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A Beekeepers Association that doesn't really care about their bees?  Really?

Dan Davidson wants farmers to apply for a permit to apply pesticides to the farmers crops, but feels perfectly fine with Beekeepers applying pesticides to their own bees with no permit requirements. 

Does the OBA care about bee health?

Imagine a Concerned Citizens HotLine (Animal & Bee Welfare Act) informing the Ministry and Humane Society of Abusive Bee Keepers poisoning their own bees with Toxic Pesticides.

Why would the Ontario Beekeepers Association stand against Bee Health & Safety. 


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Understanding Lunatic Ontario BeeKeepers Association | Independent Commercial Beekeepers | Walter Zimmerman Little Wolf Apiaries | London Free Press:

Listen to Walter Zimmerman of the OBA tell Dan Davidson hes got Constant Complaining Disorder

Letter to Editor


Beekeepers lose credibility

It is truly unfortunate that beekeepers such as John Van Blyderveen have tarnished the image of the beekeeping industry with their incessant cry that bee losses are directly attributed to the neonicotinoid pesticide coatings on the seeds that farmers are using. 

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Sheryl McCumsey| Akin to Benjamin Levin | Project Spade | WalkThrough? | How to Abuse Federal Grant Money | Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment CAPE – Toronto, ON – Non-Profit Organization | Facebook

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)shared a link.



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HELP TONY [Enviro Lunatic] | Save the World From PESTICIDE COMPANIES | Nationwide Glyphosate Testing | Indiegogo


July 8,2014: Creative Diagnostics of New York, has abruptly terminated the low cost testing service for Glyphosate in human body fluids and food.

This has resulted in disappointment on one side, and determination on the other, to continue search for a suitable lab that will provide low cost service for the people, at a pounce point that is within reach of average Canadians and Americans. This effort, including possibility of setting up a few “citizen’s labs” are on the drawing board. It is not certain when such labs may be available for the masses. We hope it will be sooner rather than later.

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Alberta won’t follow Ontario in banning bee-killing pesticide | Sun News



EDMONTON – Alberta won't follow Ontario's move to restrict the use of a pesticide linked to bee deaths.

On Monday, Ontario's Liberal government confirmed that it is seeking to limit the use of neonicotinoids, also known as neonics, a type of pesticide that scientists say is linked to colony collapse disorder in bees.

In June, a panel of 50 scientists comprising the Task Force on Systemic Pesticides — affiliated with the International Union for Conservation of Nature — said the pesticide disorients bees, interfering with their homing abilities.

"The evidence is very clear. We are witnessing a threat to the productivity of our natural and farmed environment equivalent to that posed by organophosphates or DDT," said Dr Jean-Marc Bonmatin of the National Centre for Scientific Research in France, one of the lead authors of the study.

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