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Censorship row has erupted between Greenpeace and the Indian government after Ben Hargreaves, a Greenpeace representative, was turned away by immigration officials at Delhi airport and sent back the UK despite having a valid visa.

Hargreaves’ deportation follows the Indian government’s ban in June on donations from Greenpeace International being transferred to Greenpeace India. This, in turn, came after a leaked Indian intelligence report earmarked Greenpeace as ‘a threat to national economic security’, arguing that the campaign group’s protests against nuclear and coal plants were causing an annual reduction in India’s GDP of as much as three per cent.

Greenpeace officials are furious at what they are calling a ‘systematic clampdown’ on their activities in India. Samit Aich, executive director of Greenpeace India, told the Guardian: ‘We have seen for the past couple of months a definite move to scuttle Greenpeace’s work in India by various ways and means.’

While a government clamping down on groups they disagree with should be of concern of anyone who values free speech, Greenpeace hardly has a great track record in that regard. It has long been known for its allergy to debate and its preference for silencing and discrediting its own critics rather than engaging with them. In February 2014, Greenpeace launched a petition calling on UK prime minister David Cameron to oust his then environment minister Owen Paterson, because he happened to query some climate-change claims. In July, Greenpeace was one of eight NGOs who called on president-elect of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, to scrap the role of chief scientific adviser to the president of the commission because the incumbent, Anne Glover, was a supporter of GM crops.

It’s hard not to have some sympathy for the Indian government’s position on Greenpeace. Not only does the NGO work to stymie the sort of industrial progress that is helping lift India out of poverty, but it also remains an unelected institution that still holds a fair amount of influence in world affairs. Nevertheless, censorship is never the answer to political problems. And this is a lesson Greenpeace, as well as the Indian government, should learn.

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Health Canada PMRA| Executive Directors Answer Questions | Neonics = Safe | Senate Bee Health | October 2014 |

Now we see the Health Canada and Canadian Food Inspection Agency Executive Staff Speaking 

Bee Health Canadian Senate Scott Kirby PMRA Oct2014

​Bee Health Canadian Senate Marg Conti PMRA Oct2014

Bee Health Canadian Senate Dr Ian Alexandra Animal Health Sciences Director CFIA Oct2014

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Finally Arrested |Louise Leger-Villandre | Woman Behind First Cosmetic Pesticide Ban | Ex-general manager of Hudson arrested by UPAC

Talk about a Chemical Reaction Paul Tukey!

Louise Léger-Villandré, the former (Town Clerk) general manager of the town of Hudson, was arrested Thursday morning on fraud charges.

Officers with the Unité permanente anticorruption Québec (UPAC) picked up Léger-Villandré, who faces 19 criminal charges of fraud, breach of trust, and creating and using false documents.

The charges are for a series of infractions allegedly committed by Léger-Villandré between 1997 and 2013, the years she was town general manager.

It is alleged she cashed municipal cheques totalling $1.1 million through her personal account.

Léger-Villandré was arrested and then released with a promise to appear in Valleyfield  court on Dec. 10.

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Non Experts | Gideon Forman | David Suzuki | “Neonic” Pesticide Ban Vital for Bee Health – and Our Own

Commentary: "Neonic" Pesticide Ban Vital for Bee Health – and Our Own

Contributed by admin on Oct 08, 2014 – 12:13 PM

Head Enviro Lunatic | Gord Miller | Bee-killing pesticides bigger threat than DDT: Ontario enviro commish

Gord Miller couldn't even get the Healthy Pesticide Free Lawns with Composting right, now hes an expert on Neonicotinoids.

Weeds Taking over your Lawn?  Try Compost (part 1 of 3)

Compost and the Soil Food Web (part 2 of 3)

TrackBack : Gord Miller Says Vacuum Chinch Bugs up off the Lawn


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