Save The Bees From Neonics Campaign |IUCN Task Force uses IPCC Climate Panel as Model

According to van der Sluijs, there was no campaign, the task force was completely independent, and the final analysis is separate from the agreements the four made in the first meeting. He said that the IUCN used the IPCC climate panel as a model and does not intend to prescribe policy.

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Stand Up to The #Bullying | Ontario Grain Farmers Rely On Neonicotoinoids |Protecting Pollinators

  • Grain Farmers of Ontario is extremely disappointed with the Ontario government’s announcement to reduce neonicotinoid seed treatment on corn and soybeans by 80%.
  • Despite reductions of bee mortalities by 70% in 2014 and over 90% compliance by farmers of the new fluency agent across Ontario – the installation of planter deflectors by some farmers and the adherence to pollinator BMPs – the government has let politics trump science and practicality.
  • The implementation of this near-ban has not been thought-out. The implications will have serious negative impacts on farmers and the public, both environmentally and economically.
  • An 80% reduction will result in winners and losers in the farm community. This regulation will put grain farmers at aserious competitive disadvantage both domestically and internationally.
  • Loss of neonicotinoid seed treatments will significantly reduce the number of acres of conservation tillage and zero-till farming in Ontario because farmers will no longer be able to control the insects that thrive under these conditions.

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Ontario | Another Organic Lawn Care Breakthrough? | A.D.I.O.S Herbicide | HOW IT WORKS | Guelph Organic Soil Treatment


Guelph Organic Soil Treatment offers an alternative to feeding plants from above with traditional synthetic fertilizer. The Guelph Organic Soil Treatment feeds the soil below, and lets the soil feed the plants.

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