April 24, 2024

1 thought on “Environmental Sensitivities | Fragrance Free Living — "Neophyte" Meg Sears

  1. I am retired federal intelligence analyst and a friend of Meg Sears. I will not allow anyone to make unfair and misleading comments regarding Sears. Sears is a competent biochemist with specialized knowledge, including the nature of environmental sensitivies and their causes. Sears happens to be well informed as to how Health Canada, especially Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), operate. Moreover, it is preposterous and unrealistic to suggest that any actions taken by Health Canada can in any way be attributed to the influence of Meg Sears, or any other educated and independent by-stander for that matter. Private individuals are not allowed to interfere with the operations of government departments and organizations. Somebody, somewhere is spreading unsubstantiated rumours, about subject matter they know little about. Meg Sears is not a “neophyte” concerning environmental sensitivities. She has had nothing to do with any adverse drug reactions that allegedly killed a lot of people with environmental sensitivities. The attack against environmental medicine is misguided as well. Obviously, someone is hopelessly misinformed as evidenced by the suggestion that Meg Sears is a “neophyte”. To my knowledge, the prevalence of sensitivities has been estimated by pertinent and qualified medical specialists.

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