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Dr Gilbert Ross.

Enviornmental Group theories Sketchy at the least


A rapidly mutating virus has leaped from plants to honeybees, where it is reproducing and contributing to the collapse of colonies vital to the multibillion-US-dollar agricultural industry, according to a new study.

Tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV), a pollen-borne pathogen that causes blight in soy crops, was found during routine screening of commercial honeybees at a US Department of Agriculture laboratory, where further study revealed the RNA virus was replicating inside its Apis mellifera hosts and spreading to mites that travelled from bee to bee, according to the study published online on Tuesday in the journal mBio.

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BC Cancer Society Advertisement goes Public – Pesti’cides’ = DEATH

Dr. Len Ritter – Lots of unqualified people trying to undermine the efforts of the PMRA

Pesticides don't cause cancer



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IEPMA: BC Special Committee on Pesticides – Jackie Doherty, Paul Visentin Presentation


Youtube Audio:


Youtube: BC Legislature – Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Nov 8, 2011 – Witnesses Keith Solomon, Jackie Doherty, CCS, Toxic Free Canada

Canadian Cancer Society : Kaminski, Seeley


IEPMA Jackie Doherty, Paul Visentin


Toxic Free Canada: May Burrows


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