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Precautionary Principle = 100% Foliar Spraying of Neonicotinoids |Preferred Method | Pollinator Health | Ontario.ca

DDT Usage In Ontario? | Attention Eco Lunatics | Get Your Girly Pants On !!! | Should the city use DDT to fight bedbugs?

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Should the city use DDT to fight bedbugs?

Hamilton Spectator

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RNAO | CAPE | Your TaxPayer Money in Action | Toronto Subway Advertisements | Dead Bees and Sad Children | Lunatic Doctors, Lunatic Nurses urge ban on neonic pesticides – The Globe and Mail


A group of doctors and nurses is urging the Ontario government to ban an agricultural pesticide blamed for the deaths of bees and other insect pollinators.

The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario are placing advertisements in Toronto’s subway system, warning “neonic pesticides hurt our bees and us.” In the ads, a young boy is gazing sadly upon a dead bee.

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Using real facts or trying to sell newspapers? | Misinformed | Bad Reporting | Calvin Daniels | Assistant News Paper Editor | Bees are nature’s pollinators | Columnists | Carlyle Observer

The only question we have for you Calvin, Why side with Stupid?

A taste of Ontario Bee Keeping in 2013-2014, Major losses or Major Misinformation from the Media and Activist Groups:

Bee Business Booming 2014:

Won Top 3 Prizes – Best Bee Awards Royal Winter Fair 2013:

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Dianne Saxe |Environmental Lawyer | 2 Sides to Environmentalist Reality | Us and Us

1st Side –  Precautionary Principle Disregarded

Wind opponents have struggled, unsuccessfully, to prove that wind farms cause adverse health effects. In Bovaird, they tried to fill that gap with opinions from a non-practicing Australian physician, a sound engineer, and an Ontario orthopedic surgeon.

2nd Side – Precautionary Principle Applied

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