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Emilie Hudson, Donna Ralston: Pesticides have value – Boulder Daily Camera

Emilie Hudson, Donna Ralston: Pesticides have value POSTED:   03/07/2015 06:55:50 PM MST | UPDATED:   5 DAYS AGO The debate over pest control often centers around one word: health. The health of our households and public property so families can avoid known predators that impact their well-being. Healthy ecosystems and habitats that allow beneficial […]

Boulder Colorado Supports Pesticide Use | Code Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Weeds/Lawns/Herbicides/Pesticides How tall are weeds allowed to grow before they become a violation? 12 inches Learn more about weed control in the Boulder Revised Code Chapter 6-2.   What pesticides are illegal in Boulder? All pesticides are allowed to be applied within the city limits; however, application notification is required. All pesticide use requires notification immediately […]

Boulder Colorado |Audubon Certified | ORGANIC | Flatirons Golf Course – Ya we use Synthetic Pesticides – We missed the Chip Osborne Presentation

Flatirons Golf Course Environmental Practices   The word pesticide encompasses a broad range of treatments that may be used to control any undesirable plant or animal. The types of pesticides that may be used at golf courses include: Insecticides are used to treat invasions of insects such as ants, mosquitoes, beetles and moths. At Flatirons […]