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  • November 24, 2011 3:23 PM
  • Thirty Communities Back BC Pesticide Ban

    VANCOUVER, Nov. 24, 2011 /CNW/ – Thirty BC municipalities have passed motions supporting a province-wide ban on lawn and garden pesticides, according to a list released today by the Canadian Cancer Society.

    In calculating the total population of the municipalities in support, the Society found that the number of British Columbians living in these municipalities is over 1.8 million.

    “When we began compiling these statistics, while we thought the number would be large, we didn’t know the number would be this large,” said the Canadian Cancer Society’s Kathryn Seely. “An extraordinary number of British Columbians – in both rural areas and cities – support a common-sense ban on lawn pesticides.”

    The Canadian Cancer Society has long supported legislation that would outlaw the use and sale of lawn pesticides across British Columbia. (At present, 39 communities have municipal bans but there is no province-wide legislation).

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    [Secret Evidence of Dangers to Health, why is CCS not coming forward with this info] CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY (BC AND YUKON DIVISION) | New Poll Results Released: Canadian Cancer Society calls for leadership candidates to support cosmetic pesticides ban in BC


    New [BOGUS] Poll Results Released: Canadian Cancer Society calls for leadership candidates to support cosmetic pesticides ban in BC

    VANCOUVER, Feb. 18 /CNW/ – With a new poll showing more than 70 per cent of British Columbians believe exposure to cosmetic pesticides increases their risk to cancer and threatens the environment, the Canadian Cancer Society wants all leadership candidates to pledge introduction of legislation banning cosmetic pesticides.

    "In addition to recognizing the health risks, more than 70 per cent of British Columbian support a phase out of cosmetic pesticide use on public and private properties," says Barbara Kaminsky, CEO Canadian Cancer Society BC and Yukon. "It is important that the next leader of the B.C. government introduce strong legislation this year. We have asked for this action for the past three years and believe legislation is long overdue."

    Released today, the Canadian Cancer Society commissioned Innovative Research Group to conduct a poll following the completion of a 60-day consultation process BC initiated last year. The Ministry of Environment received more than 8,000 comments, signatures on petitions, or submissions in response to that call for public input – the vast majority of which were in support of cosmetic pesticide legislation.

    The results of that online survey showed that:

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    THE city is looking into creating a bylaw that would restrict the use of cosmetic pesticides.

    The move comes after local members of the Canadian Cancer Society asked city council for a ban Feb. 14, saying there is evidence supporting a link between pesticides and cancer.

    Helen Owen, the society's regional fundraiser coordinator, said municipalities play an important role in cancer prevention by having the power to make and implement health-promoting bylaws.

    “About half of all cancers can be prevented through a combination of healthy living and healthy public policies that create supportive environments,” she told council.

    There are 185 communities in Canada that have pesticide bylaws, and 35 of them are in B.C., but Terrace would be the first in the northern region.

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    Canadian Cancer Society SCAM includes SURVEY – Vote for Health Campaign to Confuse Alberta voters and scare Alberta Politicians – Pesticide Ban – Smoke Free Parks