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There’s just something totally upside down in this town when we can’t use pesticides to kill the weeds on our lawns, but going into a school full of children and blasting cockroaches with pesticides is somehow OK.

Yes, aside from the problem of using pesticides, apparently cockroaches sometimes curl up and get cozy inside our schools.


But not to worry.

At a hastily called news conference on Wednesday by the Ottawa Public Health department, officials were quick to tell reporters the ill effects being felt by staff and students at the Adult High School and Charles H. Hulse weren’t really from the pesticide itself, but the solvents mixed with the pesticide.

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Rewarding Environmental Lunatics for being WRONG | New Trend In PEI | Failed rink wind turbine investments to be returned – Prince Edward Island – CBC News

Will the Governor General be hosting more Awards in PEI?
The four P.E.I. communities that put wind turbines up at their rinks have been given their initial investment back by the province.

The province will also cover the cost of taking down the turbines in Alberton, Kensington, Crapaud and Murray River.

Kensington CAO Geoff Baker told CBC News the town is happy it’s getting its $70,000 investment back and that the turbine is coming down.

“We’re disappointed that the project didn’t work, really from the very beginning,” said Baker.

“I would say we’re very pleased that the Wind Energy Institute and the provincial government came through and really looked after us as far as the investment we made into the project.”

Kensington’s rink was one of four that hoped to reduce electricity bills through wind energy, a project that received joint funding of almost $1.3 million from the communities, and provincial and federal governments.

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MoCo Pesticide Ban May Be Vulnerable To Court Challenge, Says Attorney General’s Office | BethesdaNow

A controversial proposal to ban the use of “non-essential” pesticides on private lawns in Montgomery County may be prevented by state law, according to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office.

Assistant Attorney General Kathryn Rowe wrote that a court could rule the part of the bill banning pesticide use for private property owners is preempted by state law already addressing pesticide use.

“While the matter is not completely clear, it is my view that the general ban on application of non-essential pesticides may well be preempted, but that other parts might not be,” Rowe wrote earlier this month in a response to an inquiry about state preemption from Montgomery Village Del. Kirill Reznik. “It is my view that a court could conclude that this provision would interfere with the purposes of these State provisions, as well as the goal of achieving uniformity.”

Rowe wrote that other parts of the bill, introduced by Council President George Leventhal to much support and opposition earlier this year, wouldn’t run into preemption issues.

Leventhal’s bill also would exempt golf courses and farms from the pesticide ban, but not county property and playing fields. Montgomery Parks, which runs the county’s nearly 300 recreational playing fields, has urged Leventhal and other Council members to exempt its fields too.
Rowe said that requirement, as well as requirements that would require signage if pesticides were being applied, shouldn’t pose any legal issues.
The private property provision has been one of the most controversial parts of the bill.

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Maureen Kerr | It is Embarassing | Lieutenant Governor | Handing Out Awards for Being Wrong | How Things Work in PEI | Pesticide Free PEI | Facebook

2012 Ontario College of Family Physicians Report on Pesticides used as more proof of harm.

Imagine what a person like this could do for society if they were working with real facts and real data.

I’m gonna say “expert at creative writing award” but what do I know as a Lay person.

Pesticide Free PEI

Another letter written today: Hi X and X,

NS, NFLD, ON, QB, MB all have provincial bans and the rest of the provinces allow municipal bans. So, most Canadians are protected from cosmetic pesticides. People say that the reason why we aren’t in PEI and NB is because of the Irvings and potato lobby. They don’t want any restrictions put on any pesticides because of how much they profit from them. The pesticides they are spraying on lawns are known carcinogens.
That’s the thing about lawn care companies who spray pesticides – the more they spray, the more money they make. They profit from spraying carcinogenic chemicals often times next to playgrounds, daycares, and kids’ bus stops. They bank on people not knowing how harmful the chemicals they spray are. They don’t care if someone is fighting cancer next door and has to close their windows and shut off the air exchange for two days.

I’m getting another award at the end of the month for my work on this, from the Cancer Society at the Lieutenant Governor’s house. I’m not bragging – I’m just saying that I, and others, are trying to get rid of carcinogenic chemicals on an island where we have some of the highest rates of cancer in the country. Others have been fighting this for decades. I spoke to a lawyer from Ecosjustice at length about this yesterday. They fought this (and won) in the courts 20 years ago so they think PEI is archaic, backwards and sick, frankly, given our high cancer rates.

Over 2000 people on our Facebook page are for a ban. Sorry, I don’t have any other numbers than that right now. Stratford did a survey last year but it wasn’t very good. Their questions were flawed. A simple yes or no survey has yet to be offered. Pesticide companies and Croplife, the industry association for pesticides, are lobbying all levels of government HARD and are presenting to town councils on the 27th.

I live in Stratford so I’m copying Dr. Bill Whalen, who is the former chair of the PEI Division of the Cancer Society and a cancer researcher. He lives in Charlottetown and I’m sure would be happy to tell you about the harmful effects of pesticides, especially to children. I’m also copying Dr. Roger Gordon, former dean of science at UPEI who is presenting on the 27th. He has researched and studied the pesticides that are sprayed here, confirming they are carcinogenic.

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Pesticide Free PEI | Crying to Town Council | Toxic | Significant | Compelling Evidence

We strongly urge council to do the following:

● Revoke the idea of an “engagement process.”
● Instead, channel your full efforts into the legal process of preparing a set of bylaws.
Place the file in the hands of a lawyer.
Until the bylaws are in place, advise the lawn care companies that Bylaws will be
brought in. It is only a matter of time.

Advise the lawn care companies that they are not welcome with the Town until the
Bylaws are brought in,
unless they use environmentally and healthy products such as
those being used in Nova Scotia. If it can be done, a moratorium would be the best
course to follow until the bylaws can be brought into effect.
● As residents of the Town, we are extremely disappointed in the course charted by
Council and sincerely hope that Council will do the right thing and take the advice of
the legendary Walt Disney: “Things get done when people stop talking and start

Roger Gordon and Maureen Kerr

Maureen Kerr noted that she got involved because she had some friends who have children
with cancer and she has learned a lot about pesticides. Continue reading