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Ontario Pesticide Ban Failure | 2,4-D is SAFE | Glyphosate is SAFE | Registration of Enlist Duo | Ingredients Used in Pesticide Products | US EPA

Failed Ontario Organic Certification | President John Sutherland | National Farmers Union supports OBA call for ban | Ontario Beekeepers’ Association


National Farmers Union supports OBA call for ban

2014| Ontario Organic Certification Failure | Greenbush Heritage Organic Farm | Local Harvest


Greenbush Heritage Organic Farm is owned and operated by Terry & Krista Fisk and is located on Highway 9, 5 kms north of Harriston. We are a small organic farm that produces vegetables, plants and fruit. Our focus is on building healthy, fertile soil naturally by using green manure, compost and compost tea. Our soil management philosophy is based on information found on the Soil Foodweb and publications written by Dr. Elaine Ingham and Gary Zimmer. We are not just farming organically. We are going back to the old methods of building soil naturally without the use of commercial fertilizers and chemicals. Where appropriate, we use horse-drawn methods to work the soil, thus, reducing our carbon footprint.

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2014| Ontario Organic Certification Failure | President John Sutherland| National Farmers Union


Guelph, ON – John Sutherland of Erin, ON was elected president at the NFU-O Annual General Meeting on March 2 in Listowel. Sutherland has been President of Local 340 Waterloo, Wellington for the past three years. During that time, the local instituted three popular farming awards. For the past 20 years, he has grown organic specialty salad mix year round and other summer vegetables. Currently, he is a member of the Wellington County Stewardship Council.

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2014| Ontario Organic Certifcation Failure | Bill Pottage Snake Gully Farms | Welcome to MyPick – Verified Local Farmer


Snake Gully Farms

Bill Pottage

“I’m known for my garlic. I grow a variety that was developed in Ontario and it’s the very best,” says William Pottage. William’s customers report that his uniquely tied loops of certified organic garlic last up to a year with proper storage – and many return year after year to replenish their supplies. William’s method for tying garlic is self-taught and pleasing to the eye: so much so that he’s been asked to train Mennonite farmers how to do it. High praise indeed, even for a fifth generation farmer such as William.

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