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Kasia Majewski
Tree swallow nestlings wait for food.

 A breakthrough in insecticides

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Cosmetic Pesticide Bans | Discredited Health Studies | Fake Doctors | University of Guelph | Ontario Pesticide Ban Failure |

There has been information presented as fact at different council meetings in a number of municipalities, where as the information was hear say. Based on the ruling surrounding hear say evidence in court, most of what has been presented would be considered inadmissible and not object of truth.


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Expert at What Did U Say? | Meg Sears |Deer Fence Suggestion for my Organic Veggies | Dunrobin Shores – Yahoo Groups

Meg Sears is an expert at Emerald Ash Borer in Ottawa, expert at cosmetic pesticides(lost child) in Ontario, expert at smart meters in Britsh Columbia, an expert at Oilsands Dangers in Alberta, an Expert in Radio Frequency Emissions in Toronto

but Meg Sears is in need of HELP keeping Wildlife out of her ORGANIC Vegetable Garden.  

This woman lost her child at a very young age.

She blames the local Golf Course.

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