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 Inept & Ineffectual Action

Recommended By WCTA


Bro No One Cares !


Have WCTA Leaders

  Become Suzuki Acolytes ?!?!





















The Failure Of Western Canada

Turfgrass Association ( WCTA )



The Trade Association’s Inept &

Ineffectual Responses To The

#@!!% Suzuki-Documentary



Part 4










July 8th, 2017


NORAHG Commentaries To

WCTA Trade Association’s Responses


Re : The Nature Of Things With David Suzuki


Documentary « Dad and the Dandelions »


Hosted By David Suzuki


Financed & Released By Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( CBC )


Episode First Aired March 2nd, 2017


Subsidized By The Trudeau Liberal Government








NORAHG Commentary


The Suzuki Cancer-Attacks Against The Golf Industry



Nobody At WCTA Cares !



On March 2nd, 2017, David Suzuki launched his strongest enviro-terrжr attack against the hated golf industry by spreading lies about golf courses causing cancer and killing people, with his CBC documentary « Dad and the Dandelions ».   http://wp.me/p1jq40-a82  


The WCTA responses to the #@!!% Suzuki-Documentary have been WORTHLESS. 


Clearly, WCTA leaders are NOT very good at their jobs    and they have been dishonest about their true allegiances. 


How do we know ?!?!


Because they have NOT bothered to state unequivocally that golf

courses DO NOT cause cancer and DO NOT kill people ?!?!


Thanks to them, there is NO longer any hopeful future in the golf industry ! 


They have doomed the golf industry. 


WCTA leaders are blind idiots who are incapable of understanding the golf industry’s unavoidable train wreck !


Even worse, WCTA leaders are betraying the golf superintendents and their facilities ! 


Seemingly, these blind idiots have become the acolytes of David Suzuki. 


Future generations will ask them … WHY ?!?! 


Why did you not act ?!?! 


Why did you betray the golf industry ?!?! 


Why did you become an acolyte of David Suzuki ?!?! 


Nobody at WCTA cares ! 


The golf industry is in lots of deep #@!!% trouble ! 









The Intention Of WCTA Is To Continue To

Treat The Suzuki Cancer-Attacks As Mere

Mis-Information & Alternative Opinion

Instead Of Denouncing These Attacks As

Destructive Anti-Pesticide & Science-Hating

Fanatжcal Lies Against The Golf Industry


Have WCTA Leaders

  Become Suzuki Acolytes ?!?!









WCTA’s Inept & Ineffectual Responses To The #@!!% Suzuki-Documentary


Do Not Attack Those That Conspire To Destroy You



According to WCTA 




Expect that you will never be asked about the good points, so fit in the BENEFITS of golf courses, sports fields, and turfgrass at every opportunity. 


[  COMMENTARY    Expect that you will be interviewed by left-wing lunatжc-journalists who hate and despise the game of golf, and who actually agree with Suzuki that golf courses cause cancer and kill people.  ]


[  COMMENTARY    Benefits of turfgrass.  Who cares ?!?!  The action recommended by WCTA sucks !  Why can’t WCTA state unequivocally that golf courses DO NOT cause cancer and DO NOT kill people ?!?!  Because WCTA leaders have become Suzuki acolytes !  ]


We recommend that you DO NOT ATTACK the sources [ i.e. Suzuki ] of ANY MIS-INFORMATION or ALTERNATIVE OPINIONS 


[  COMMENTARY    Do not attack Suzuki.  Really ?!?!  Suzuki attacks are simply mis-information and alternative opinions.  Really ?!?!  Why ?!?!  Because WCTA leaders have become Suzuki acolytes !  ]


  [ do not ] throw any other pesticide-user industries « under the bus ». 


[  COMMENTARY    WCTA has already « thrown-under-the-bus » the professional lawn care industry.  WCTA has repeatedly conspired to impose prohibition against pest control products used in the urban landscape.  WCTA interferes in public policy that torpedoes and destroys businesses operating in the professional lawn care industry.  Overall, the golf industry has enjoyed the benefits from a pesticide ban exception status despite the fact that it uses the very same ingredients employed by professional lawn care businesses, as well as by home-owners and farmers.  Moreover, it has been proven that golf facilities use six per cent of all pest control products in provinces like Manitoba.  Some observers have commented that if golf facilities account for six per cent of all use, and feel they deserve an exception status, it should be pointed out that lawn care only accounts for 0.00000001 per cent, and therefore is far more deserving of an exception status than they are.  ]


Instead, direct any concerns BACK TO THE FACTS, which usually means pointing out that pesticides are stringently regulated, including Health Canada’s rigorous testing, approval, and re-valuation process, along with individual requirements for the protection of human health and the environment in each province. 


[  COMMENTARY    WCTA recommends focusing on the regulatory process, rather than simply stating that pest control products are scientifically-safe, and WILL NOT cause harm to people and their environment.  WCTA must state unequivocally that golf courses DO NOT cause cancer and DO NOT kill people.  ]


[  COMMENTARY    Let’s get back to the REAL facts.  WCTA torpedoes professional lawn care businesses and supports prohibition terrжrism !  ]


Please note    While Health Canada regulates pesticides federally, there are some provincial and municipal variances [ i.e. prohibitions ] in terms of pesticide application regulations and governmental responsibilities related to the protection of human health and the environment.  [  ?!?!  ]


Further customizing your comments for more detailed statements about your specific area and circumstances can be added as required. 











Responses Are

Amateurish & Ineffective



Benefits of turfgrass


Who cares ?!?!



Do not throw other

industries under the bus


Except professional

lawn care businesses



Get back to the facts


WCTA torpedoes

professional lawn care

businesses & supports

prohibition terrжrism



Do not attack Suzuki


Really ?!?!



Suzuki attacks are

simply mis-information

& alternative opinions


Really ?!?!



WCTA leaders have

 become Suzuki acolytes



Why can’t WCTA state

unequivocally that golf

courses DO NOT cause

cancer and DO NOT

 kill people ?!?!



Because WCTA leaders

are Suzuki acolytes










Why Is


  A Failure ?





WCTA is a failure as a trade association. 


WCTA leaders allow the enemies of the golf industry, like David Suzuki, to falsely-allege that golf courses cause cancer and kill people. 


Incredibly, they worry more about hopelessly ramming the benefits of turfgrasses down everyone’s throat. 


Who cares about benefits ?!?! 


WCTA leaders will continue to ignore the Suzuki’s enviro-terrжr campaigns, and focus on dialogue that will agree with the mis-information and alternative opinion of David Suzuki. 


Just like David Suzuki, WCTA leaders conspire to impose prohibition against pest control products used in the urban landscape. 


Just like David Suzuki, WCTA leaders interfere in public policy that torpedoes and destroys businesses operating in the professional lawn care industry. 


They support prohibition terrжrism ! 


WCTA leaders are worried about being too aggressive and too defensive against Suzuki’s enviro-terrжr campaigns. 


They could not care less about the golf industry ! 


WCTA leaders are unable, or unwilling, to strike back and destroy Suzuki by vigorously exploiting his many vulnerabilities. 


WCTA leaders refuse destroy Suzuki in public debate. 


WCTA is a failure because its leaders refuse to defend the golf superintendents and their facilities. 


Why ?!?! 


Because WCTA is operated by a bunch of pussж leaders. 


Because WCTA leaders are out of #@!!% touch with reality. 


Because WCTA leaders have become Suzuki acolytes. 


WCTA leaders will not pull their heads out of their anti-pesticide bжtts because nobody at WCTA cares ! 


The golf industry is in lots of deep #@!!% trouble ! 




















The Library Of







Background Information


For The Whole Truth About WCTA, Please Explore The Following Links Regarding Its Torpedoing Of Professional Lawn Care Businesses & Its Support Of Prohibition Terrжrism 



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Background Information


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What Should


  Do NOW ?





Background Information


The Critical Issues That Must Be Addressed By WCTA Leaders    NOW !



To avoid the imminent demise of the golf industry, and the total loss of all of its conventional pest control products, WCTA leaders must immediately address several critical issues  … 





WCTA leaders must CEASE their pointless and wasteful attempts to educate and to convince pesticide-hating left-wing government officials and activists.  These fanatжcs will NEVER reverse their attitudes against conventional pest control products.  Their false narratives, illegal activities, and destructive campaigns must be rigorously challenged with debates and responses that are direct and honest. 


For more details, please review « How To Destroy Suzuki » within the following link   







WCTA leaders must openly and financially SUPPORT all Conservative political candidates who oppose any prohibition of pest control products and fertilizers.  Whenever successfully elected to power, Liberals and New Democrats WILL ALWAYS conspire to impose fanatжcal NATIONAL PROHIBITION against ALL pest control products.  With a Conservative victory in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election, there will be NO NATIONAL PROHIBITION against pest control products. 


For more details, please review « How To Stop The Conspiracy Of National Prohibition » within the following link   







WCTA leaders must STRONGLY ADOPT THE POSITION that conventional pest control products are scientifically-safe and will cause NO harm.  WCTA leaders must also ADOPT the policy that the ONLY course of action against prohibition is through LITIGATION.  Court action will never permanently stop golf-hating fanatжcs, but WILL drain their resources while the golf industry seeks other courses of action.   


For more details, please review « Here’s How To Sue The Bastжrds’ Brains Out ! – Litigation Against Anti-Pesticide Activists » within the following link   























We are the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that conspire to destroy the Green space and other industries ( NORAHG ).  As a non-profit and independent organization, we are environmentalists who are dedicated to reporting about truth-challenged pesticide-hating fanatжcs ( HUJE ) who conspire to destroy businesses that are dependent on the use of safe and effective conventional pest control products.  We also report on the work of several highly-rated leading experts who have recognized expertise, training, and background in matters concerning pest control products, and who promote environmental realism and pesticide truths. 


NORAHG is the sworn enemy of lying, pompous, smug, uneducated, & pesticide-hating enviro-fanatжcs, like the leaders of Western Canada Turfgrass Association ( WCTA ).  Overwhelming scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that pest control products are scientifically-safe, and will not cause harm to children, adults, animals, or the environment.  ( See links below. ) 


Not surprisingly, enviro-fanatжcs, like David Suzuki, have demonstrated that they are incapable of processing overwhelming scientific evidence.  Should we trust these fanatжcs, who conveniently ignore scientific evidence, and attempt to impose their politicized-doctrines and twisted life-style choices against our society ?!?! 


NORAHG was the brainchild of Mr William H Gathercole and his colleagues in 1991.  Mr Gathercole is now retired, although his name continues to appear as founder.  We dare to defy the pesticide-hating fanatжcs by exploring the whole truth from an independent perspective on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site      http://pesticidetruths.com/  


With a Conservative victory in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election, there will be NO NATIONAL PROHIBITION against pest control products. 


    Vote For Scheer’s Conservatives !   http://wp.me/p1jq40-ahq  


    The Fanatжcal Trudeau Liberal Government Is Bat-Shжt Crazy !   http://wp.me/p1jq40-ahR  


If you wish to receive free reports on issues that concern you, please contact us at      force.of.de.nature@gmail.com  








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