Pesticide Bans Are A FARCE ! – Consumers Can Legally Buy Pesticides On-Line That May Be Prohibited, For Now – 2017 02 20






Government To

 Weed Out Pesticides

 From Foreign Web-Sites




Currently, Canadians Can

Legally Buy Pesticides On-Line

That May Be Prohibited





February 20th, 2017


CBC News


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The federal government is moving to close a loophole that allows Canadians to make legal on-line purchases of pesticides NOT registered for use in Canada, and have them shipped into the country.








Pesticide Bans Are A FARCE !





Currently, Canadians can legally purchase pest control products on-line that may be prohibited.  Canadians are turning to the Internet in their quest for attractive, pest-free, and safe urban landscapes.  Consumers are being forced to circumvent arbitrary and fanatical provincial and municipal prohibitions by purchasing from foreign web-sites.  Health Canada believes purchases of prohibited pest control products are on the rise.  Authorities CANNOT STOP shipments of foreign and imported pest control products into Canada.  Consumers benefit from an exception status to legally purchase foreign products with quantity limits that are less than 500 grams or 500 millilitres and are under 100 dollars in value.  Under the changes proposed by the government, consumers who import products must have them in their personal possession in order to bring them into the country. 








Pesticide Bans Are A FARCE !


The Importation Of Pest-Control Product




Canadians Are Turning To

The Internet In Their Quest

For Attractive, Pest-Free,

& Safe Urban Landscapes



Authorities Cannot Stop

Shipments Of Foreign &

Imported Pest Control

Products Into Canada




Right now, if someone buys an IMPORTED pest control products for use in controlling weeds or insects around their own home, and DOES NOT exceed the amount that qualifies for an EXCEPTION STATUS, there is little that authorities can do to stop the shipment, say government officials. 


Part of the problem is the way the EXCEPTION STATUS contained in the regulations is currently worded. 


The regulations refer only to where the IMPORTED pest-control product would be used    at residential versus commercial and public green spaces    rather than the type of product, Health Canada officials wrote in a notice of the proposed changes to the Pest Control Products Regulations ( PCPA ). 




Consumers Benefit From An

Exception Status To Legally

Purchase Foreign Products

With Quantity Limits That

Are Less Than 500 Grams

Or 500 Millilitres And

Are Under $100 In Value




That means Canadians can legally IMPORT pest-control products that have been arbitrarily prohibited for use in the urban landscape, as long as they are within the QUANTITY LIMIT covered by the EXCEPTION STATUS    less than 500 grams or 500 millilitres and under 100 dollars in value.  


Health Canada officials wrote 


As a result, neither Health Canada nor the Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA ) has the authority to refuse entry of such products if they meet the EXCEPTION criteria.


The current regulations also DO NOT take into account the ease of buying pest control products on-line, the notice explained 


The possibility of Internet sales and the potential threats such sales could pose to human health and the environment were NOT envisaged when the EXCEPTION was created in 1972.


Just how many Canadians are turning to the Internet in their quest for a lush, weed-free or bug-free garden is difficult to tell. 


Those circumventing provincial or municipal prohibitions tend not to advertise the fact.




Consumers Are Being

Forced To Circumvent

Arbitrary & Fanatical

Provincial & Municipal

Prohibitions By Purchasing

From Foreign Web-Sites



Currently, Canadians Can

Legally Buy Pesticides On-Line

That May Be Prohibited




Background Information




Recently, a major study of British Columbia’s anti-pesticide by-laws has concluded that municipal prohibitions are dismal failures.  This is because municipal officials are now circumventing their own prohibitions by taking advantage of EXCEPTION STATUSES that they have conveniently inserted in their by-laws !  Municipal prohibitions have provided inconsistent & unfair EXCEPTION STATUSES for invasive weeds & destructive insects    for municipal properties    but NOT for lawn care businesses !  Consequently, municipal prohibitions have annihilated legitimate & tax-paying businesses that operate in the professional lawn care industry !  These businesses CANNOT afford the hardship & the cost of this #@!!% prohibition nonsense !  Once any prohibition is adopted, local businesses are expected to disappear into oblivion within 2 or 3 years, and vast numbers of workers are expected to become unemployed.  Additionally, for those residents with the same pest problems on their home properties, they may be shжt-outta-luck relying on ANY exception.  Without conventional pest control products, home properties have become pest-infested & dangerous garbage dumps because it is impossible to control invasive weeds & destructive insects by using so-called green alternative pesticides & practices.  Municipal prohibitions have led to catastrophic pest carnage for tens of thousands of destroyed & ravaged properties every single year !  British Columbia’s municipal EXCEPTION STATUSES represent the best examples of the failures, the ridiculousness, and the destructiveness of their anti-pesticide prohibitions !  Municipal prohibitions have been disgustingly arbitrary in their flagrant discrimination against professional lawn care businesses & home properties !  In order to be consistent & fair, there should be NO #@!!% EXCEPTION STATUSES whatsoever !  For more information, please explore the following links 



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The current rules allow Canadians to bring a limited amount of pest control products into Canada for their personal use.








Pesticide Bans Are A FARCE !


Foreign Importations




Health Canada Believes

Purchases Of Prohibited

Pest Control Products

Are On The Rise




Health Canada says it has identified more than 3,000 pest-control products FOR SALE ON FOREIGN ON-LINE RETAIL WEB-SITES.




Health Canada has noticed that the number of potentially dangerous products being IMPORTED has been INCREASING along with the growth of IMPORTS via courier and post.


Products that have been referred to Health Canada by the Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA ) from the courier / mail stream include restricted class fumigants as well as various commercial class products intended to be used by licensed applicators with the appropriate training and equipment.


A pilot project at one courier entry point in Ontario, implemented between May and September 2015, resulted in 108 packages referred by Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA ) to Health Canada, and 454 kg of unregistered pest-control products blocked from entering Canada.


The current rules also have NO RESTRICTION on how many orders someone can place, as long as each order is within the QUANTITY LIMIT 


IMPORTERS can circumvent the QUANTITY LIMIT set out in the EXCEPTION by placing many separate orders via the Internet.


This allows individuals and businesses to IMPORT virtually unlimited quantities of unregistered products for possible commercial use or resale    both of which contradict the « personal use » criterion and intent of the exemption.


Shipping potentially dangerous pest control products into the country can also be a safety risk for those who handle it along the way    from warehouse employees and postal workers to border services officers, the government added.









Even if Canadians will still be able to bring some pest control products into the country, it DOES NOT mean that they will be able to legally use them in every province.








Pesticide Bans Are A FARCE !


Proposed Changes By The Government




Under The Changes Proposed By

The Government, Consumers Who

Import Products Must Have Them In

Their Personal Possession In Order

To Bring Them Into The Country




Under the CHANGES PROPOSED BY THE GOVERNMENT, pest control products ordered on-line could be STOPPED at the border because new rules would require individuals to have these products IN THEIR PERSONAL POSSESSION in order to bring them into the country.


A further restriction, the pest control product WOULD ALSO HAVE TO BE EQUIVALENT TO A DOMESTIC CLASS PRODUCT already authorized for sale in Canada.


THE TOTAL QUANTITY COULD NOT EXCEED 500 GRAMS OR 500 MILLILITRES PER PERSON AND PER PACKAGE, preventing people from claiming they are combining their EXCEPTIONS in order to bring a larger package into the country.


Any IMPORTED pest control product must also be an authorized product in its country of origin. 


Under the current rules, there is nothing to stop someone from IMPORTING a product NOT approved for use in the country where it is made.  


The pest control product would also have to be in its original packaging and the labels must include at least one of Canada’s official languages to allow Canadian officials to read and understand them.


However, even if Canadians will still be able to bring some pest control products into the country, it DOES NOT mean that they will be able to legally use them in every province. 


For example, under the Ontario Pesticides Act, residents CANNOT use pest control products that are NOT classified for use in Ontario, said Gary Wheeler, spokesman for Ontario’s environment ministry.


Wheeler said the federal government’s move to tighten the regulations will help Ontario’s efforts to control the use of arbitrarily prohibited products.


Some provinces, however, like British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta, have few restrictions against the use of pest control products.


Canadians have until mid-March 2017 to send their views to the government. 


The changes would then go into effect six months after they are published in the Canada Gazette.









A representative for Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association, whose members include companies that make domestic pesticides, says the association is not convinced Health Canada and Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA ) will be successful in enforcing new regulations.








Pesticide Bans Are A FARCE !


Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association



Shannon Coombs, president of the Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association ( CCSPA ), whose members include companies that make domestic pest control products, said her association supports « effective, fair and enforceable » regulation, but is NOT yet convinced the proposed changes will stop pest control products bought on-line at the border. 


There are references to Internet sales throughout the document, but it is UNCLEAR on how Health Canada and Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA ) will be successful in this prohibition.




Background Information




In 2011, a BC poll conducted by Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association ( CCSPA ) showed that the vast public majority are opposed to a proposed provincial prohibition against the use conventional pest control products, and they actually favour the continued use of these products on residential and public properties. 


The public majority has BIG objections to government officials’ imposition of prohibition against pest control products used in the urban landscape. 


All prohibitions have created catastrophic ecological carnage of uncontrolled, invasive, and destructive pests !  Without conventional pest control products, green spaces and hard-landscapes become pest-infested and dangerous garbage dumps because it is impossible to control invasive weeds and destructive insects by using so-called green alternative pesticides and practices. 


The public majority also has BIG objections to the imposition of prohibition as a life-style choice against the majority of the community which DOES NOT want to live in this manner.


By contrast, there is a very small minority of pesticide-hating fanatics who subversively conspire to prohibit against conventional pest control products used in the urban landscape.  Their choice of life-style, with prohibition, is a clear preference to live in an environment that looks like a pest-infested garbage dump.  They recklessly deny and undermine the expert assessments of Health Canada which demonstrate that pest control products are scientifically-safe and will cause NO harm.  Nonetheless, these fanatical-deniers concoct imaginary danger against pest control products for their own twisted and vested interests.  They threaten to hold the public as pesticide-hostages unless their demands for prohibition are met.  Fortunately, NO ONE wants this #@!!% ban nonsense ! 


We know the public majority DO NOT want prohibition because of the results of several legitimate polls.  These polls clearly demonstrate that the public DOES NOT want this #@!!% ban nonsense. 


In 2011, an Ontario poll showed that the public majority rejects prohibitions, and more than half of residents believe that the provincial government DID NOT do the right thing by imposing a prohibition.  Ontario residents want to scrap or modify the provincial prohibition. 


In February 2013, Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers ( CAAR ) stated that there is questionable public support for prohibition. 


In February 2013, a poll conducted by Winnipeg Free Press showed that 60 per cent of the public majority are opposed to prohibition. 


In fall 2012, professional lawn care businesses and clients sent to Manitoba government officials the results of a petition with 2,500 post-cards opposing a proposed prohibition, which was an overwhelming victory against pesticide-hating fanatics who had a mere 1,000 signatures supporting prohibition, with most signatures originating from outside Manitoba. 


For more information, please explore the following links 



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Pesticide Bans Are A FARCE !


Anti-Pesticide & Environmental-Fanatics



[ Pesticide-Hating Fanatic ] Warren Bell of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment said the proposed regulations DO NOT address the much bigger problem    the federal government continues to authorize products like Round Up that contain glyphosate, which some research has linked to cancer and kidney disease.  [ WRONG ! ]


He said the proposed changes are « sort of like the little Dutch boy putting his finger in the hole in the dike when there are 50 holes already there ».  [ ?!?! ]




Background Information




Warren Bell is a mere speaker on near-death or out-of-body experiences.  Bell is ABSOLUTELY NO expert on conventional pest control products.  Warren Bell is a hyper-anxious, irrational, non-expert, paid-for-profit, anti-conservative, and anti-pesticide fanatical-activist.  His organizations pay him to orchestrate campaigns that are government-financed with tax-free money.  Bell is truth-challenged, and concocts stories about the imaginary danger of pest control products.  Bell lobbies against these products merely because he is paid to do so.  He has absolutely NO training, NO background, and NO expertise in these matters.  Consequently, Bell has been entered on the Watch List among the nation’s prominent fanatical-activists.   Clearly, Bell is NOT competent to discuss these issues.  Nor do any of his organizations deserve a charity tax-exempt status.  In fact, some of the organizations that pay him to lobby have had their charity tax-exempt statuses REVOKED, or have been the object of INVESTIGATION by Canada Revenue Agency.  The issues surrounding these organizations represent the kind of society that Bell wants to force us all to live in.  More information about WARREN BELL is archived here  








Background Information


In Canada, Pesticide Bans Are A FARCE !



Why rely on America to get pest control products when you can get them delivered to your door by Canadian companies ?!?!  In fact, residents do not even have to drive across the border     they can buy these products over the Internet.  Anti-pesticide prohibition has been leading many residents to simply order banned products from elsewhere in Canada and have them delivered by courier or Canada Post.  The simplicity of the internet has allowed this practice to go unchecked.  For example, Canadian Lawn Care Ltd are wholesalers of pest control products used for the maintenance of the urban landscape. 


For more information about OBTAINING PESTICIDES, go to The Pesticide Truths Web-Site










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NORAHG is the sworn enemy of lying, pompous, smug, uneducated, & pesticide-hating enviro-fanatics.  Overwhelming scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that pest control products are scientifically-safe, and will not cause harm to children, adults, animals, or the environment.  


Enviro-fanatics have shown that they are incapable of processing overwhelming scientific evidence.  Do you want to trust these fanatics, who conveniently ignore scientific evidence, and attempt to impose their twisted life-style choices against our society ?!?! 


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