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The weeds are winning

Sep 09, 2015 

The weeds are winning

Niagara This Week – Welland

There is a multitude of overgrown weeds on almost every island medium in the Niagara, and the region is looking worse than Detroit, Michigan.

All these overgrown weeds everywhere are a real eyesore and only show tourists visiting Niagara that the Region is broke, and so are the municipalities, since they have no money in their budgets for simple weed control and beautification.

 The weed growth on these islands looks just plain disgusting. Niagara is starting to look like one big ghetto, with overgrown weeds everywhere.

With a police budget approaching $400 million annually there is no money left over for any kind of beautification projects in Niagara. That’s right people, Niagara is looking so disgusting because the police force is getting all the money.

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Weed Killer For Sale : Toronto, Guelph, Ottawa | Will Deliver : Kijiji Ontario

Why drive to the USA or Quebec for your Pesticide Fix

Par III (2,4-D Herbicide) , Iron Force 3-0-0 (illegal knockoff of Fiesta Herbicide) available for delivery right to your home.


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Ex-Ontario Minister of the Environment John Gerretsen – Enviro Lie – Legislature – Health Canada Statement shows Gerretsen credulism

BILL 64:

In the video below you will see MP Peter Shurman ask the then 2009 Minister of the Environment why he is trying to Ban Pesticides in Ontario without Scientific Backing.

Environment Minister responsible for the Ontario Pesticide Ban John Gerretsen Replies with :

” All about protecting the Health and Welfare of the Children, Speaker.  Health Canada never says whether or not a particular product or ingredient is safe, all they say is there is not an unnessecary risk.  What all of those in the Environmental Community are concerned about is the Cumulative Effect of all these various products that have been used in our lawns, in our backyards in playgrounds and in parks.  That’s what this is about.”

This is what Health Canada says about the still registered but banned in Ontario pesticide 2,4-D and safety.  May19, 2009

Is it safe to use the herbicide 2,4-D on my lawn?

Following extensive consultation and scientific review using the most current scientific methods, Health Canada has determined that 2,4-D meets Canada’s strict health and safety standards, and as such can be used safely when label directions are followed. Health Canada’s review concurs with the findings of regulators in other OECD countries, including the United States, European Union, New Zealand and the World Health Organization.

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Follow the Leader: Pesticide use on town properties in question – Dec. 10, 2010

By Dan Aceto

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ONTARIO PROHIBITION PESTICIDE ACTIVIST LINKS : Organic Pesticide Free Company – TURF LOGIC – VP – Frank Reddick – Meg Sears – David Suzuki

The David Suzuki Foundation thanks Dr. Meg Sears for important contributions to the research for this report and Frank Reddick for professional advice and reviews. The Foundation also acknowledges Susan Koswan, Kathleen Cooper, and Gideon Forman, whose work helped to inform this analysis.

OLA Board Members – 2010
Chris MacLukie – Vice-President

Frank Reddick – Treasurer

Manchoor Award – Secretary

Paul Fendley- Communications Director

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