Edmonton ( Alberta ) Conspiracy – Anti-Pesticide Terrжrism Continues To Infest Edmonton Because Of Sheryl McCumsey & Her Lunatжc Co-Conspirators – 2017 11 18








According To The Audit Of Edmonton’s Pesticide Policy 




The Majority Of Residents

Complain About Mosquitos

And Dandelions    And

NOT Pesticides




Non-Expert Lunatжc-Activist Sheryl

McCumsey Is Ridiculously Implying That

Her Non-Expert Assessment Is Somehow

Being Withheld From Health Canada & Every

Other Regulatory Agency In The World




Pesticide-Hating Terrжrism Continues To Infest Edmonton





November 18th, 2017


Edmonton Journal


City Of Edmonton, Province Of Alberta


Selected And Adapted Excerpts









The City Auditor’s Report


Edmonton’s Pesticide Policy



The City’s Pest Control

Measures Are Effective



On November 30th, 2017, Edmonton’s Office of the City Auditor’s City Pesticide Use Audit found the city’s pest control measures are EFFECTIVE. 


The City Auditor’s report also showed [ very few ] deficiencies in the city’s pesticide policy and its communication.  [ ?!?! ] 


The audit was done to check the city’s Integrated Pest Management Policy for clarity, determine if local procedures adhered to provincial and federal standards, and to assess whether the city is disclosing their practices to the public effectively. 



















The City Auditor’s Report


Edmonton’s Pesticide Policy ( continued )



The City Is Substantially Following

Integrated Pest Management



City Auditor Mr David Wiun said pesticides are federally regulated for health, and provincially regulated for other considerations. 


According to Mr Wiun   


The vast majority of COMPLAINTS are people complaining about too many mosquitos or too many dandelions. 


Mr Wiun said his audit found the city’s pest control measures are EFFECTIVE. 


Mr Wiun said there needs to better transparency and clarity in what’s reported to the public. 


According to Mr Wiun   


Citizens would have concerns both around their health and their family’s health and the environment. 


The audit found that City of Edmonton is « substantially » following the principles of the Integrated Pest Management Policy and regulations for the application of pesticides. 


The City Auditor’s report did indicate a few examples of weakness in documentation, deficiencies in public reporting, and one example of the city spraying a pesticide past its registration expiry date. 


In 2016, city officials used 4,000 kilograms of 48 active pesticide ingredients to control unwelcome insects, weeds, rodents and fungi. 


The top five active ingredients    sodium hypochlorite, Bti, 2 4-D amine, glyphosate and chlorothalonil    accounted for 91 per cent of the pest control products used by the city, while 43 other ingredients made up 9 per cent. 



















The City Auditor’s Report


What Is The Meaning Of « Least Toxic » ?!?!



Edmonton’s pest control product policy calls for preventative and non-chemical pest management strategies to be considered first before applying the LEAST TOXIC approved pest control product. 


However, the audit found the city policy doesn’t define what the LEAST TOXIC approved pest control product means or how it is chosen. 


Mr Ryan Pleckaitis, Acting Manager with Community Standards, said the department supports the auditor’s recommendations has set a time-line for the second quarter of 2019 to enact the auditor’s recommendations. 


According to Mr Pleckaitis   


It really doesn’t provide much of a destination on what exactly that means. 


LEAST TOXIC to what ?!?! 


To animals ?!?! 


To humans ?!?! 


To the environment ?!?! 


Correcting deficiencies in documentation is « an easy fix » Mr Pleckaitis said. 


As for communication with the public, the city will look at using GPS to be more accurate with where spraying occurs and to have that data available. 


The city still has Dursban    an insecticide used on larval and adult mosquitoes    within its warehouse, but has switched primarily to Bti. 


Mr Pleckaitis said they keep the pest control product around in case of an emergency such as in the case of West Nile or Zika virus. 


He said in the last two seasons, the city has NOT used Dursban. 


Ten years ago, the city used about 1,000 kilograms of Dursban, with the active ingredient chlorpyrifos. 


In 2017, the city used 3.5 kilograms of Pyrate ( another insecticide that contains the active ingredient chlorpyrifos ). 


Pyrate is a spray, and Bti is in a pellet form. 


Mr Pleckaitis said the city limits the use of chlorpyrifos to areas of heavy vegetation and remote areas. 







LABEL — PYRATE 480EC INSECTICIDE ( chlorpyrifos )





















Pesticide-Hating Terrжrism Continues To Infest Edmonton


Who Cares What Twit-McCumsey Says ?!?!



Non-expert lunatжc-activist Sheryl McCumsey of Pesticide Free Alberta [ a notorious anti-pesticide & environmental-terrжrist organization ] believes that Edmonton’s Pesticide Policy needs reviewing.  [ What a surprise ! ] 


McCumsey noted that Dursban has been replaced with another insecticide, Pyrate, that also uses chlorpyrifos.  [ So what ?!?! ] 


She alleges that chlorpyrifos is used for mosquito control despite only one known case of West Nile Virus in Edmonton that was reported in 2013. 



Perhaps twit-McCumsey could recognize that chlorpyrifos has so effectively controlled mosquitoes that ONLY ONE CASE of West Nile Virus has been reported.


The chlorpyrifos program to combat deadly mosquitoes is an overwhelming success !


McCumsey displays depraved indifference since she prefers to place Edmonton neighborhoods in jeopardy by allowing dangerous pests like mosquitoes to spread fatal illnesses to hapless children and adults. 


How do you spell l-u-n-a-t-ж-c ?  … M-c-C-u-m-s-e-y. 



According to McCumsey   


Why have they deliberately said they’re NOT spraying Dursban, but they’re spraying Pyrate ?!?! 


That’s like saying, I’m NOT taking Tylenol, I’m going to take Excedrin, which is the same thing. 


People have been mis-informed by this department repeatedly in so many ways.  [ ?!?! ] 



Listening to twit-McCumsey’s mindless rants has given observers a massive headache, forcing them to reach for a bottle of Tylenol ( or Excedrin ).


Seriously, McCumsey conveniently forgets that Health Canada, EPA, and other science-based national regulatory agencies, have clearly demonstrated that pest control products used in the urban landscape are LESS TOXIC THAN Aspirin, baking soda, caffeine, cannabis, nicotine, table salt, and Tylenol ( or Excedrin ). 


McCumsey knows NOTHING about pesticides. 



McCumsey said chlorpyrifos shouldn’t be sprayed at all, citing a letter from [ co-conspirator ] Meriel Watts, whose under-graduate degree is in pesticide risk assessment and policy.  [ ?!?! ] 



Watts graduated from the University of Auckland. 


There is NO under-graduate program on pesticide risk assessment and policy. 


Her credentials have been DEBUNKED. 


Moreover, there are NO reported cases of West Nile Virus in New Zealand. 


Watts has never ever seen a case of West Nile Virus. 


Her letter to McCumsey is meaningless and worthless, and has been DEBUNKED. 


Watts is a mere fanatжcal-activist who operates in New Zealand, and NOT in OUR nation. 


She is some kind of self-proclaimed lunatжc science advisor for Pesticide Action Network ( PAN ), a notorious anti-pesticide & environmental-terrжrist organization. 


Watts is NOT an expert, and neither is McCumsey. 



McCumsey said the city continues to use pest control products that have NOT been properly evaluated, as well improperly using chemicals that are known neurotoxins.  [ ?!?! ] 



Twit-McCumsey ridiculously implies that her non-expert assessment is somehow being withheld from Health Canada and EVERY other regulatory agency in the world. 


All official expert assessments used for the approval of pest control products must be completed by laboratories sanctioned by Good Laboratory Practice ( GLP ), and using only GLP practices. 


Ultimately, the cost to manufacturers to get a pest control product assessed for safety and brought to market is about 250 million dollars. 


THAT is 250 million dollars MORE than any assessment performed by McCumsey and her co-conspirators. 


Only those pest control products that pose NO unacceptable risk to health and environment become government-approved and federally-legal. 


Just because regulatory agencies do not conduct any laboratory studies themselves does not mean that they are merely « rubber stamping » studies submitted to them by the manufacturing industry. 


Only a pesticide-hating lunatжc, such as McCumsey, would espouse that weak-minded opinion. 


There is NO NEED for laboratories within these agencies. 


McCumsey knows only about massage therapy and footwear, and knows NOTHING about pesticides. 



According to non-expert lunatжc-activist McCumsey   


Industry provides the science used to register products and there are several other serious holes in how this is NOT a reliable way to determine acceptable risk to the public.  [ ?!?! ]


Every other city in Canada uses biological controls, McCumsey said. 



And NONE of these green alternatives have worked !


McCumsey knows NOTHING about pesticides. 



She said if the city continues to use chlorpyrifos, her group [ of anti-pesticide & environmental-terrжrists ] plans to fund-raise for a lawyer to SUE THE CITY. 



McCumsey prefers to waste Edmonton’s money and resources, preventing the city from addressing the primary causes of health issues, such as life-style choices, which would actually save lives.



The danger to the public is NOT in acute exposure, but from long-term exposure in small amounts, McCumsey said.  [ ?!?! ] 



Non-expert lunatжc-activist Sheryl McCumsey is UNABLE to provide bodies, bodies, bodies.  


Where are the bodies ?!?!  


Bodies of REAL evidence.  


Bodies of REAL evidence, and NOT JUNK SCIENCE REPORTS intended to DISCREDIT the work of REAL experts, such as Health Canada or Environmental Protection Agency.  


Bodies of REAL evidence, and NOT « secret evidence » or DEBUNKED REPORTS from lunatжcs like Meriel Watts. 


More specifically, PROOF that studies are being somehow with-held from the ENTIRE WORLD. 


Health Canada, and NOT McCumsey, has THE ESSENTIAL EXPERTISE on the subject of pest control products. 


Non-expert lunatжc-activist Sheryl McCumsey is RIDICULOUSLY IMPLYING that her NON-EXPERT ASSESSMENT is somehow being withheld from Health Canada and EVERY other regulatory agency in the world. 


McCumsey CANNOT be trusted. 




















Background Information





Cannot Be Trusted




The purpose of this segment is to provide information that will lead to successful

complaints and litigation against Sheryl McCumsey & her lunatжc co-conspirators









Background Information


FACTS About McCumsey



FACT McCumsey Is A Non-Expert Lunatжc 


Sheryl McCumsey is now associating with a lunatжc-activist, Meriel Watts, who operates in New Zealand, and NOT Edmonton, as some kind of lunatжc science advisor for Pesticide Action Network ( PAN ), a notorious anti-pesticide & environmental-terrжrist organization.  Neither McCumsey nor Watts are to be trusted ! 


FACT McCumsey Is Destructive


Because of her affiliation with anti-pesticide & environmental-terrжrist organizations, McCumsey is affectionately referred to as a lunatжc.  A lunatжc is a person whose actions and manner are marked by extreme recklessness.  The reckless acts of subversion by many lunatжcs has led to the arbitrary & destructive imposition of anti-pesticide prohibition in several jurisdictions throughout the nation.  Because of McCumsey and her co-conspirators, pesticide-hating terrжrism continues to infest Edmonton.  McCumsey cannot be trusted ! 


FACT McCumsey Wants Garbage Dump Green Spaces


While observers have NO objection to McCumsey’s choice of life-style, which, in this case, is a clear preference to live in an environment that looks like a pest-infested garbage dump.  However, observers DO object to the imposition of McCumsey’s life-style choice on the majority of the community that DOES NOT want to live in this manner.  It is known that McCumsey has even been terrжrizing her neighbours for over a decade because of her mock-fear against pest control products applied to their properties.  ( See links below. )  McCumsey cannot be trusted ! 


FACT McCumsey Destroys Green Spaces


In Edmonton, because of McCumsey’s acts of subversion, neighborhoods are being jeopardized with uncontrolled ecological disasters from dangerous insects like mosquitoes, and from invasive weeds like dandelions.  Thanks to McCumsey, Edmonton’s green spaces will become dangerous and pest-infested garbage dumps.  McCumsey cannot be trusted ! 


FACT McCumsey Represents A Threat To Our Children


Thanks to McCumsey and her lunatжc co-conspirators at the notorious Pesticide Free Alberta and Pesticide Free Edmonton, and the radical Occupy Edmonton, Edmontonians had better get used to swatting mosquitoes, forever !  They had also get used to their children playing on dangerous pest-infested green spaces, forever !  McCumsey and her buddies cannot be trusted ! 


FACT McCumsey Knows Nothing About Pesticides


It is a fact that McCumsey has NO recognized expertise, NO training, and NO background in matters concerning pest control products.  Her opinions carry NO credibility and are worthless.  McCumsey is a MERE dabbler in massage therapy and footwear.  McCumsey cannot be trusted ! 


FACT McCumsey Is Not An Expert


McCumsey should leave science to REAL experts.  There is NOT ONE known illness or death from the proper use of pest control products used in the urban landscape.  Perhaps if McCumsey were to prioritize her energy to the primary causes of health issues, such as life-style choices, she would actually save lives.  Otherwise, McCumsey cannot be trusted !  McCumsey conveniently forgets that the risk assessment of conventional pest control products overwhelmingly proves that they are scientifically-safe, and, when used properly, will NOT cause harm to children, people, animals, or the environment.  ( See links below. ) 


FACT McCumsey Is Not Even As Smart As A Child


McCumsey is a mere paranoid conspiracy theory lunatжc who has NO faith in any REAL scientific expertise, other than her own less-than-mediocre understanding of the issues as an uneducated masseuse.  She believes that posting YouTube videos somehow provides her with some kind of credibility    posting videos can be done by any 10-year-old child for a grade school science project.  McCumsey knows nothing about pesticides, and cannot be trusted ! 


FACT McCumsey Is Exposed


We dare to defy the pesticide-hating lunatжcs, like McCumsey, by exploring the whole truth from an independent perspective on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site      http://pesticidetruths.com/   The purpose of this web-site is to provide information that will lead to successful complaints and litigation against lunatжc like McCumsey and her co-conspirators. 




―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――  McCumsey Cannot Be Trusted




Background Information


FACTS About Edmonton



The Media History Of McCumsey

& Her Lunatжc Co-Conspirators










―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――  McCumsey Cannot Be Trusted




Background Information


FACTS About McCumsey



Stories About McCumsey As A Lunatжc-Activist

Who Terrжrizes Edmontonians & Jeopardizes Her

Community With Uncontrolled Ecological Pest Disasters






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―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――  McCumsey Cannot Be Trusted




Background Information


FACTS About Pesticides



Proof That McCumsey Is Not An Expert

& Knows Nothing About Pesticides






FACT Overwhelming Scientific Evidence Clearly Demonstrates That Pest Control Products Are Scientifically-Safe, & Will Not Cause Harm To Children, Adults, Animals, Or The Environment



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We are the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that conspire to destroy the Green space and other industries ( NORAHG ).  As a non-profit and independent organization, we are environmentalists who are dedicated to reporting about truth-challenged pesticide-hating lunatжcs ( HUJE ), like McCumsey, who conspire to destroy businesses that are dependent on the use of safe and effective conventional pest control products.  We also report on the work of several highly-rated leading experts who have recognized expertise, training, and background in matters concerning pest control products, and who promote environmental realism and pesticide truths. 


Not surprisingly, enviro-lunatжcs have demonstrated that they are incapable of processing overwhelming scientific evidence.  Should we trust these lunatжcs, who conveniently ignore scientific evidence, and attempt to impose their politicized-doctrines and twisted life-style choices against our society ?!?! 


NORAHG was the brain-child of Mr William H Gathercole and his colleagues in 1991.  Mr Gathercole is now retired, although his name continues to appear as founder.  We dare to defy the pesticide-hating lunaжcs, like McCumsey, by exploring the whole truth from an independent perspective on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site      http://pesticidetruths.com/   If you wish to receive free reports on issues that concern you, please contact us at      force.of.de.nature@gmail.com   WILLIAM H GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G  



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Then You Are A Pitiful Fool & An Imbecile



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