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Audio: Exposed | Dave Schuit | Lunatic Ontario Beekeeper Assocation | The Public Need to Know Honey Causes DUMB 6, 7 and 8 Year Old Children

Dianne Saxe | Crime Rate Linked to Lead Poisoning in Ontario, Children and Crime – Should Municipalities Act | Municipal World

Lead, Children and Crime – Should Municipalities Act

Dianne Saxe

After pesticides, what about lead?

When the Supreme Court of Canada recognized municipal jurisdiction to regulate the cosmetic use of pesticides,1 it opened the door for municipalities to regulate other major contaminants that affect residents’ health and safety. Of these, one of the best known toxins is lead, and it’s one that municipalities could do a lot about.

There are many good reasons to reduce human exposure to lead. For example, the David Suzuki Foundation recently released a report, with the support of the Canadian Public Health Association: Prescription For a Healthy Canada: Towards a National Environmental Health Strategy. It says:

Lead is a highly toxic heavy metal, once used in paint, gasoline, PVC, and pipes. Lead is still used in the production of batteries, ammunition, metal products (solder and pipes), jewellery, devices to shield X-rays, and computer monitors (to block radiation). Lead poisoning causes a range of chronic health effects. Lead exposure in children can cause cognitive deficits, developmental delays, hypertension, impaired hearing, attention deficit disorder, reduced intelligence, and learning disabilities. In the elderly, accumulated lead is released into the blood, contributing to various health effects, including cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, other forms of dementia, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and impaired kidney function.2
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Audio: Paul Tukey Lies Again | Glenstone Memorial | Don’t Tell People You Sprayed a Single Chemical | Fiesta a Chemical????




The Glenstone Program: Your Lawn Could Be This Healthy, Too

  • Written by Paul Tukey

 As the second year progressed at Glenstone, the clover arrived as predicted, but not in percentages that the owners found troublesome. We also began experimenting with spot spraying of Fiesta, the world’s first natural “selective” herbicide that allows grass to grow, but kills the dicot weeds including clover and dandelions. The bottom line: it works well on many weeds when you apply it properly. For some weeds it will require two applications and, compared to the toxic chemicals like 2,4-D and mecroprop, it’s fairly expensive for blanket applications.

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Windsor, Ontario | FearMongering | Victoria Mikhail | Making sure our fruits and vegetables are as pesticide-free as possible | Windsor Star

Victoria Mikhail
Jul 31, 2013 – 7:00 PM EDT

I love raspberries, so I planted a bush.  Now I have several bushes. I try to eat them before the birds do. I can hear them squawking as I pluck the berries and pop them into my mouth, leaving less for them.

There are only so many fruits and vegetables we can grow in our home environment. The majority we get at the supermarket, farmers’ markets or local fruit stands. Buying local when we can is ideal because we get the maximum nutrients still intact, the taste is high quality and we are supporting our local farmers.

The goal is to make sure our fruits and vegetables come in contact with as little pesticide as possible. Pesticide use has been around since the 1940s and is used to control insects, crop diseases and bacteria that can destroy fruits, vegetables and grain.

Animals products may contain trace amounts of pesticides since the grains eaten by the animals are often sprayed with them. Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency monitor the amount of pesticides on foods to make sure levels are safe.

Exposure among agricultural workers has been said to cause health problems ranging from irritation of the skin and eyes to affecting the nervous system, fertility problems and links to cancer.

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PEI Pesticide BEE Activists | Maureen Kerr | R.M. Mundle | Misinformed | LIARS? |



If you look closely below you will see RM Mundle has had devastating bee deaths on more than one occasion, in fact in 2001 it was the potato farmers, now in 2013 its the lawn care companies.  Shouldn't these devastating events happen to bees every year???? Or every 12 years as is this case.

Maureen Kerr is feeding misinformation to her feel good group of friends again.

We need to hold people like Maureen Kerr and Sharon Labchuk Accountable for their fearmongering tactics.

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