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My Response To Those Who Would Attempt To Muzzle Me Regarding The Use Of Safe Garden Pesticidesby Art Drysdale

by Art Drysdale


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Art Drysdale : Niagara Parks Commission Re-Union – Pesticide Free Failure – Tree and Turf Maintenance Lacking Significantly – Ontario Pesticide Ban

One of the things that many of us noted on re-visiting Niagara Parks was a lower standard of maintenance throughout the system than had been the case when we were there as students.
Debbie Whitehouse, who now holds the position which is similar to that of George Dalby back a couple of decades ago, told me personally just how much she had had to trim her annual maintenance budget—millions of dollars. Obviously with that level of reduced spending, the parks are not going to look as good as they did a way back.


The tree maintenance seems to be lacking significantly and the turf maintenance almost as bad. Of course, the recent banning of all ‘cosmetic pesticides’ by the Province is not helping things any. The floral decorations remain excellent and it seems that is what keeps most of the tourists happy. (In other words the plants that are replaced yearly look good)


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2012 Canada Blooms and Toronto HomeShow Possible Merger — Attendance/Quality Down — iCanGarden.com

March 27, 2011

Art Drysdale

According to senior members of Landscape Ontario, the Horticultural Trades Association (the 2,000-member group that, with the Garden Club of Toronto, founded Canada Blooms back in 1996 [with the first show being held in 1997]), the show is “one of the best flower and garden festivals in North America.” Landscape Ontario has, for the past several years, been the primary driver of the show although the Garden Club of Toronto still stages its own area of prime horticultural and flower arranging displays. Their area, annually, could be said to be right at the apex of the displays of that type in any of the shows certainly in North America, if not the World. And, I have seen pretty much all of them!

As to the overall show itself, I guess I would agree with that observation (“one of”) but in the last several years, the quality of the show has been dropping significantly each year. One of the worst, with its totally un-nspiring entrance garden (trash in receptacles mixed with a few Gerbera blooms), was in 2007 when there were hardly any well-forced trees and shrubs either. Landscape Ontario blamed that disaster on the freakish ice storm that hit the city just as the show was being installed. I was not so sure that the ice storm was entirely to blame!

Then, a year later in 2008, I did not see a whole lot of improvement—in fact a couple of steps backwards in a few areas. One of the comments I made back then was: “I do think that one of the things Canada Blooms needs is a garden or two designed and constructed by long-time members of the association, which would help to show some of the newer, younger landscape contractors a few of the ‘tricks of the trade’ and that would surely improve the gardens and get them back to the standards of old.”

That show made me make up my mind I would not bother to attend at all, and advised Gerry Ginsberg, the general manager, that I would not be coming east, and not to put my name on the speakers list. I have not seen the show since that year.

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