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Overview & Summary


The Golf Industry Creates
Positive Waves For Society




Paying-Golfers Deserve Safe Infection-Free Golf Courses




The 2019–2020 Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic



Also known as the Wuhan Virus and COVID-19. 


The Chinese Coronavirus is an ongoing public health emergency of international concern involving major outbreaks of a deadly infectious disease that has spread globally, resulting in the 2019–20 pandemic. 


The virus is natural with animal origin, and spreads by human-to-human transmission. 


Observers believe that the pandemic was precipitated by the Chinese deviant life-style of raising and breeding disease-infected wild animals, like bats, beavers, cats, dogs, lizards, porcupines, raccoons, and snakes, for food, companionship, and intimacy. 


The virus was further disseminated at disgusting Chinese live-animal ( a.k.a. wet ) markets where these wild animals are routinely slaughtered and sold to people on-site.


This Chinese life-style choice has resulted in the horrific deaths of thousands and thousands of hapless victims, world-wide. 




Stop Playing Golf



The Golf Industry’s trade associations have thoughtfully responded to the Chinese Coronavirus. 


Golf Canada and Canadian Golf Superintendents Association ( CGSA ) have stated that golfers must stay home during the pandemic. 


A lot of golfers, especially the older ones, are considered more vulnerable to the Chinese Coronavirus. 




Close The Golf Courses



In several American States and Canadian Provinces, golf courses are included in the mandatory closures of non-essential work-places aimed at reducing the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus. 


During these temporary closures, golf course property maintenance must be allowed to operate while taking every health and safety precaution. 


Overall, golf facilities are allowed to maintain their properties, with precautionary measures that must remain in place. 




Golf Will Rise Again



The Chinese Coronavirus pandemic will change the way we look at the game of golf. 


There are choppy times ahead, but the game of golf is expected to emerge stronger and more appreciated than ever. 


Playing golf with friends, with its relatively small number of interactions, will be a perfect stepping stone for getting back to regular life. 


Golf will rise again and will hopefully become an incredible part of our lives. 




Golf Industry’s Bad-Boys



The golf industry’s trade associations have thoughtfully responded to the Chinese Coronavirus. 


However, these trade associations have too often acted as the Bad-Boys of the golf industry. 


They have continued to ignore the looming shipwreck from hundreds and hundreds of threats of annihilation. 


The Golf Industry deserves better trade associations.




The Planet’s Great Conservationists



Golf course facilities will be creating POSITIVE WAVES for our society by introducing preventive measures to reduce the chances of infection. 


And, as usual, golf courses will continue to provide high-quality playing conditions and aesthetics. 




See the segments below for the BEST POSITIVE STORIES concerning the Chinese Coronavirus and the Golf Industry   




















Positive Waves    Golf Industry Trade Associations    Responding Thoughtfully To Chinese Coronavirus


Golf Canada Statement




Golf Is Relatively Safe During The Pandemic, But
Golf Canada Still Advises Against Playing For Now


Golf Will Rise Again & Will Be
An Incredible Part Of Our Lives




March 22nd, 2020


WCTA Online ⁄ The Canadian Press


Media Release


Re : Chinese Coronavirus ( COVID-19 )


Selected And Adapted Excerpts




Golf Canada Asks Golfers To Stay Home During COVID-19




When restrictions on public gatherings to combat the novel coronavirus lift, Mr Laurence Applebaum, Golf Canada CEO, knows his sport will be ready. 


Until then, he hopes that amateur golfers follow the lead of professionals and stay home. 


Mr Laurence Applebaum, Golf Canada CEO, spoke about golf’s unique position as a pastime that can lend itself to social distancing on March 21st, 2020, as he himself was in a 14-day period of self-isolation after attending the PGA Tour’s Players Championship in early March 2020. 


Mr Applebaum has seen articles and on-line discussions about how golf is relatively safe during the COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ] pandemic but he still advises against playing for now.


According to Mr Applebaum   


I think it’s really a normal thought to see golf as a great activity with regards to some of the social distancing guidelines that were given, but I would give further thought to the fact that it’s a lot more interactive than you may think at the outset. 


Everyone has to do their duty to not come into contact with others. 


So we will defer to the experts who are giving these guidelines and give Canada a chance to really plank the curve, not just flatten it. 


When the World Health Organization [ WHO ] declared the COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ] outbreak a pandemic on March 11 [ 2020 ], the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour    which had already cancelled most of its events on the Asian leg of its circuit    cancelled or postponed events at all levels of competition.


Similarly, Golf Canada is likely to cancel or postpone all of its official events and training camps up to mid-May in an effort to protect its players and staff.


But the amateur golf season had not truly begun in Canada as the professional game took a pause. 


Even in parts of the country where it was warm enough to play, courses were still doing their start-of-season maintenance. 


The provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec have closed all recreational facilities    including public and private golf courses    as part of those provinces’ efforts to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus [ a.k.a. the Chinese Coronavirus ]. 


Municipal courses have also closed, as the cities that operate them closed them along with other public spaces like libraries, rec centres, and arenas. 


But private courses in other provinces are still able to open and, as spring arrives across Canada, many clubs are weighing their options. 


Mr Applebaum cannot mandate that they close, but he said he has been in touch with most of the clubs across Canada and strongly suggested they close for the good of public safety. 


According to Mr Applebaum   


I will tell you that the overwhelming majority are thinking about the health and wellness of their staff, and of their overall memberships, and so the majority of them have closed their doors until further notice. 


Mr Applebaum noted that a lot of golfers are older and vulnerable to COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ].


According to Mr Applebaum   


It’s on a club-by-club basis and we have been providing the guidance of wanting to have everyone think about what ( public health officials ) have told us are the best things we can to be safe, be healthy, and to try and do all the right things to eradicate [ the Chinese Coronavirus ]. 


Mr Applebaum is excited for the role golf can play in Canada’s return to normalcy when public health officials begin to lift restrictions designed to stop the spread of COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ]. 


Mr Applebaum said that large sporting events with tens of thousands in attendance will be some of the last public gatherings to be restored but playing golf with friends, with its relatively small number of interactions, will be a perfect stepping stone to regular life.


According to Mr Applebaum   


My prevailing theory is that in time, the sun will rise again. 


Golf will rise again and be an incredible part of our lives. 


It’s just going to take some time and when it does, we’ll be there. 




















Positive Waves    Golf Industry Trade Associations    Responding Thoughtfully To Chinese Coronavirus


NAGA Statement




During Temporary Closures, Golf Course Property
Maintenance Must Be Allowed To Operate
While Taking Every Health & Safety Precaution




March 26th, 2020


National Allied Golf Associations ( NAGA )


Media Release


Re : Chinese Coronavirus ( COVID-19 )


Selected And Adapted Excerpts




NAGA — We Are Golf — Statement On COVID-19




We Are Golf is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our members, golfers, staff, volunteers and Golf Industry stake-holders as well as every Canadian in the communities where we live, work and play. 


The COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ] crisis is an unprecedented and difficult time for Canadians. 


We Are Golf fully supports the recommendations and guidelines of Health Canada, the World Health Organization and regional public health experts to stop the community spread of the virus. 


As leaders in a Golf Industry that employs more than 300,000 Canadians and includes nearly 6,000,000 golfers from coast to coast, our priority above all else is the health and safety of our people and our communities. 


Where governments have not mandated the temporary closure of golf courses, operators of those facilities should take every health and safety precaution. 


We Are Golf also advocates for the essential need for golf course property maintenance during any of the temporary closures to be ready for operation while taking every health and safety precaution. 


We look forward to better and healthier days and when the time is right for Canadians to return to recreational normalcy, clubs and courses will be ready to welcome golfers back to the tee. 






THE PLANET’S GREAT CONSERVATIONISTS    Golf courses must continue to contribute extensively to the high-quality playing conditions and aesthetics of golf courses, while preserving an infection-free environment. 





NATIONAL ALLIED GOLF ASSOCIATIONS    We Are Golf, a.k.a. National Allied Golf Associations / NAGA, is a Canada-wide campaign aimed at increasing awareness of golf as a key driver of our economy, a steward of our environment, and a vital way in which millions of Canadians stay fit and healthy every year. NAGA Partners         Golf Canada      Canadian Golf Superintendents Association      Professional Golfers’ Association of Canada      Canadian Society of Club Managers      National Golf Course Owners Association. 





















Positive Waves    Golf Industry Trade Associations    Responding Thoughtfully To Chinese Coronavirus


Ontario Government Statement




Government Clarification On Turf Maintenance
With Provincial Closure Imposed On Golf Courses


Ontario Golf Facilities Are Allowed To Maintain
Their Properties, With Precautionary Measures
That Must Remain In Place




March 26th, 2020


Government Of Ontario


Media Release


Re : Chinese Coronavirus ( COVID-19 )


Selected And Adapted Excerpts




Ontario Government’s Clarification On Turf & Maintenance




In several American States and Canadian Provinces, golf courses are included in the mandatory closure of non-essential workplaces aimed at reducing the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus. 


There has now been written confirmation from the Ontario Government clarifying the list of essential workplaces and how that relates directly to the turf & maintenance team members.  [ See next segment. ]


The Government of Ontario has confirmed that turf maintenance teams are able to maintain their properties over the next 14 days. 


All work on the grounds that staff are doing   



   must be justified as essential property maintenance to preserve, protect and prevent damage to the property, AND


   all precautionary measures MUST be in place during this critical time; including social distancing, hand washing, workspace cleaning, etc … 



It was noted that it is imperative to only have staff doing what is essential for the golf course property ( for instance removal of tarps off greens, necessary turf cutting, etc … ). 


Section 1 (2) of the Order in Council that was signed by the Lieutenant Governor confirms   



1 ( 2 )  Despite subsection ( 1 ), temporary access to a closed place of business that is not listed in Schedule 2 is authorized, unless otherwise prohibited by any applicable law, for the purposes of, 


( a )  performing work at the place of business in order to comply with any applicable law; 


( b )  allowing for inspections, maintenance and repairs to be carried out at the place of business; 


( c )  allowing for security services to be provided at the place of business; 




( d )  attending at the place of business temporarily, 


( i )  to deal with other critical matters relating to the closure of the place of business, if the critical matters cannot be attended to remotely; or 


( ii )  to access materials, goods or supplies that may be necessary for the business to be operated remotely. 



Please continue to take all health and safety precautions recommended by public health for both yourself and your staff team.


This information was passed on to us from the NGCOA Canada and their allied partners in Ontario.




















Positive Waves    Golf Industry Trade Associations    Responding Thoughtfully To Chinese Coronavirus


Manitoba Statements




If Anyone Is Not Willing To Adhere To
Safety Rules, Please Don’t Come Play Golf


Golf Facilities Can Remain Open, But We
Would Have To Institute Some Very Strong
Safety Rules & Restrictions On Players & Play




March 17th, 2020


Manitoba Superintendents


Mr Jim Riopelle    Glenboro G & CC


Media Release


Re : Chinese Coronavirus ( COVID-19 )


Selected And Adapted Excerpts




Manitoba — Golf & The Coronavirus — Ways It Can Still Work




After consulting with other superintendents, a workable strategy is presented. 


So I’ve been thinking a lot about how we in the struggling Golf Industry can cope and perhaps remain open during this coronavirus pandemic. 


In my opinion, I think 


  we can remain open, but we would have to institute some very strong safety rules and restrictions on players and play. 


Golf being pretty much a « me » sport    and played in somewhat isolation – we may be able to make it work.


Herein, I offer the following safety rules and restrictions that can easily be tailored to different golf facilities. 


These rules and restrictions are based on recommendations from golf superintendents across North America. 


There was by no means a consensus either way ( i.e. open or close ), and there were strong arguments presented on both sides. 


So, let’s talk about some of the safety rules and restrictions   



   If you are sick, don’t come    you will NOT be permitted access to the golf facility. 


   ACCESSORIES ⁄ FIXTURES    Will be removed from the course for the foreseeable future ( ball washers, bunker rakes, etc … ). 


   CLUBHOUSE    Access is NOT permitted. 


   DRIVING RANGE    Will NOT be open. 


   FLAG POLES    Will be sanitized daily    NO contact is the rule of thumb. 


   FOOD & DRINK    Will be take-out only & will be provided through a window or whatever access point is available. 


   FIRST TEE    Congregating on the first tee WILL NOT be permitted    this will be strictly enforced by the starter. 


   GOLF CARS    Will be sanitized after each use. 


   GOLF CARS    Will have one rider per cart    strictly enforced. 


   GREEN FEES    Can be paid on-line or by calling the pro shop using an accepted credit card. 


   PLAYERS    Must be grouped with a maximum of four. 


   PLAYERS    Must have NO physical contacts of any kind. 


   PLAYERS    Must leave the flagstick [ i.e. flag pole ] IN when putting. 


   PLAYERS    Must maintain a half-hole gap between groups. 


   PLAYERS    Must remain well back of group ahead before proceeding if this gap narrows. 




   TEE TIMES    Will be spaced at 12-minute intervals. 


   WASHROOMS    Will be closed. 



These health safety rules will be strictly enforced by on-course personnel. 


If anyone is not willing to adhere, please don’t come. 


Players will be removed from the facility for any deviation from these rules. 


The safety of all our guests is paramount and these are not requests ! 


Please govern yourself accordingly. 


I do firmly believe that these measures could work. 


This virus has put many businesses in a tough position, especially those that were struggling before the outbreak. 


These are simply proactive options for remaining open and protecting our customers’ health. 


Somehow the bills still have to be paid, and I don’t think hiding in a « fox-hole » is the right thing, either.


Mr Jim Riopelle is a Manitoba-based golf course superintendent.









Positive Waves    Golf Industry Trade Associations    Responding Thoughtfully To Chinese Coronavirus


CGSA Statement




CGSA Supports The Closure Of Golf Courses




March 26th, 2020


Canadian Golf Superintendents Association ( CGSA )


Mr Darren Kalyniuk    CGSA President


Media Release


Re : Chinese Coronavirus ( COVID-19 )


Selected And Adapted Excerpts



Statement From CGSA Regarding COVID-19




During this unprecedented time of world uncertainty and unknown caused by the COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ] pandemic, the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association ( CGSA ) recognizes that the safety of our members, staff teams, and their families are of utmost importance. 


Please listen to and follow the advice of public health agencies and government officials with regards to preventing the spread of this virus. 


Be mindful of the effects of not following those directions. 


The CGSA supports the temporary closure of golf courses to the public and/or golf club members. 


The CGSA will be working to support the vital property maintenance that is required for many golf courses to protect the golf courses greatest asset. 


This property management should be led by the Golf Course Superintendent in collaboration with ownership to determine the best needs of the property. 


We know that times are uncertain and we are confident that the game of golf will return. 


We are unsure when that will happen, but with the measures taken today by [ the Golf Industry ], will help provide a better tomorrow. 


The CGSA Board and Staff stand ready to assist in these troubling times.


We encourage our members to reach out to family, colleagues and friends during this difficult time. 




















Overview & Summary


Trade Associations Have
Too Often Acted As The
Bad-Boys Of The Golf Industry




They Have Ignored The Looming Shipwreck From
Hundreds & Hundreds Of Threats Of Annihilation


Enviro-Organizations & Political Parties Represent
A Greater Threat Than The Chinese Coronavirus


Golf Industry Deserves Better Trade Associations




The Golf Industry’s trade associations have thoughtfully responded to the Chinese Coronavirus. 


But they must STOP acting like Bad-Boys concerning other threats of annihilation. 


They must also officially recognize that the Golf Industry is on a collision course with the threats from organizations, jurisdictions, and institutions that are demanding a revocation of the Golf Industry’s pesticide ban exception status. 


Since the mid-2000s, enviro-organizations and political parties have set their sights on the annihilation of the Green Space Industry ( which includes Golf Industry ) and the Agriculture Industry, and ⁄ or have conspired to impose national-prohibitions against conventional pest control products. 


The end is near    no more golf pesticide ban exception status ! 


Trade associations must STOP acting like Bad-Boys    they must change dramatically.  


See next section. 




Enviro-Organizations & Political Parties
That Conspire Against The Golf Industry



   Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment ( CAPE )  

Public affairs shield for Green Party of Canada, Canadian Cancer Society, & other environmental-terrжrist organization    a.k.a. Canadian Health and Environment Education and Research Foundation ( CHEER ) 


   Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation  


   Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( CBC ) 

Conspires with David Suzuki Foundation & Prevent Cancer Now against the golf industry


   Canadian Cancer Society ( CCS ) & its provincial divisions

Financed by « useful idiots » like Golf Canada  


   Canadian Coalition for Health and Environment ( CCHE )


   Canadian Environmental Law Association ( CELA )  

Conspires with most environmental-terrжrist organizations 


   Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides ( CAP-NL, Newfoundland & Labrador ) 

a.k.a. NL Provincial Coalition on Pesticides, a.k.a. Concerned Citizens Group    Shield for Canadian Cancer Society 


   Council of Canadians  


   David Suzuki Foundation  

Conspires with most environmental-terrжrist organizations 


   Ecology Action Centre ( EAC, Nova Scotia ) 

Nova Scotia shield for Canadian Cancer Society 


   Ecojustice Canada  

Legal affairs shield for David Suzuki Foundation    Suzuki himself has been honorary board member    Formerly Sierra Legal Defence Fund


   Environmental Defence Canada 

Public affairs shield for David Suzuki Foundation    Suzuki himself has been honorary board member    Member of Suzuki-enviro-terrжrist-alliances 



Quebec ambassador for David Suzuki Foundation 


   Golf Canada 

a.k.a. Royal Canadian Golf Association ( RCGA )    Conspires as a « useful idiot » by financing Canadian Cancer Society


   Green Party of Canada & its provincial parties  

Political shield for Sierra Club, Canadian Cancer Society, David Suzuki Foundation, & other environmental-terrжrist organizations 




   IPM Council of Canada  

Conspires against the golf industry as a « useful idiot » with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canadian Cancer Society, David Suzuki Foundation, Landscape Ontario, & Prevent Cancer Now  


   Learning Disabilities Association of Canada  


   Liberal Party of Canada ( LPC ) & its provincial parties  

Political shield for World Wildlife Fund & other environmental-terrжrist organizations 


   Neudorff Canada 

The manufacturer of Fiesta green alternative herbicide    Conspires with Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment & Canadian Cancer Society 


   Ontario Bee-Keepers’ Association ( OBA )  

Public affairs shield for Sierra Club 


   New Democratic Party of Canada ( NDP ) & its provincial wings  

Political shield for Canadian Cancer Society & other environmental-terrжrist organizations 


   Ontario College of Family Physicians  


   Pesticide Free BC 

British Columbia public affairs shield for Canadian Cancer Society 


   Pesticide Free Ontario ( PFO ) 

Public affairs shield for Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Canadian Environmental Law Association, Sierra Club of Canada, Toronto Environmental Alliance, & World Wildlife Fund of Canada 


   Prevent Cancer Now ( PCN )  

Public affairs shield for Canadian Cancer Society, David Suzuki Foundation, Green Party, & other environmental-terrжrist organizations    Green Party lunatжc-leader Elizabeth May herself has been honorary board member 


   Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario ( RNAO )  

Conspires with most environmental-terrжrist organizations 


   Sierra Club of Canada & its provincial chapters  

Conspires with public affairs shields like Ontario Bee-Keepers’ Association & Saxe Law Office 


   The Leukemia and Lymphoma Association of Canada  


   Westcoast Environmental Law Association ( WCEL )  

Conspires with most environmental-terrжrist organizations 


   World Wildlife Fund ( WWF ) 

Using Liberal Party of Canada as a political shield    Also operates as a public affairs shield for Canadian Cancer Society 


   Tides Canada  

Conspires with public affairs shields like David Suzuki Foundation, and other environmental-terrжrist organizations    Conversely, Tides itself conspires as a financial shield for environmental-terrжrist organizations 




Trade Associations Must End Relationships
With Enviro-Organizations & Political Parties



The Golf Industry’s trade associations must STOP acting like Bad-Boys by ignoring threats of annihilation. 


Some enviro-organizations and political parties are worse than the Chinese Coronavirus ! 


Trade associations must TERMINATE all relationships with all golf-hating / anti-pesticide enviro-organizations and political parties that conspire against the Golf Industry, such as         Canadian Cancer Society ( a.k.a. Prevent Cancer Now )      World Wildlife Fund ( a.k.a. Liberal Party of Canada )      and others. 


As long as Golf Canada, and other trade associations, continue to provide money to these golf-hating organizations, the Golf Industry is under multiple threats of annihilation ! 


Furthermore, trade associations must openly and financially SUPPORT all Conservative political candidates who oppose any prohibition against pest control products and fertilizers, such as         Conservative Party of Canada. 


Whenever successfully elected to power, Liberals, New Democrats, and Greens WILL ALWAYS conspire to impose fanatжcal national-prohibitions against ALL conventional pest control products, including those desperately-needed by the Golf Industry. 




There Is No Hopeful Future



We are now living in the 9|11 era of fanatжcal golf-hating & anti-pesticide terrжrism ! 


The Golf Industry’s trade associations must plan for the inevitable and total revocation of its pesticide ban exception status in most jurisdictions across Canada.


Decades ago, threats of annihilation against the Golf Industry began with the needless, senseless, and malicious national-prohibitions against DDT insecticide and mercury fungicides. 


Future generations will ask the question    why did their trade associations not act ?!?! 


NONE have directly and effectively addressed the threats of annihilation facing the Golf Industry ! 


Furthermore, NO ONE in ANY trade association in Canada has ANY expertise regarding these threats against the Golf Industry ! 


NO ONE in these associations could even tell you WHO are the golf-hating fanatжcs, WHAT organizations and political parties do they operate, and WHAT are their lobbying strategies against the Golf Industry ! 


The trade associations are CLUELESS beyond comprehension !


There is NO hopeful future for anyone in the Golf Industry unless its trade associations CHANGE DRAMATICALLY. 




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Canadian Cancer Society — Meets With AGA-BC & WCTA, Takes A Step Back LINK





Canadian Cancer Society — Explaining Why The Golf Idustry Must Not Cooperate With Canadian Cancer Society LINK











Positive Waves


Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes For The Golf Industry




The Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic
Will Change The Way We Look At Golf


There Are Choppy Times Ahead, But The
Game Of Golf Will Ultimately Emerge
Stronger & More Appreciated Than Ever




March 27th, 2020


Golf Advisor


Re : Chinese Coronavirus ( COVID-19 )


Selected And Adapted Excerpts




How Will The Coronavirus Pandemic Change The Way We Look At Golf




Lessons Learned



[ The Chinese Coronavirus ] is not going away anytime soon. 


It has put a massive strain on our health care system, sent the economy into a global bear market, and sent most of us indoors, with vanishingly few opportunities to escape cabin fever. 


Although this episode in world history is far from over, it is not too early to start thinking about what we should be learning from [ the Chinese Coronavirus ]. 


Once we have gotten on with a more « normal » daily life, what lessons will ring through to the game of golf ? 


I’m optimistic by nature, so I hope that, as rough an experience as this may end up being for all of us, the game of golf can ultimately emerge stronger and more appreciated than ever. 







Similarly, I would expect the public    especially golfers, who skew older and therefore more susceptible to coronavirus and other infectious diseases    to do their own part. 


The final-green handshake has always been a beautiful tradition, but it seems it will fall by the wayside, at least for the foreseeable future. 







Wide-spread shortages of basic hygiene-related products, from hand sanitizer to toilet paper, seem to indicate that we are all going to become more diligent about cleanliness going forward. 


Having read dozens of email blasts from businesses    golf courses included    about increased cleaning practices, I am inclined to think that they will not simply revert to pre-pandemic standards once the danger has subsided. 


Renewed attention to hygiene will also have significant effects on how everyday commercial transactions happen, especially at golf courses. 


Any opportunity to keep multiple hands from touching cash or credit cards should be explored, and I would fully expect golf courses to increasingly encourage pre-payment for rounds. 


Soon, the traditional pro shop check-in procedure may become obsolete. 


Courses that tout the « member for a day » experience should be especially excited at the possibility of inviting guests to simply check in with an outdoor starter and do whatever they want    practice, grab a drink, browse pro shop merchandise, relax in the locker room    before their tee time. 


GolfNow, the largest third-party golf tee time provider is helping a growing number of its more than 9,000 client courses cut down on person-to-person contact when golfers pay for their rounds by modifying their system to allow for green fee pre-payment. 


Even after coronavirus concerns abate, this system can remain in place to help golf courses streamline their check-in procedures. 




Flag Pole



I have never been a fan of leaving the flagstick [ i.e. flag pole ] in for a putt of any makeable distance, but this is another sacrifice that seems necessary, at least for a while. 


On the flip side, this experience has wrung incredible creativity from the MacGyver’s of golf    its superintendents, who have come together to figure out how to present their courses in a way that works with the new realities this pandemic has forced us to face.




Golf Cars



Not only will outside operations staff be wiping down golf cars more thoroughly in the future, but members and guests will be armed with their own products to sanitize the surfaces they touch, especially golf cars. 


While I know they will continue to be a big part of the recreational game, I hope some golfers will rethink their dependency on golf cars as an alternative to walking the course in the wake of the pandemic. 


Several courses, like Wilmington ( N.C. ) Municipal Golf Course, have temporarily stopped allowing golf cars because they force pairs of people into close quarters, certainly closer than the six-foot clearance many « social distancing » guidelines suggest. 


A silver lining    if you could call it that    of the [ Chinese ] Coronavirus pandemic could be a rediscovery of the joys of walking a golf course. 


( Here’s hoping, also, that the sidelining of golf car fleets will help course operators who mistakenly believe walking makes rounds take longer to realize that play has moved nicely at their courses during the coronavirus pandemic, and give up this stance. )




Stripped-Down Golf



Because of the expansiveness of golf courses, they have ( for the most part ) been more resistant to forced closure than many other avenues of recreation during the pandemic.


Because most of us are going to feel some level of economic stress, the less-expensive side of golf is going to be more worth showcasing than ever. 


The only question is whether golf’s most influential institutions will be able to seize the opportunity to welcome more people to the game once the danger has passed. 


Finally, I think golfers will see the appeal of a more stripped-down approach to the game. 


Sure, great club houses and 19th holes are nice additions to a round of golf, but when push comes to shove, golfers are there for the golf. 


Arriving at the spartan-but-well-maintained course, playing a briskly-paced round on foot and getting back home in decent time has its charms, too, especially in a world where we are usually pressed for leisure time. 







Oh, yeah


Still don’t know what I was waitin’ for

And my time was runnin’ wild

A million dead end streets and

Every time I thought I’d got it made

It seemed the taste was not so sweet

So I turned myself to face me

But I’ve never caught a glimpse

How the others must see the faker

I’m much too fast to take that test


Turn and face the strange


Don’t want to be a richer man


Turn and face the strange


There’s gonna have to be a different man

Time may change me

But I can’t trace time

Mmm, yeah

I watch the ripples change their size

But never leave the stream

Of warm impermanence

And so the days float through my eyes

But still the days seem the same

And these children that you spit on

As they try to change 

Song & lyrics by David Bowie. 





















Positive Waves




Responding To The Chinese Coronavirus




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We Speak The Whole Truth

About Positive Waves For Society

From An Independent Perspective



We are the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that conspire to destroy the Green space & other industries ( NORAHG ). 


NORAHG is a non-profit & independent organization that reports on the work of several highly-rated leading experts who have recognized expertise, training, & backgrounds in matters concerning pest control products, & who promote environmental realism & pesticide truths. 


NORAHG produces A Look At …on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site      http://pesticidetruths.com/  


It is a series of reports & blogs providing TECHNICAL INFORMATION on issues such as         Career Management      Golf Course Maintenance      Green Alternatives      History Of The Turfgrass Industry      Lawn Care Maintenance      Summer Stress      Tree & Shrub Maintenance      Turfgrass Pests      Turfgrass Species.


A Look At … is destined for the Green Space Industry, nation-wide across Canada, the United States, and beyond. 


A Look At … is committed to SOUND SCIENCE, as well as ground breaking original reporting that informs, entertains, & creates real change.


All information, excerpts, & pictures contained in A Look At … were retrieved from the Internet, & may be considered in the public domain. 


The information presented in A Look At … is for preliminary planning. 


Before making a final decision, the turf manager is expected to obtain trusted expert advice from extension specialists, local distributors and/or agronomists. 


All decisions must take into account the prevailing growing conditions, the time of year, & the established management practices. 


All products mentioned in A Look At … should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions, & according to provincial, state, or federal law. 


For the official advantages, benefits, features, precautions, & restrictions concerning any product, the turf manager must rely only on the information furnished by the manufacturer. 


The mention of trade names does not constitute a guarantee or a warranty.


NORAHG also produces Force Of Nature, which dares to defy the pesticide-hating fanatжcs by exploring the whole truth from an independent perspective on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site      http://pesticidetruths.com/  


A Look At …, Force Of Nature, & their various incarnations, was the brain-child of William H Gathercole ( now retired ) & his colleagues. 


Here is a brief summary of Mr Gathercole’s career     


FIELDS OF UNIVERSITY STUDY         Crop, Horticulture, & Turfgrass Sciences      Mathematics & Physics


ALMA MATERS         McGill University      University of Guelph      the first person ever to obtain bachelors of science degrees & contribute directly to both the professional lawn care & golf maintenance industries. 


EXPERTISE         turf & ornamental maintenance & troubleshooting      history of the green space industry      sales & distribution of seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, & equipment      fertilizer manufacturing & distribution      environmental issues & anti-pesticide terrжrism. 


NOTABLE ACTIVITIES         worked in virtually all aspects of the green space industry, including golf maintenance, professional lawn care, tree & shrub care, distribution, environmental compliance, government negotiations, public affairs, & workplace safety      the supervisor, consultant, & programmer for the successful execution of hundreds-of-thousands of management operations in the golf course & urban landscape, as well as millions of pest control applications      the advisor, instructor, & trainer for thousands of turf & ornamental managers & technicians      the pesticide certification instructor for thousands of industry workers      a founder of the modern professional lawn care industry      the prolific writer for industry publications, reports, & blogs      the first to confirm the invasion of European Chafer insects in both the Montreal region & the Vancouver / Fraser Valley region      with Dr Peter Dernoeden, the first to confirm the presence of Take All Patch as a disease of turf in Eastern Canada      with Dr David Shetlar, the first to confirm the presence of Kentucky Bluegrass Scale as an insect pest in south-western Ontario, & later, in the Montreal & Vancouver regions. 


SPECIAL CONTRIBUTIONS         the creator of the Pesticide Ban Exception Status that allowed the golf industry to avoid being subjected to anti-pesticide prohibition for a generation      the creator of the signs that are now used for posting after application      the co-founder of annual winter convention for Quebec golf course superintendents      the founder of the first ever Turf Summit with featured guest-speaker Dr Jack L Eggens   https://wp.me/p1jq40-7dT      the major influence in the decision by Canadian Cancer Society to stop selling-for-profit fresh pesticide-treated daffodils   https://wp.me/P1jq40-1OW      the only true reliable witness of the events of anti-pesticide prohibition in the town of Hudson, Quebec   https://wp.me/p1jq40-asu      the founder ( now retired ) of A Look At … & Force Of Nature reports & blogs. 


NOTABLE AWARD         the first man-of-the-year for contributions leading to the successful founding of the Quebec professional lawn care trade association, which served as a beach-head against anti-pesticide activists in the 1980s & 1990s. 


LEGACIES      Mr Gathercole & his colleagues         designed & implemented strategies that reined anti-pesticide activists & provided peace & prosperity for the entire modern green space industry for a generation      orchestrated legal action against anti-pesticide activists in the town of Hudson, Quebec      launched the largest founding professional lawn care business in the nation      quadrupled the business revenues of one of the largest suppliers in the nation. 


Mr Gathercole is now retired, although his name continues to appear as the founder of A Look At … & Force Of Nature reports & blogs. 


We dare to defy by exploring the whole truth from an independent perspective on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site      http://pesticidetruths.com/  


We are the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that conspire to destroy the Green space and other industries ( NORAHG ). 


If you wish to receive free reports & blogs on issues that concern you, please contact us at      force.of.de.nature@gmail.com   WILLIAM H GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G