David Suzuki – Why Do We Want To Celebrate This Guy ?!?! – Remembering His Days In London, Ontario – 2017 08 18





Remembering The

Famous Environmentalist’s

High School Days At London’s

Central Secondary School



Londoner Staff


Friday, August 18, 2017 1:48:05 EDT PM







Local bookstore owners Vanessa Brown and Jason Dickson have collected 150 charming, fascinating, strange, and significant cultural moments from the history of London.  Their book, London: 150 Cultural Moments, is available now.


Because each of the book’s moments has helped define London, The Londoner is publishing excerpts throughout August.  This week, a famous Canadian environmentalist shows promise at Central secondary school:



David Suzuki Gets Elected to Student Council


Born in Vancouver in 1936, David Suzuki spent his early adolescence in an internment camp for Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.  In 1942, the Canadian government expropriated and sold the Suzuki family’s dry-cleaning business, and David was sent with his mother and sisters to the camp at Slocan City in the interior of British Columbia    two months after his father had been sent to a labour camp in Solsqua.  After the war ended in 1945, they were forced to leave Western Canada.


The Suzukis ended up in London, where David attended Central secondary school and became president of the student council by a landslide.  There was something about David that made him popular at his London high school, and it is that charisma that has carried him forward in his work as an advocate for environmentalism.


He graduated from Central in 1954, and then went to university in the States, where he got his Ph.D. in Zoology and determined the course of his career.  David Suzuki became a geneticist.  He found his way back to Canada and got a job as a professor at the University of British Columbia in 1963, where he achieved renown in his field, working with fruit flies, and continued his research for 40 years.  He received the Order of Canada and is part of the Royal Society of Canada.


Coming from a background of struggle and marginalization, Suzuki became a person who could stand up for himself, for others, and for the planet.  He has left his mark on Canadian culture as an activist, environmentalist, and scientist.  He developed the long-running science show Quirks and Quarks on CBC radio, and his CBC television show, The Nature of Things, has been teaching us all about taking care of the planet since 1979.


He is also a Londoner at heart.  We saw him at the Centre Branch YMCA once, running laps in a tee-shirt illustrated with insects.





David Suzuki and two of his sisters in an internment camp in Slocan City in British Columbia, circa 1943. ( Photo courtesy Library and Archives Canada )









NORAHG Response




Why do we want to celebrate this guy ?!?!  David Suzuki hates and victimizes people.  Is this true  ?!?!  YES !  Suzuki hates and victimizes people in the professional lawn care industry, and has destroyed its businesses and had put its employees out of work.  Suzuki also hates golfers and despises the game of golf.  He intends to destroy golf businesses NEXT !  Suzuki, and his fanatжcal-operatives, have called on all provinces to expand their anti-pesticide prohibitions against ALL golf courses.  They have also stated that they DO NOT want any exception statuses for the golf industry.  Suzuki intends to leave a legacy of terrжrized & destroyed golf facilities, lost jobs and hardship for golf employees, and weakened communities.  Suzuki will never stop demanding more arbitrary prohibitions against conventional pest control products.  Suzuki’s victims have pleaded with him to stop imposing prohibitions, and yet, he never stops abusing, despoiling, plundering, violating, and violently attacking them.  It’s time to STOP Suzuki, forever.  It’s time to STOP making donations to David Suzuki.  It’s also time to for David Suzuki to step down as host of television programs by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, including the Nature of Things, because of his illegal interference in partisan politics and public policy, and violations of taxation laws.  We need a BETTER David Suzuki ! 



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We are the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that conspire to destroy the Green space and other industries ( NORAHG ).  As a non-profit and independent organization, we are environmentalists who are dedicated to reporting about truth-challenged pesticide-hating fanatжcs ( HUJE ), like Suzuki, who conspire to destroy businesses that are dependent on the use of safe and effective conventional pest control products.  We also report on the work of several highly-rated leading experts who have recognized expertise, training, and background in matters concerning pest control products, and who promote environmental realism and pesticide truths. 


Not surprisingly, enviro-fanatжcs, like Suzuki, have demonstrated that they are incapable of processing overwhelming scientific evidence.  Should we trust these fanatжcs, who conveniently ignore scientific evidence, and attempt to impose their politicized-doctrines and twisted life-style choices against our society ?!?! 


We dare to defy the pesticide-hating fanatжcs, like Suzuki, by exploring the whole truth from an independent perspective on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site      http://pesticidetruths.com/   If you wish to receive free reports on issues that concern you, please contact us at      force.of.de.nature@gmail.com   WILLIAM H GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G