Satire ( Sort Of ) – We Can Learn A Lot From The Story Of Farrah Fawcett – Evil Pesticide-Hating Fanatжcs Will Remain Evil Fanatжcs For The Rest Of Their Lives – 2018 06 25





Beware !  Evil People Remain Evil For Their Entire Lives !  🙂


June 25th, 2009 :  Farrah Fawcett passed away. 


She was a very famous celebrity ( in film, on TV’s Charlie’s Angels, and with an iconic 1970s poster ), but allowed herself to be surrounded by unloving and uncaring ( and dangerously evil ) people. 


Fawcett became stricken with cancer in her back-side    human papilloma virus ( HPV ), the same virus that is thought to cause most cervical cancers.. 


Her frickin evil boyfriend, Ryan O’Neil, coerced her to avoid life-saving surgery because, he said, she would not look good with a colostomy bag, which he said would clash with the red bathing suit figure she displayed in her iconic 1970s poster. 


Reportedly, O’Neil, with Lee Majors, both were the source of her cancer with their penchants for brutally and incessantly abusing her in the back-side. 




They were both evil and both deserved to be jailed. 


Furthermore, in order to guarantee that he inherit the Fawcett fortune, O’Neil conspired, during her final days, to keep Fawcett’s true loved-ones away from her.  🙁 


Fawcett’s frickin evil boyfriend remained evil even during her last days. 


Let’s not forget that O’Neil was the father of Tatum, who was allowed to be raped by his drug dealer when she was 12 years old. 


Tatum was so beaten by O’Neil that she turned into a drug addict. 


Sad stuff. 


Ironically, Ryan O’Neil was the lead in the film Love Story, which is considered as one of the most romantic films in history. 


Yuck ! 


And of course,  Lee Majors was the star of the Six Million Dollar Man, where his character became a pop culture super-hero icon. 


Yuck ! 


When Farrah Fawcett passed away, the event was totally eclipsed by the death of Michael Jackson, which occurred on the very same day. 


Nonetheless, Farrah Fawcett is still very popular. 


Her iconic 1970s poster now fetches 50-bucks on the internet. 



The moral of her story is    Evil People Remain Evil For Their Entire Lives !


Trust No One ! 


Evil Pesticide-Hating Fanatжcs Will Also Remain Evil Fanatжcs For Their Entire Lives !


They Are Not To Be Trusted Either ! 



We need Arpaio-style jails for all of these Fanatжcs !  🙂


Joe Arpaio ran the best jail in America !


For those of you not familiar with Joe Arpaio, he was the Maricopa County Sheriff ( Arizona ), and he kept getting elected over and over again.


We need a guy like this to run a jail for incarcerating Evil Fanatжcs.


We Can Learn A Lot From The Story Of Farrah Fawcett.