Vote Conservative – 2018 Ontario General Election – 2018 06 07







Whenever successfully elected to power, Liberals, New Democrats, and Greens, will always conspire to impose fanatжcal prohibitions against all pest control products.  This is why only Conservatives should elected to power in Ontario. 


The golf and agriculture industries must openly and financially support all Conservative political candidates who oppose any and all fanatжcal prohibitions against pest control products, and even fertilizers.  Everyone employed in these industries must vote Conservative. 


In the 2018 Ontario General Election, if you do not vote for Doug Ford, and his Conservative Party, then you are an imbecile and an idiot.  More precisely, if you are employed or own a business in the golf and agriculture industries, you are a pitiful fool if you do not vote Conservative.  If you do not vote Conservative, you do not belong in these industries.  The lunatжc Liberal regime must be thrown out of office. 


Because of Ontario’s fanatжcal prohibitions, which were imposed in 2009 and 2015, the province is living in pesticide-hating and environmental infamy.  We were⁄are so screwed by the lunatжc Liberal regime.  Prohibitions in Ontario have led to catastrophic business carnage in the form of bankruptcies and failures.  Hundreds of businesses operating in the professional lawn care industry have been destroyed.  Thousands of employees have been unemployed.  And, because of prohibition, the provinces greens spaces have become ugly, pest-infested, and dangerous garbage dumps.  All because of the lunatжc Liberal regime. 


With a Conservative victory in the 2018 Ontario Federal Election, the golf and agriculture industries will no longer fear arbitrary prohibitions against conventional pest control products that are, in fact, safe and effective.  We must stop prohibition in Ontario, whatever the cost may be.  Wake up, and vote Conservative !


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