Saskatchewan – Lawn Care Maintenance In The Era Of The Chinese Coronavirus – Mr Simon E Taylor – 2020 05 01






The Chinese Wuhan
Bat-Coronavirus Pandemic




This virus is also known as the Wuhan Virus and COVID-19. 


This is an ongoing public health emergency of international concern involving major outbreaks of a deadly infectious disease that has spread globally, resulting in the 2019–20 pandemic. 


The virus was precipitated by the Chinese deviant life-style of raising and breeding disease-infected wild-animals, like bats, beavers, cats, dogs, lizards, porcupines, raccoons, and snakes, for food, companionship, and intimacy. 


Sunlight is a sanitizer found in abundance on well-maintained lawns.  The Chinese ⁄ Wuhan Coronavirus will weaken more quickly when exposed to sunlight, heat, and humidity.  This means that the pandemic will become less contagious during the summer months.  It also means that well-maintained lawns will be the safest places to be in the era of the Chinese ⁄ Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic.  And, because sunlight is such a great sanitizer, home-owners should NOT be afraid to allow their families to play on well-maintained lawns.  It is safe to play on these lawns, although physical distancing may continue to be necessary.  See later segments for more details. 






















May 1st, 2020


Saskatoon 650 CKOM


City Of Saskatoon ⁄ Regina, Province Of Saskatchewan


Re : The Chinese ⁄ Wuhan Bat-Coronavirus ( COVID-19 )


Selected And Adapted Excerpts




Lawn Care Companies See Minimal Effect From COVID-19










The Chinese Virus In Saskatchewan


Lawn Care Businesses Allowed To Operate



The Pandemic Is Producing A Minimal Effect



While most industries in the country have been slowed down, or even stopped, by the Chinese ⁄ Wuhan Bat-Coronavirus pandemic, the professional lawn care industry is one of the few that has been able to KEEP OPERATING WITH JUST A FEW CHANGES. 


Mr Simon Taylor is the owner of Weed Man in Regina. 



Regina is the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan with a population of less than 200,000.  It is the second-largest city in the province ( after Saskatoon ), as well as a cultural and commercial centre for Southern Saskatchewan. 



Mr Taylor is happy Saskatchewan is one of the provinces that DID NOT RESTRICT landscaping and lawn care in its public health orders. 




The Chinese Virus In Saskatchewan


Lawn Care Businesses & Physical Distancing



So, as other businesses are slowly ramping up again over the next few weeks, Mr Taylor and his workers can dive in. 


For his workers, things like PHYSICAL DISTANCING are almost built into the job. 


They can arrive, mow, weed, fertilize, and aerate WITHOUT HAVING TO INTERACT in person with the customers at all. 





















The Chinese Virus In Saskatchewan


Lawn Care Businesses Adopt Protocols



People Are At Home, & They
Want A Well-Maintained Lawn



Mr Taylor explained that he has put some PROTOCOLS in place to make sure his employees are safe. 


According to Mr Taylor   


(We) make sure that trucks and equipment are DISINFESTED on a regular basis, that the technicians are TRAINED IN SHIFTS rather than all at once (and) that we start in shifts and, certainly, maintain PERSONAL DISTANCE at all times. 


Mr Taylor said the biggest change is that previously 80 per cent of his customers would not be at home when his techs did their work    now, 80 per cent of people ARE at home. 


Kyle Kissick is one of Mr Taylor’s technicians. 


Kissick said, last year, they would knock on the customers’ doors to announce themselves, but that does not happen anymore. 


And they DO NOT LEAVE PAPER INVOICES anymore    nearly everything is done ELECTRONICALLY. 


Kissick said the virus worries him a bit, but not too much. 


According to Kissick   


I think it makes everyone nervous. 

For sure, it does impact our day.

It’s always on our mind. 




The Chinese Virus In Saskatchewan


Lawn Care Businesses Provide Well-Maintained Back-Yards



Mr Taylor admitted sales are down right now as many of his regular customers’ employment is uncertain. 


According to Mr Taylor   


But frankly, for the most part, people are at home, they WANT A NICE-LOOKING LAWN (so) they’re calling us.

They’re going to spend time in their backyard, as short a summer as we get in Saskatchewan, (and) they WANT TO HAVE A NICE BACKYARD. 


Mr Taylor made a point of THANKING THE CUSTOMERS who have come back, saying they’re the only reason the company has been successful. 






















Background Information


Mr Simon E Taylor



The Wisdom Of A REAL Expert







Mr Simon E Taylor is among several LEADING EXPERTS who have recognized expertise, training, and background in matters concerning the professional lawn care industry. 


He is also a highly-successful commercial Weed Man lawn care business owner in Regina, Saskatchewan, and Kelowna, British Columbia. 


Weed Man is the most responsible and most successful franchise business of its kind. 


Mr Taylor has been an important industry leader for over 35 years. 


He is also a leading policy expert on pest control products and public relations. 


Mr Taylor has spoken-out against activists and anti-pesticide prohibitions on a regular basis. 


The conspiracy to prohibit against pest control products used in the urban landscape has been rampant since the early 2000s, but has been successfully thwarted thanks to the leadership of Mr Simon E Taylor. 


In Regina, he is acclaimed for strongly speaking-out against the conspiracy to impose fanatжcal-prohibition of pest control products used in the urban landscape. 


As a result of his expert and discreet lobbying efforts, Regina’s Environmental Advisory Committee concluded that it was NOT appropriate to recommend a pesticide ban, and a proposed municipal prohibition was stopped    not once, not twice, but three times. 


Reginans and Saskatchewans should be forever grateful to Mr Taylor for ensuring that their greens spaces remain safe, healthy, and attractive.


Prior to becoming a business owner, he was the esteemed logistics manager that led to a burgeoning business success at Turf Management Systems Inc. 


Mr Taylor is among several highly-rated LEADING EXPERTS who have recognized expertise, training, and background in matters concerning professional lawn care, pest control product use, by promoting environmental realism and pesticide truths.  


Mr Taylor deserves congratulations. 




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Background Information


Sunlight, Heat, & Humidity Weaken The Virus



The Chinese ⁄ Wuhan Coronavirus Will Weaken
More Quickly When Exposed To Sunlight, Heat,
& Humidity    Conditions That Are Found In
Abundance On Well-Maintained  Lawns




Dying Quickest



The Chinese ⁄ Wuhan Coronavirus appears to WEAKEN more quickly when EXPOSED TO SUNLIGHT, HEAT, AND HUMIDITY, a US official said in a potential sign that THE PANDEMIC COULD BECOME LESS CONTAGIOUS IN SUMMER MONTHS. 


US government researchers have determined that the virus survives best indoors and in dry conditions, and loses potency when temperatures and humidity rise    and especially when it is exposed to sunlight, said Mr William Bryan, acting head of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate. 


According to Mr Bryan   


The virus DIES QUICKEST in the presence of DIRECT SUNLIGHT. 







In a high-humidity environment, that half-life dropped to six hours, and when the virus was exposed to HIGH HUMIDITY AND SUNLIGHT, the HALF-LIFE dropped to TWO MINUTES, Mr Bryan said. 


Researchers found a similar effect with the Chinese ⁄ Wuhan Coronavirus that was suspended in the air    simulating the coughing or sneezing that often spreads the disease.  


In a dark room, the virus maintained HALF its strength for one hour.  


But when EXPOSED TO SUNLIGHT, it lost HALF its strength in NINETY SECONDS, Mr Bryan said. 




Less Contagious



The findings could bolster hopes that the Chinese ⁄ Wuhan Coronavirus will mimic the behavior of other respiratory diseases like influenza, which typically are LESS CONTAGIOUS IN WARM WEATHER. 


But the virus has also proven lethal in warm-weather places like Singapore, raising broader questions about the impact of environmental factors. 


President Donald Trump said the findings should be interpreted cautiously.  


According to President Trump   


I hope people enjoy the sun and if it has an impact, that’s great. 







On non-porous SURFACES like stainless steel, the virus takes eighteen hours to lose half its strength in a dark, low-humidity environment, Mr Bryan said. 




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Media Reports Concerning The Conspiracy To
Impose Prohibition Against Pest Control Products
Used In The
City Of Regina’s Urban Landscape




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Against Pest Control Products Used In The

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