– 2011 Elections

McGuinty Green Energy Failure – DMI Industries Employee Layoffs – DMI Owner: Otter Tail Corporation – CEO Steps Down – $1.3 Million Dollars in the hole


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Beware of McGuinty – Ontario Liberal Party – Solar Power Promises – White House defends loan for now-bankrupt solar firm – USATODAY.com

2011 Solar Power Company Bankruptcies:

OptiSolar – Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (Cambridge, Ontario)

Evergreen Solar – Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Spectra Watt Solar – Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Solyndra Solar – Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


By Aamer Madhani and David Jackson, USA TODAY

Updated1h 26m ago

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Exposed: John Wright – 2011 Ontario Election IPSOS REID POLLSTER – Cancer Care Ontario – Ministry of Environment

Ipsos Reid Senior Vice President and Board of Directors for Cancer Care Ontario John Wright says Ontario Liberals ahead in polls.

Is John Wright an Environmental Activist giving out polling results?  This company Ipsos Reid brings in 1.6 Million Dollars a year in revenues.

The Ministry of the Environment thanks Cancer Care Ontario for their support in banning cosmetic pesticides in 2009

Who do you trust?

TORONTO — Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal party is gaining momentum in the election campaign and now leads the Conservatives by a paper-thin margin, according to a new poll done for the Ottawa Citizen.

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Youtube – 2011 Ontario Provincial Elections : Liberal Dalton McGuinty Truths

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