Gideon Forman – Janet Kasperski – MREP COMMUNICATIONS – PMRA – Alex Cullen: Committee Transcripts: Standing Committee on Social Policy – June 09, 2008 – Bill 64, Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act, 2008

Gideon Forman:

“We also believe, frankly, that there’s an economic argument to be made here, that going pesticide-free could increase golf club revenues and profit, leading to some economic stimulation and some job growth. Would today’s health-conscious golfer be willing to pay just a little more to play on a safer, more environmentally friendly surface? We think the answer is yes.

Finally-I will wrap up, Mr. Chair; I’m mindful of the time-we urge you to remove the bill’s exemption for the so-called “other prescribed uses.” This catch-all clause would, we fear, allow pesticide applications for any and every use. Certainly it could be used to justify cosmetic spraying, which would clearly undermine the bill’s whole intention. If the issue here is ensuring that pesticides can be used for emergencies, for health and safety issues or for prevention of illness, surely that’s already covered under the quite reasonable health and safety exemption. As a doctor’s organization, we can see no possible justification for an exemption that’s as broad and as vague as the so-called “other prescribed uses.” If allowed to stand, it could undermine everything the legislation hopes to achieve.

In sum, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment is very supportive of the proposed ban. We only ask that you drop the clause referring to municipal powers, and that you remove the exemption for golf courses and the so-called “other prescribed uses.”

Mr. Chair, I’m happy to answer any questions.

The Chair (Mr. Shafiq Qaadri): Thank you, Mr. Forman. About a minute per side, beginning with Mr. Tabuns.

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These are excerpts from a Communication by Jeffrey Lowes.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Morning,

Many of you have been wondering about what stage the proceedings are at with the criminal charges against the members of the provincial government and activists. We have not been providing updates or outlines of our evidence due to concerns the information would be provided to the accused ahead of the final court date of June 28th, 2010. Threats from the activists or their lawyers have not been an issue as they have been given the option of pleading to a lesser charge or providing evidence in support of the charges in order of having the charges dropped against the individual. We have turned down media requests for information until after June 28th and are in the process of scheduling interviews. In total 29 individuals have been charged with 133 counts.

A recent email from the Public Prosecution Service of Canada stated: “The federal and provincial Attorneys General have a mandate to maintain the integrity of the criminal justice system, including the prevention of prosecutions that are not supported by a proper evidentiary foundation”. This statement was made because in an email to Mr. Lowes stated “The allegations you have made involve serious charges against many respected members of the community.” This has been pointed out by all three judges, a point that has not been lost on Mr. Lowes. The Prosecutors have asked we provide the balance of evidence to the Prosecution’s Office before June 23rd ahead of the June 28th hearing. We have clarified we are not dropping any of the charges (we have been asked if we would back down) as we have sufficient evidence to proceed on all counts. We have not filed charges in respect to the financials of the charities. It is our intent to expand the charges at a later date on the evidence of misappropriation of public funds.

Any one else from the industry that would like to provide statements should email or fax them before June 23rd 11:00 am, so they can be forwarded to the crown. Please include you name, date of birth, residency, credentials, licenses, company name and detailed contact information. The statements should outline what affect the ban has had on your business and lifestyle. Please include any issues you feel you need to point out. Please keep in mind Mr. Lowes will need to read the information into evidence on June 28th.

Please understand that the information provided to the courts has been witnessed or discovered by Mr. Lowes over the pass couple of years and was only made possible because of the financially support of a very small group of companies. If the industry would like to recover damages caused by the ban they will need to proceed with civil action. We have the interest from class action lawyers to proceed but will not commence any additional work on the file with out agreements between the lawyers and the companies seeking compensation. It has been suggested that the industry meets in the 3rd or 4th week of July to discuss the possible directions this may take. MREP is currently working directly with a couple of companies and their lawyers in Ontario.

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