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FAILURE : Canadian Cancer Society – CAPE- David Suzuki – Campbell River Mirror – Campbell River council hesitant to enact pesticide ban

Campbell River council hesitant to enact pesticide ban

Published: July 05, 2012 2:00 PM
Updated: July 05, 2012 2:05 PM

City council is not ready to commit to a five-year-old initiative to restrict the use of pesticides.

Council was asked by city staff at last week’s council meeting to reaffirm an old resolution to develop a bylaw that would control the cosmetic use of pesticides on both public and private lands within the city.

The new law would have regulated the use of pesticides on outdoor trees, shrubs, flowers, ornamental plants and turf.

The city’s Environmental Advisory Commission first recommended the bylaw in the fall of 2007 based on strong public and community organization support for pesticide control.

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Youtube: May 2012 – Don’t ban cosmetic pesticides, B-C- MLAs recommend – Health – CBC News

BC will not completely ban cosmetic pesticides
The environment critic calls the committee report a "missed opportunity"
Erin Loxam May 17, 2012 15:04:14 PM

BC Cancer Society Advertisement goes Public – Pesti’cides’ = DEATH

Artist Robert Bateman – Outlives Jack Layton and Sheela Basrur – ‘I am Canadian and I am polluted’ – Environmental Defense Project FAILURE

`I am Canadian and I am polluted' – [ I AM STILL ALIVE ]

Forty-eight toxins were found in his body, including 32 chemicals linked to cancer, writes artist Robert Bateman

Nov. 15, 2005. 01:00 AM


I am a Canadian, and I am polluted. Polluted by dozens of toxic chemicals. Chemicals that are all around us, every day and that accumulate in our bodies. Toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, respiratory illness, disrupt hormones and harm the growth and development of my six grandchildren. I am polluted but probably less so than the average Canadian.

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Deficit Model – Non Experts : Dr. S. Basrur , Dr. R. Cushman, Dr. D. Salisbury – Cosmetic Pesticide Ban ‘Misperceptions’

A just released Report from the Council of Canadian Academics, titled "Integrating Emerging Technologies into Chemical Safety Assessment"

has pointed out the misinformation relating to the recent rash of Cosmetic Pesticid Bans in Canada.

Much of this is contributed to a "deficit model", misinformed non expert Medical Advisors which whom the media and public trust.

 The report offers guidance, over the course of the next decade, on how Federal Bodies can address pesticide and their formulants to eliminate 'data gaps' and gain public trust.


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