scientific evidence.  Should we trust these fanatжcs, who conveniently ignore scientific evidence, and attempt to impose their politicized-doctrines and twisted life-style choices against our society ?!?! 


NORAHG was the brain-child of Mr William H Gathercole and his colleagues in 1991.  Mr Gathercole is now retired, although his name continues to appear as founder.  We dare to defy the pesticide-hating fanatжcs, like Suzuki, by exploring the whole truth from an independent perspective on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site      http://pesticidetruths.com/   If you wish to receive free reports on issues that concern you, please contact us at      force.of.de.nature@gmail.com   WILLIAM H GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G  



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Canadian Federal Election, There Will Be NO

National Prohibition Against Pest Control Products





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If You Do Not Vote Conservative, Then

You Are A Pitiful Fool & An Imbecile