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Lynne Lund makes Summerside Farmers' Market first public appearance

SUMMERSIDE – Lynne Lund accepted the nomination as the Green Party candidate for the federal riding of Malpeque at a fundraising event Friday night and engaged her first public exposure Saturday morning at the Summerside Farmers’ Market.

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Landscape Ontario | Ground Maintenance Failure | RoundUp | Triple Strength IRON MAX | Illegal Pesticide USAGE

Very True and Unbelievable remarks in Landscape Ontario Grounds Maintenance Commodity Group Minutes.  Head of Landscape Ontario, Tony Digiovanni Listens to Ontario Pesticide Ban Failures.    

Weed Research Discussion
There was a discussion about weed control.  We have tried steam, clear and dark plastic, mulch.  These practices are not practical nor effective.  Roundup is the only solution that is practical.  On the turf end Iron Max at triple the rate works well as long as it used for fertilizer.  

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The RestOfUs | Documenting Environmental Lunatics | About | Green Jihad

The end goal of environmentalism is to prevent human beings from being able to prosper and live. The news reports and videos commented on at this blog will show what environmentalists do and their intent.


In Islam, jihad is the highest calling in the faith and in Islamic holy texts including (but not limited to) the Quran, Allah commands the Islamic faithful to make war against non-believers. Environmentalist groups are conducting an all out holy war (i.e. jihad) against mankind using their funds and resources with the end result being the destruction of Western civilization. Environmentalism is in many way a religion revering nature over the needs of mankind and poses an even larger threat to our way of life than Islamic totalitarians.

They have been organized politically since the 1970’s in which with the introduction of ex-Communists into their ranks makes for an even more challenging threat. The purpose of this blog is in the tradition of others like Creeping Sharia in that it exists to reveal another enemy of Western civilization that poses an even larger threat than Islamic jihadist groups: environmentalism.

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