Audio | Neem Oil | Organic Guru? | Ed Lawrence | Using Pesticides off Label

Neem Oil was only registered for Leaf Shine, yet Ed Lawrence Head Gardener at Rideau Hall , Governor General of Canada recommends and uses Neem Oil as a Pesticide.

Master Gardeners all over Ontario are flocking to Ed Lawrence for more advice on how to deal with the Ontario Pesticide Ban.

I'm sure Ed will come up with more illegal options or he will tell you to open up your wallet and pay thru the teeth to rotate and replace your flower garden every year.

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Pesticide Free Failure | 2010-2013 Governor General Rideau Hall | Lawn Care Expenses $ 1 Million Dollars |

Those lovely lawns and grounds at the official residences don't come cheap,either. The grass-cutting bill for Rideau Hall alone topped $75,000 in 2009-
2010, and the overall landscaping bill will be $262,750 this fiscal year now
that the work has been farmed out to Caltrio Landscape Maintenance Ltd. of
Ottawa. ~Canadian taxpayers forked over more than $10 million last year to maintain the six official government residences in the capital region and costs continue to rise, QMI Agency has learned

We avoided pesticides at our house for years, but we didn’t eschew them altogether.  A little glysophate (brand name Roundup, an herbicide) was always on our garage shelf to battle the dreaded wild campanula that wanted to take over the garden.

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