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Matthias Wüthrich, Greenpeace ecological farming campaigner:This study on contaminated pollen reveals the unbearable burden of bees and other vital pollinators. Bees are exposed to a cocktail of toxic pesticides. This is yet more proof that there is something fundamentally wrong in the current agricultural model which is based on the intensive use of toxic pesticides, large-scale monocultures and corporate control of farming by a few companies like Bayer, Syngenta & Co. It shows the need for a fundamental shift towards ecological farming.”

The report confirms the findings of a recent study [2] carried out by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In its study, EFSA acknowledges vast knowledge gaps related to the health of bees and pollinators, including on the effects of chemical ‘cocktails’, and calls on the EU and national governments to fill this gap with further scientific investigation.

via The bees' burden: new report reveals bee pollen contaminated by dozens of toxic pesticides | Greenpeace EU Unit.

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Toxic Pesticides Kill Kids | Chicago Public Health | Susan Buchanan | Expert Testimony | Protect Evanston Children | Kim Stone


This can be added to the growning body of evidence these enviro lunatics have compiled since Racheal Carson bit the bullet.  Susan Buchanan = DEFICIT MODEL.


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Aileen Berger White | Winnipeg Humane Society | We KILL 50% of our Cats | WHS FAQ – The Winnipeg Humane Society

Save your pets from Toxic Pesticides, bring them to the Winnipeg Humane Society we will slaughter them for you!

Oh and don't forget to DONATE.  

The Government of Manitoba has promised to introduce a lawn pesticide ban shortly. The advertising campaign makes clear why such a ban is needed.

Our four-legged friends need protection, too,” says White. “We’re encouraging Manitobans to keep their properties beautiful the way people in eastern Canada do – using non-toxic methods and products.”

Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes already have prohibitions on lawn pesticides.

The Humane Society believes Manitoba’s family pets deserve the same protection that pets in eastern Canada enjoy,” says White.

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Mostly Organic is not PESTICIDE FREE | Anne Lindsey | Manitoba Eco Network |Time to ban lawn chemicals – The Uniter

While some institutions like the Legislative grounds, the Winnipeg School Division and Clear Lake Golf Course have instituted their own alternatives to cosmetic pesticides


Coalition member Amanda Kinden has trained many Winnipeggers on the techniques of organic lawn care as the former organic lawn care educator at the Manitoba Eco-Network.

Clear Lake Golf Course – We are 85% Organic. Lol…… 

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Manitoba Eco-Network | $6.7 Million Dollar Federal Funding | To Ban Pesticides??? | Anne Lindsey | Amanda Kinden | Charity’s Return – Schedule 6: Detailed Financial Information

An example of a Non-Profit Charity Making a HUGE PROFIT

Gideon Forman (CAPE) seems to follow the Federal Money rather than follow the cancer.

Was Cape a qualified Donee in 2012? 

Looking at Manitoba EcoNetworks 2013 Financial Statement they do not include Schedule 7 which is a requirement.

The Almost $7 Million dollars seems to vanish from the 2012 to 2013 Financial Statements.


A registered charity may pursue political activities only if the activities are non-partisan, related to its charitable purposes, and limited in extent. A political activity is any activity that explicitly communicates to the public that a law, policy or decision of any level of government inside or outside Canada should be retained, opposed, or changed.

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