Hudson’s mayor is running out of patience with UPAC; town threatens to sue former administrators | Off Island Gazette

Ex Mayor suspected of Fraud Michael Elliot may get sued by his own Town,  Hudson Quebec.

Michael Elliot is the Famous Mayor of the First Town To Ban Cosmetic Pesticides.

No Science Needed, just Lie, Cheat and Steal to control the residents and their properties with Useless Pesticide Bans.

If this guy is proven guilty make sure you take away his pensionable earnings.  He already stopped paying taxes $65,000 ago.

A True Hero to the Environmental Activists, A Sack of Cwap to the rest of society.

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A giant pesticide company just asking the U.S. government to increase the legal limit on bee-killing pesticides by a stunning 4000%.

Will you chip in CA$1 to launch an emergency campaign to stop it?

Donate now Dear ******,

Breaking news: A massive pesticide company has just asked the U.S. government to increase the legal limit for its bee-killing pesticides by 4000%. That’s right. Four. Thousand. Percent. Bees are already facing a massive global die-off. This could be a death sentence for millions more bees. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is accepting public input on the decision for the next 27 days. So we're urgently working to organize beekeepers and the public to speak out against this devastating bee-killing proposal — and we need your help. Can you chip in CA$1 to help get us started and fight for the bees?

Click here to chip in CA$1 to launch an emergency campaign to stop this urgent threat to the bees.

Bees fill a crucial ecological role as pollinators and are essential for agriculture, and are responsible for every third bite of food we eat. In other words: No bees, no farms. No farms, no food. These pesticides are already banned in Europe. But rather than phase them out for the sake of our bees, pesticide companies are suing the European Union to overturn the ban. Now, they're petition the US government to massively increase the limits of pesticide residues — residues that are actively harmful to bees, and can stay in the soil for up to a year.

Pesticide companies are already spending millions to get their way — to beat them, we need to show the depth of public opposition to this move. So here’s the plan: First, we’ll use social media, our five million member email list, and online ads to alert the public about this dangerous new threat. Then, we’ll organize beekeepers to speak out in the media to put pressure on the EPA to reject the proposal. But with less than a month to save the bees, we have to act fast. And since we don’t get a dime from corporations, we count on you — our members — to provide the funding we need to win.

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