B.C. unveils proposed changes to pesticide use – BC | Globalnews.ca

B.C. unveils proposed changes to pesticide use

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Ontario Pesticide Ban Failure | Quinte News – Weeds win the day

Weeds win the day

Posted 2 days ago

Mon, Apr 22nd, '13 – 9:32 am

Weed control is pretty much out of control in Belleville!!!

At budget meetings last week, city staff told Belleville city council that effective weed control was pretty well impossible without the use of chemicals.

Chemical weed control is illegal in Ontario.

Staff said every kind of legal weed control product on the market had been tried, and they were all ineffective.

Staff is worried that the turf in city parks and sportsfields is going to be seriously damaged over time.

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2013: BC Pesticide Regulations – Licensed Applicators, Municipalities and First Nations Exempt from Ban – Home Owners Lose Out


Feb. 20, 2013

Ministry of Environment

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Scarborough Maine: Town Hall Meeting 14Jan2013 : Failed Pesticide Free Program Unveiled – Chip Osborne Dazzels audience with Bull CWAP for $36,000

Chip Osborne: Deceives audience and council with MisInformation

FYI * Did you know in Marblehead Massachusetts.  Chip Osborne's home town. He is Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee too, they play field hockey on the tennis courts because the organic fields are in such bad shape. (preview to document Here: and Synthetic Turf (Piper Field) Private Funding document Here:Thats not what he says about the sports fields in the public meeting below!

Jeff Odonell: Points out several flaws in Policy. Questions Cedar Oil Application as Illegal.  Which it was, Chip Osborne makes up another excuse.  Jeff Brings up the fact that policy does not allow even organic pesticides.  Pest Management Policy Members baffled by this and Chip Osborne makes up another excuse.

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Organic Turf | Mud Pit Notorious for Injury | U of T’s planned Astroturf Pan Am Games field creates controversy | Toronto Star

U of T’s planned Astroturf Pan Am Games field creates controversy

The University of Toronto's $9.5 million plan to replace the grass back campus field with Astroturf for the 2015 Pan Am games is causing a turf war with some students and professors.


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