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This is insanity.  Ontario Bee Keepers Association and their Lawyers are trying to tell the public that the IUCN Task Force on Systemic Pesticides and their international scientists are credible scientists regarding Neonicotinoids.  Soon they will have Gideon Forman presenting as a Toxicologist.  Ontario is the hub of Anti-Science and they actually sense and feel their way through tough decision making processes.  No logic needed

IUCN motto is  Act Beyond Trust!

They use experts at Post Normal Science

Specialists in New Risks within Environmental Science

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But just as a teaser, we must ask which great bee specialists the EEA selected to author the chapter on the complex issue of colony collapse disorder. There are many researchers in this field, so the Risk-Monger was quite surprised when this chapter of precautionary excellence in Late Lessons II was written by Laura Maxim and Jeroen van der Sluijs. A simple Google search on these authors would reveal that their expertise and claim to fame in this domain is, well, zero. They are known as science communicators and experts in scientific uncertainty with a specialization on climate change. This is just one example of how the European Environment Agency has become a disgrace not only to the European Union which funds it, but to all branches of science who must suffer the consequences of their irresponsible environmental campaigning.

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