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Pesticide ban not contentious

In the overview of bills passed in the spring sitting in Province, Statistics Canada in stalemate (June 13), it says "few were contentious."

Manitoba's new lawn pesticide ban should be included in this group. Despite some heated debate, in the end lawn-pesticide bans are not very controversial.

Case in point: Ontario has had one for five years, and in the last provincial election it was hardly mentioned.

Why? Because Canadians are largely in agreement now: Kids and pesticides don't mix. Congratulations to the province for bringing in this common-sense legislation.


Gideon Forman

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Robin Baranyai | Fresh Food Friday Failure | Misinformed Prince Edward County Resident | Bee friendly | The Times

Some schools in the County are ahead of the curve, to quote Robin Baranyai, who instituted "Fresh Food Fridays" at Wellington's CML Snider four years ago.

Robin credits a supportive principal and a dedicated group of volunteers for making the program such a success. At $3.50, the meals are affordable, and the school council offers subsidies for families in need.

There are obstacles to change, however, and on-going challenges. Many small, rural schools are not equipped with kitchens; government funding is not available unless meals are offered at least three days per week; and when programs rely on volunteers, staffing can be a challenge.

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Pesticide Free Failure | Tech Terra Environmental – YouTube

Call it Pesticide Free, Safe for the Environment but when you need to get rid of the weeds use Synthetic Pesticides and call it an  Emergency Non-organic Rescue Treatment.  Nobody will know the difference.

To meet USDA NOP certification requirements for crop production, organic farmers are prohibited from applying non-conforming substances to the land for three years before the harvest of an organic crop. This requirement, albeit rigorous, preserves the integrity of products labeled organic and drastically contrasts with a recent effort to develop standards for organic land care (including lawns) that allows applications of non-organic materials under an ‘Emergency Non-Organic Rescue Treatment’ provision. The standards, developed by Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), emphasize that emergency non-organic rescue treatments must be rare, must only be undertaken as a last resort, and must be approved by the client ( 

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Siemens Says – Does government know better than you – Siemens Says


The Manitoba government introduced legislation recently restricting the use of certain chemicals for weed control on lawns to start in 2015. The pesticide ban is also on grass around hospitals, sidewalks, schools and daycares under the new legislation.

Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh says the legislation will help keep children safe.


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