Salmon Arm’s Prohibition Failure – Weeds Have Prevailed – Exception Status For Hard-Landscapes – 2017 01 18






Council Requests Reports On


City’s Cosmetic Pesticide Use



Salmon Arm Observer


January 18th, 2017


City Of Salmon Arm, Province Of British Columbia


Selected And Adapted Excerpts






City councillor Tim Lavery



A couple of stipulations have been tacked on to the city’s Cosmetic Pesticide By-law, ready for when city staff decide to SPRAY PESTICIDES ON CITY INFRASTRUCTURE.


During the city’s budget deliberations in November [ 2016 ], city staff proposed a $10,000 INCREASE IN THE BUDGET to do a one-time pesticide application.


It would be used on some of the islands on the Trans-Canada Highway and some sidewalks, likely starting downtown.


The city’s by-law to regulate the cosmetic use of pesticides was enacted in 2008 and amended in 2011.


It contains several EXCEPTIONS, one that states  :  This by-law shall not apply in respect of the application of pesticides to prevent the deterioration of HARD-LANDSCAPES after alternatives have been utilized without success. ”


Rob Niewenhuizen, the city’s director of engineering and public works, told council in November [ 2016 ] THE TIME HAS COME FOR AN APPLICATION OF PESTICIDES.




It is TOO LABOUR-INTENSIVE.  It’s getting to the point now that weeds and weed seeds are so prevalent WE CAN’T KEEP UP WITH IT, ” Niewenhuizen said.


In response, Councillor Tim Lavery proposed a motion with three parts at council’s Monday, January 16th [ 2017 ] meeting.


The first part would require staff to provide RATIONALE to council for the EXCEPTION, as well as the mix of non-pesticides and pesticides proposed.


The second would ask staff for an annual pesticide usage report for council and the third would seek public input at an evening meeting on the proposed applications.


The first and second parts were supported by council, the third not.


Councillor Kevin Flynn said he could probably support parts one and two, but not another public meeting.


But to ask for public input before doing what we’ve waited eight years to do, I can’t support.  I think staff has erred on the point of caution, ” he said, surmising only people who are not in support would show up.


Although Lavery’s initial motion proposed that staff provide their rationale before the spraying actually takes place, Councillor Alan Harrison suggested that part be taken out.


For those of us who have been at the table for a while, I’ve heard a lot of pros and cons.  I certainly don’t want to second-guess staff. ”


Council also stipulated that the initial report staff provide to council be brief.


It’s not yet known when the pesticide application will take place.




NORAHG Response


Why Are Municipal Prohibitions Failing In British Columbia ?!?!




Throughout British Columbia, in cities like Salmon Arm, municipal prohibitions have allowed thousands of inconsistent & unfair exception statuses for HARD-LANDSCAPES & INFRA-STRUCTURES !


Examples of HARD-LANDSCAPES & INFRA-STRUCTURES include    asphalt, brick pavers, buildings, concrete, gravel, pipelines, public utility corridors, rocks, transportation corridors, treated wood, wood preservatives.


If it is safe for children and adults to walk and play on or near herbicide-treated HARD-LANDSCAPES & INFRA-STRUCTURES, then why is it not safe for them to walk and play on herbicide-treated lawns ?!?! 


In order to be consistent & fair, there should be NO #@!!% exception statuses whatsoever !


Otherwise, prohibitions will continue to be dismal failures for municipalities like Salmon Arm !




NORAHG Response




On November 21st, 2016, Salmon Arm’s government officials admitted that Green Alternative Pesticides & Practices DO NOT WORK after years of FAILURES      all because of a fanatical-prohibition that was recklessly imposed on February 23rd, 2009 !  Students were exploited for manual weed picking, which involved work that was back-breaking & labour-intensive, just like cotton-pickers.  ( See link below. )  Manual weed picking was HUGELY UNSUCCESSFUL      the weeds prevailed and have now wrecked Salmon Arm’s surface INFRA-STRUCTURES.  This comes as NO surprise to observers who have repeatedly warned that it is IMPOSSIBLE for home-owners or maintenance professionals to keep their properties weed-free, safe, and beautiful by using practices like weed-pulling.  ( See link below. ) 


A well-maintained conventional lawn and landscape can ONLY be achieved with conventional pest control products and fertilizers.  These products are absolutely necessary.  Fortunately, conventional pest control products are safe, effective, economical, and low-risk.


Salmon Arm’s prohibition has resulted in catastrophic carnage that has inflicted garbage dump green spaces and stunningly exorbitant costs.  Prohibitions in Salmon Arm, and everywhere else, have destroyed public and residential green spaces by turning them into garbage dumps.  Here is a summary of garbage dump green spaces destroyed by #@!!% prohibition carnage         children at high risk of tripping and becoming seriously hurt      dandelions the dominant ground cover      dead mature street trees      hazardous slipping conditions in sports turf      invasive noxious weeds like Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed      lawns decimated by insects like white grubs      lawns in entire neighborhoods ruined by pests      parks infested with weeds      rose plantations dying and removed.  ( See links below. )  This is the #@!!% prohibition carnage that can be expected in any community that recklessly and arbitrarily imposed prohibition.  NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE IN SALMON ARM’S #@!!% DANGEROUS AND PEST-INFESTED URBAN LANDSCAPES THAT LOOK LIKE GARBAGE DUMPS !


Observers have NO objection to the personal choice of life-style of manual weed picking, which, in this case, is a clear preference to live in an environment that looks like a garbage dump.  However, observers DO object to this choice being imposed on the majority of the community that DOES NOT want to live in this manner.  The reckless and arbitrary imposition of Salmon Arm’s fanatical-prohibition was not in the best interest of health and environment.  It is a recognized fact that prohibition is unnecessary since pest control products are Health-Canada-approved, federally-legal, scientifically-safe, practically-non-toxic, and will cause NO harm.  SALMON ARM’S FANATICAL-PROHIBITION MADE OUR GREEN SPACES LOOK SO #@!!% DANGEROUS AND UGLY !  ( See links below. )    



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NORAHG Response




Across North America, government officials are no longer readily jumping in favour of fanatical-prohibition.  It is clear that pesticide-hating fanatics conspire to impose prohibition in order to destroy professional lawn care and manufacturer industries.  At this time, there are dozens of jurisdictions that have aggressively-challenged and even repealed fanatical-prohibitions, or have granted professional lawn care businesses with an EXCEPTION status.  These jurisdiction have kept children safe, since, with prohibitions, children are at high risk of slipping and tripping and becoming seriously hurt.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep green spaces well-maintained, safe, and attractive without conventional pest control products.  Playing surfaces become thin and yellow, and over-run with weeds and infested with insects, resulting in the dismal destruction of turf playing surfaces.  In essence, pest control products prevent slipping and tripping injuries and keep children safe.  There are now dozens of jurisdictions that have kept children safe by  stopping or rescinding or limiting or beginning to repeal fanatical-prohibitions, or by granting professional lawn care businesses with an EXCEPTION status.  The following jurisdiction have kept children safe       Alberta ( Province )      Altona ( Manitoba )      Ashland ( Oregon )      Beaumont ( Alberta )      Belleville ( Ontario )      British Columbia ( Province )      Calgary ( Alberta )      Campbell River ( British Columbia )      Chicago ( Illinois )      Deer Lake ( Newfoundland )      Durango ( Colorado )      Edmonton ( Alberta )      Everett ( Washington )      Guelph ( Ontario )       Guelph-Eramosa ( Ontario )      Hudson ( Quebec    Existing Prohibition Morally Invalidated Since Several Government Officials Who Were Responsible For Prohibition Are Now Facing Charges Of Fraud, Corruption, & Tax-Evasion )      Kamloops ( British Columbia )      Kauaʻi County ( Hawaiʻi )      Kelowna ( British Columbia )      Merritt ( British Columbia )      New Brunswick ( Province )      Newfoundland ( Province )      Ogunquit ( Maine )      Ontario ( Proposed Amendment To Provincial Pesticide Ban, Beginning To Repeal Ontario Anti-Pesticide Prohibition )      Parksville ( British Columbia )      Port Alberni ( British Columbia )      Portage La Prairie ( Manitoba )      Quebec ( Imposed Provincial Prohibition Limited With Permitted Active Ingredients, & Also Invalidated Because Ban Defeated By Lawsuit  )      Regina ( Saskatchewan )      Rossland ( British Columbia )      Saint John’s ( Newfoundland & Labrador )      Saint Josephine ( Oregon )      Salmon Arm ( British Columbia )      Scarborough ( Maine )      Steinbach ( Manitoba )      Stratford ( Prince Edward Island )      Stuartburn ( Manitoba )      Summerside ( Prince Edward Island )      Vernon ( British Columbia )      Winkler ( Manitoba )      United Kingdom ( Suspended European Union Prohibition Against Neonicotinoid Insecticides )      USA ( A Vast Majority Of States Have Legislated Pre-Emption Laws & Virtually All Proposed Prohibitions Stopped ).  ( See links below. ) 



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