– Pesticide Free Failure

Health Garden Care- Misinformation Ontario -Glen Murray- ‘Roundup’ for Termites and Wasps – Bio Pesticides that don’t work.

Natural ways to manage pests in home gardens

What lower risk and alternative pesticides can be used by gardeners.

Healthy garden care

You can have a beautiful lawn and garden using natural methods.

For lawn care and maintenance:

  • mow grass 2-3 inches high with a sharp blade
  • aerate spring and fall
  • water early morning, one inch, generally once per week
  • fertilize with natural fertilizers spring and fall
  • top dress and overseed in early spring and late fall

Insects are a natural part of lawns and many beneficial insects help maintain your lawn, pollinate plants and control harmful pests.

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Banned Lawn Care Products – Toronto Golf Nuts – Greater Toronto Area Golf Forum

Banned Lawn Care ProductsI have a neighbour who brings in lawn care products, e.g. “Weed and Feed” and “Grub Control”, for personal home use, when he comes back from trips to the U.S. Don’t know if he declares these or not, or if he even has to.These types of pesticide and herbicide products are banned from being sold here in Ontario, and in many other Provinces if I am correct.Does any one know off-hand if these types of products are actually allowed to be brought across the border into Canada?__________________

Source: Banned Lawn Care Products – Toronto Golf Nuts – Greater Toronto Area Golf Forum

Toronto Pesticide Ban Failure – Bring Your Blanket to the Park and Stay on the Paths – Rash/Burn/Sting

Skin Rash, August 23, 2015

Since Toronto has a pesticide ban weeds have rapidly taken the from grass in all parks. Not all weeds are harmful to people but some can cause painful skin reactions (rash, burns or blisters).

The Parks department mows the grass and weeds but this doesn’t control the spread of the weeds and grass is losing ground. Children that walk, lie or roll on the lawn can come in contact with some nasty plants that will make exposed skin very uncomfortable.

Unfortunately the days of touching the lawn in our parks is rapidly coming to an end. Bring lots of blankets and stay on the paths.

Comments, questions and answers related to High Park in Toronto

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Ottawa woman fined for selling ”natural” bug spray

TV Ottawa
Published Thursday, August 6, 2015 5:14PM EDT
Andrea Usworth has been mixing-up and selling her “Natural Wisdom” health products since 2004.
Last year, she introduced a new, natural, bug repellant, called “Bug Off”.
Usworth says “Bug Off” is a brisk seller at several local health food stores, online, and at kiosks at festivals.
She says it’s all-natural, and safe.
A few months after it hit the market, Health Canada called and told her she had to stop selling it.
She pulled it off the market for 5 months, but says she didn’t get the answers she wanted from Health Canada.
When she resumed sales, Usworth was fined $4,000.00.
“I just suspect that under the guise of protection, they are squeezing out the natural innovations,” says Usworth.
Bug Off contains Neem Oil, a natural insecticide; the side effects from high doses are the subject of debate.
Usworth says her product is much safer than many regulated bug repellants on the market. “Deet is a known neurotoxin,” she says. “You can’t even get 100% Deet anymore.”
Usworth believes she is being unfairly targeted.
Health Canada was unable to respond to our questions about this issue before our deadline.

Source: Ottawa woman fined for selling ”natural” bug spray

Manitoba Mist Under Attack by Health Canada! – Aurora Farm | Aurora Farm

Aurora Farm forced to discontinue production and sales of popular bug spray Manitoba Mist by Health Canada.Health Canada’s restrictive and expensive process for registering pesticides is forcing small-scale business Aurora Farm from producing and selling it’s proven insect repellant Manitoba Mist.Health Canada representative suggested that the process of registering a pesticide will cost upward of $180,000. The initial PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency) Pre-submission Consultation Request can take up to 16 weeks.“Manitoba Mist has been an excellent product to complement our other natural care products and contributed a significant revenue stream. It’s unfair for Health Canada to make its registration process so lengthy and expensive.” Louise May, Aurora Farm.An economical, local product like Manitoba Mist is important for families who don’t want to use DEET based products. Local families who purchase Manitoba Mist from Aurora Farm directly or at Farmers’ Market are disappointed by the decision by Health Canada.“You know we love your bug spray!!!! Safe for the whole family and it actually works! This is coming from someone who has an abnormal allergy to mosquitoes! It even worked on the black flies at the beach.” Local familyIn August 2014, Health Canada announced that it was banning Citronella from bug sprays despite scientific evidence to the contrary. By December 2014, Health Canada reverted its decision stating “popular outcry”.“There is no sense of credibility at Health Canada in this instance and I won’t be putting the resources into fighting it. Instead, I will be posting my recipe online. All the natural ingredients can be purchased at my farm store and over-the-counter at most natural food and health stores” Louise May, Aurora Farm. References:Health Canada – Pest Management Regulatory Agency:http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/cps-spc/pest/registrant-titulaire/index-eng.phpTelephone: 613-736-3799Toll-free: 1-800-267-6315

Source: Manitoba Mist Under Attack by Health Canada! – Aurora Farm | Aurora Farm