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Precautionary Principle = 100% Foliar Spraying of Neonicotinoids |Preferred Method | Pollinator Health | Ontario.ca

RNAO | CAPE | Your TaxPayer Money in Action | Toronto Subway Advertisements | Dead Bees and Sad Children | Lunatic Doctors, Lunatic Nurses urge ban on neonic pesticides – The Globe and Mail


A group of doctors and nurses is urging the Ontario government to ban an agricultural pesticide blamed for the deaths of bees and other insect pollinators.

The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario are placing advertisements in Toronto’s subway system, warning “neonic pesticides hurt our bees and us.” In the ads, a young boy is gazing sadly upon a dead bee.

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The Grower Online :: News bulletin: No shortage of beehives to pollinate our crops

News bulletin: No shortage of beehives to pollinate our crops



There is a problem, there isn’t a problem. This is the problem, that is the problem. I have read and heard these words in regards to bee health so many times it leads me to believe one thing: we don’t know what the problem is or if there is one.

Bees have a direct role in more than one third of our diet — that’s a lot of food. Without bees our diet would be far less nutritious. The livelihood of thousands of farmers depends on the health of bee populations in Canada. The importance of bee health cannot be overstated and must be monitored. Millions of bees are moved across Canada every year to pollinate apples, blueberries and more than a hundred different fruits and vegetables. The work of bees is integral to horticulture in Canada. 

There have been so many studies and media reports on bee health that it has become impossible to keep up with the latest “facts and figures.” If you have tried, you will have noticed that the majority of these reports is indicating that the bee population is in huge decline and that we are on the verge of a major crisis in our food supply. 

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Ontario Proud or is it Pride |Canada Lawncare Pesticide Ban FAILURE – YouTube | 2,4-D TaskForce

Canada Lawncare Pesticide Ban – YouTube.

Ontario Bee Keepers Association|Task Force on Systemic Pesticides | Sierra Club and WWF are Credible Sources but Industry and PRMA is not | Class Action lawyers respond to Information by providing MisInformation |

This is insanity.  Ontario Bee Keepers Association and their Lawyers are trying to tell the public that the IUCN Task Force on Systemic Pesticides and their international scientists are credible scientists regarding Neonicotinoids.  Soon they will have Gideon Forman presenting as a Toxicologist.  Ontario is the hub of Anti-Science and they actually sense and feel their way through tough decision making processes.  No logic needed

IUCN motto is  Act Beyond Trust!

They use experts at Post Normal Science

Specialists in New Risks within Environmental Science

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