Other Methods Tried Unsuccessfully – Alternative Pesticide Ban Failure

By MARTHA WICKETT – Sic [Salmon Arms BC – Hometown to Warren Bell]
December 7, 2016 ·

If you would like to weigh in on the city’s plan to give a one-time application of pesticides to the weeds that are breaking up hard surfaces like sidewalks and curbs, you might get a chance.

Coun. Tim Lavery gave notice at the Nov. 28 council meeting that he will be making a motion at the next meeting suggesting council receive further input on its pesticide spraying program.

“I do feel it’s an important topic, and I don’t feel the budget process was the time to have the discussion,” he said, suggesting that it include a chance for an “input session from interested people.”

During budget deliberations staff said the city would be using an exemption in the cosmetic pesticides bylaw in 2017 which allows pesticides when other methods have been tried unsuccessfully. City staff reported a one-time $10,000 application of pesticides will likely be used on the islands in the Trans-Canada Highway and on sidewalks downtown, moving farther afield as funding permits.

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Toronto Pesticide Ban Failure – Bring Your Blanket to the Park and Stay on the Paths – Rash/Burn/Sting

Skin Rash, August 23, 2015

Since Toronto has a pesticide ban weeds have rapidly taken the from grass in all parks. Not all weeds are harmful to people but some can cause painful skin reactions (rash, burns or blisters).

The Parks department mows the grass and weeds but this doesn’t control the spread of the weeds and grass is losing ground. Children that walk, lie or roll on the lawn can come in contact with some nasty plants that will make exposed skin very uncomfortable.

Unfortunately the days of touching the lawn in our parks is rapidly coming to an end. Bring lots of blankets and stay on the paths.

Comments, questions and answers related to High Park in Toronto

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Newsroom : Company fined $3,000 For Pesticides Act Violation

Company fined $3,000 For Pesticides Act Violation

Sioux Lookout – T. Nebbs Building Materials Ltd. pleaded guilty to one offence and was fined $3,000 for failing to ensure that a Class 7 pesticide, namely RoundUp grass and weed control herbicide, was displayed in a manner that prevents any person other than the licenced vendor or the licenced vendor’s employees, from having access to the pesticide, contrary to the Pesticides Act.

The company is located in Sioux Lookout, and holds a vendor licence that authorizes the sale of Class 7 pesticide products from the store.

The ministry attended the company site and observed two Class 7 pesticides, namely RoundUp grass and weed control herbicide and Pest Control Product number 24299, displayed on a shelf with unrestricted public access, contrary to legislative requirements.

A previous inspection had occurred at which time the same issue of unrestricted access to a Class 7 pesticide was identified. At that time, the ministry issued a report to the company which required actions to be taken in order to correct the issue.

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Anti Expert | Gideon Forman | Pesticide ban not so hard – Letter to the Editor – The Journal Pioneer

RE: “A ban is difficult” (March 18)

Actually, a ban isn’t so difficult. Prohibitions on lawn and garden pesticides have now been enacted in cities and provinces across Canada – and the results have been very encouraging. The science shows that people exposed to these chemicals are at greater risk for cancers, neurological illness (such as Parkinson’s), and birth defects.

So pesticide bans have been protecting citizens from a variety of dangerous medical conditions. These bans have also been successful in protecting family pets and drinking water.

As well, cities with pesticide bylaws have seen their lawn-care sector grow. In the five years following enactment of a pesticide bylaw in Halifax, for example, the number of landscaping and lawn care businesses in that city increased by 53 per cent.

Physicians for the Environment urges Summerside to ban lawn and garden pesticides at the earliest possible date. This common-sense policy will enhance public health and – if Summerside is like other cities that have eliminated these poisons — prove very popular with local residents.

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