Brazil Will Not Prohibit Glyphosate – Glyphosate Does Not Cause Cancer – Victory Against Terrжrists – World-Wide Trends Against Pesticide Bans – 2019 02 27 & 2018 09 03






February 27th, 2019


Dr Alex Berezow


American Council On Science And Health


Selected And Adapted Excerpts




Reference — glyphosate — 2019 02 27 — Brazil — Health Agency Says Glyphosate Doesn’t Cause Cancer; Activists Go Berserk — Berezow




September 3rd, 2018




Selected And Adapted Excerpts




Reference — glyphosate — 2018 09 03 — Brazil — Court Overturns Ban On Weed-Killer Glyphosate









Victory In Brazil


There Will Be NO Prohibition Against Glyphosate In Brazil



Brazil’s Health Agency Says

Glyphosate Does Not Cause Cancer



[  Brazil, also known as the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in both South America and Latin America.  Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country by area and the fifth most populous, with a population of 208 million.  The agriculture of Brazil is historically one of the principal bases of Brazil’s economy, worth 65 billion dollars US.  While its initial focus was on sugarcane, Brazil eventually became the world’s largest exporter of coffee, soybeans, beef, and crop-based ethanol.  Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of soybeans and relies heavily on glyphosate products.  ] 


This is a really great day for evidence-based policy, which means it’s a really bad day for environmental and anti-GMO activists. 


Brazil’s health agency, known as ANVISA ( Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária ), declared that glyphosate DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER. 


The press release issued by the agency ( translated into English using Google ) says that glyphosate DOES NOT POSE A HAZARD to the average person because   


  the product has NOT been classified as mutagenic, carcinogenic, toxic for reproduction, teratogenic ( causing fetal malformation ), among others. 


The only warning that the report issued was for people who apply glyphosate in the field or live nearby. 


The report says   


The main conclusion of the re-evaluation is that glyphosate poses a greater risk to workers working in crops and to people living close to these areas. 


Therefore, the main measures proposed are focused on measures related to the handling of the product during its application and its dispersion. 


In other words, the report plans to update some safety guidelines for people who work in the field. 




This is completely in line with the scientific consensus, and the report itself notes that as well   


The conclusion is similar to that obtained in other countries that have recently reviewed the use of glyphosate in the field, such as the United States and Canada, in addition to the European Union. 


[ Clearly, there will be NO prohibition against glyphosate in Brazil. ] 



















Victory In Brazil


Activists Go Berserk



Anti-Biotech & Environmental Activists Reject

The Scientific Consensus On Glyphosate



Not that any of this matters to the [ anti-pesticide & environmental-terrorist organizations ] that get paid to lie about bio-technology, such as Greenpeace and the Environmental Working Group. 


To those [ fanatical- ] activists, the scientific consensus on glyphosate is simply evidence of a gigantic Monsanto-led conspiracy [ ?!?! ] that somehow involves the US EPA, the European Food Safety Authority, the World Health Organization, and now Brazil’s ANVISA. 


All of [ these national regulatory agencies ] agree that glyphosate DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER. 


[ Additionally ], another conspiracy theory was posted on Twitter by science writer and anti-biotech [ fanatical- ] activist Michael Balter ( who, incidentally, was fired by Science Magazine for a « breakdown of trust » ). 


Notice the conspiracy he invokes involves the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, California State University-Long Beach, Monsanto, Bayer, and the judicial system. 


[ See images below. ]



















Much to [ the surprise of observers ], there’s absolutely NO mention of black helicopters, chemtrails, FEMA death camps, or Area 51. 


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Victory In Brazil


Court Over-Turned Ban On Glyphosate



On September 3rd, 2018, a Brazilian court OVER-TURNED AN INJUNCTION PROHIBITING products containing glyphosate, KNOCKING DOWN a previous ruling that had been set to DISRUPT the soy planting season set to begin in September 2018. 


A Brazilian judge had ruled to HALT THE REGISTRATION of new glyphosate-based products in the country and to SUSPEND EXISTING REGISTRATIONS after 30 days, until health agency ANVISA issued a pending ruling on its safety.


That 30-day deadline was due to pass on September 3rd, 2018, just as the first month of soy planting got under way. 


The INJUNCTION and the subsequent REVERSAL also applied to insecticide abamectin and fungicide thiram. 


Judge Kássio Marques, of the regional federal court of the first district in Brasilia, based the ruling SUSPENDING THE INJUNCTION on the government’s argument that banning glyphosate, and the other two agro-chemicals, could HARM the country’s economy.


Marques said in the decision   


  nothing justifies the suspension and abrupt removal of registrations of products containing glyphosate, abamectin, and thiram as active ingredients without an analysis of the serious impacts on the country’s economy and population in general. 


Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of soybeans and RELIES HEAVILY on glyphosate products. 


ANVISA, which has been reviewing glyphosate’s safety since 2008 without issuing a decision, said it was aware of the OVER-TURNING OF THE INJUNCTION and would take the necessary legal and technical steps in response. 



















Background Information


Joining The World-Wide Trends
Against Pesticide Bans



World-wide, government officials are no longer readily jumping in favour of fanatical-prohibition.  It is clear that pesticide-hating fanatжcs conspire to impose prohibition in order  to destroy green space and manufacturer industries.  At this time, there are dozens of jurisdictions that have aggressively-challenged and even repealed fanatжcal-prohibitions, or have granted professional lawn care businesses with an exception status. 


On green spaces, these jurisdictions have kept children safe, since, with prohibitions, children are at high risk of slipping and tripping and becoming seriously hurt.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep green spaces well-maintained, safe, and attractive without conventional pest control products.  Playing surfaces become thin and yellow, and over-run with weeds and infested with insects, resulting in the dismal destruction of turf playing surfaces.  In essence, pest control products prevent slipping and tripping injuries and keep children safe. 


There are over fifty jurisdictions that have kept children safe by stopping or rescinding or limiting or beginning to repeal fanatical-prohibitions, or by granting professional lawn care or agricultural businesses with an exception status. 



The following jurisdictions have joined the world-wide trends against pesticide bans   



   Alberta ( Province )      Altona ( Manitoba )      Anne Arundel County ( Maryland )      Ashland ( Oregon )      Beaumont ( Alberta )      Belleville ( Ontario )      Brazil ( see notes below )      British Columbia ( BC, Province )      Calgary ( Alberta )      California ( State – see notes below )      Campbell River ( BC )      Charlottetown ( Prince Edward Island )      Chicago ( Illinois )      Deer Lake ( Newfoundland )      Durango ( Colorado )      Edmonton ( Alberta )      European Union ( EU, nations of – see notes below )     Everett ( Washington )      Guelph ( Ontario )      Guelph-Eramosa ( Ontario )      Hudson ( Quebec – see notes below )      Kauaʻi County ( Hawaiʻi )      Kelowna ( BC )      Lawrence ( Kansas )      Lincoln City ( Oregon )      Maine ( State )      Manitoba ( Province – see notes below )      Merritt ( BC )      New Brunswick ( Province )      Newfoundland ( Province )      Ontario ( Province – see notes below )      Parksville ( BC )      Port Alberni ( BC )      Portage La Prairie ( Manitoba )      Prince Edward Island ( Province )      Quebec ( Province – see notes below )      Regina ( Saskatchewan )      Revelstoke ( British Columbia )      Rossland ( BC )      Saint John’s ( Newfoundland )      Saint Josephine ( Oregon )      Salmon Arm ( BC )      Saskatchewan ( Province )      Scarborough ( Maine )      Steinbach ( Manitoba )      Stratford ( Prince Edward Island )      Stuartburn ( Manitoba )      Summerside ( Prince Edward Island )      United Kingdom ( UK – see notes below )      USA ( see notes below )      Vernon ( BC )      Winkler ( Manitoba )  





   Brazil    Brazil’s Anvisa Health Agency Says That Glyphosate Does Not Pose A Hazard To The Average Person


   California    Golf Course Saved After A Federal Judge Dismissed A Legal Challenge


   European Union    Glyphosate Re-Approved For Several Years


   Hudson ( Quebec )    Existing Prohibition Morally Invalidated Since Several Government Officials Who Were Responsible For Prohibition Are Now Facing Charges Of Fraud, Corruption, & Tax-Evasion


   Manitoba    Observers Expect That the Pallister Government Will Rescind Provincial Prohibition


   Ontario    Proposed Amendment To Provincial Pesticide Ban Has Begun The Process To Repeal Provincial Prohibition  


   Quebec    Provincial Prohibition Has Been Limited With Permitted Active Ingredients, & Also Invalidated Because Ban Has Been Defeated By Lawsuit  


   United Kingdom    Suspended European Union Prohibition Against Neonicotinoid Insecticides


   USA    A Vast Majority Of States Have Legislated Pre-Emption Laws, Virtually All Proposed Prohibitions Stopped 



Thanks to those jurisdictions that have joined the real trends against pesticide bans ! 



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Dr Alex Berezow’s Biography



Dr Berezow is a doctorate-level leading policy expert on the subject of regulatory affairs and pest control products at the American Council on Science and Health ( ACSH ).  ACSH is a non-profit organization, co-founded in 1978 by Dr Elizabeth M Whelan, that produces peer-reviewed reports on issues related to food, nutrition, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, life-style, the environment, and health.  ( In June 2015, Mr Hank Campbell became the second President of the American Council on Science and Health, succeeding co-founder Dr Elizabeth M Whelan. )  Dr Berezow holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology.  He joined the ACSH as Senior Fellow of Biomedical Science in May 2016.  Dr Berezow is among several highly-rated leading experts who have recognized expertise, training, and background in matters concerning pest control products, and who promote environmental realism and pesticide truths.   Dr Berezow is a prolific science writer whose work has appeared in multiple outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC News, The Economist, and USA Today, where he serves as a member of the Board of Contributors.  In 2017, he published Little Black Book of Junk Science, and with Mr Hank Campbell in 2012, he co-authored Science Left Behind, which was an environmental policy best-seller.  Dr Berezow has spoken to a wide variety of audiences about science, from graduate school seminars and church congregations to national TV and radio programs.  Formerly, he was the founding editor of RealClearScience.  Dr Berezow speaks the truth    and deserves congratulation. 



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Glyphosate Has Been Vindicated



National regulatory agencies world-wide have vindicated glyphosate    these agencies include those within the European Union, the United States, the United Nations, and Canada. These agencies has found that glyphosate DOES NOT present risks of concern to human health or the environment when used according to label directions. 



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We Speak The Whole Truth About Glyphosate

From An Independent Perspective



We are the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that conspire to destroy the Green space and other industries ( NORAHG ).  As a non-profit and independent organization, we are environmentalists who are dedicated to reporting about truth-challenged pesticide-hating fanatжcs ( HUJE ) who conspire to destroy businesses that are dependent on the use of safe and effective conventional pest control products.  We also report on the work of several highly-rated leading experts who have recognized expertise, training, and background in matters concerning pest control products, and who promote environmental realism and pesticide truths. 


Not surprisingly, enviro-fanatжcs have demonstrated that they are incapable of processing overwhelming scientific evidence.  Should we trust these fanatжcs, who conveniently ignore scientific evidence, and attempt to impose their politicized-doctrines and twisted life-style choices against our society ?!?! 


NORAHG was the brain-child of Mr William H Gathercole and his colleagues in 1991.  Mr Gathercole is now retired, although his name continues to appear as founder.  We dare to defy the pesticide-hating fanatжcs by exploring the whole truth from an independent perspective on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site   If you wish to receive free reports on issues that concern you, please contact us at   WILLIAM H GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G