Growers Across Canada Had Better Get Ready For The Pain Of Catastrophic Carnage ! – Justin Trudeau & Liberal Party Of Canada – 2015 11 02








PROHIBITION against neonicotinoid insecticides in Ontario has generated concerns among grain farmers in Manitoba, but the agriculture industry does NOT expect similar policy to move west anytime soon. 


Are you out of your minds ?!?! 


Are you kidding ?!?! 


Hoping the decision made in Ontario will not be repeated by other governments in Canada ?!?! 


The agriculture industry is about to be screwed ! 


Growers in the agriculture industry are being lulled into lunatic la-la land, a euphoric dream-like mental state detached from the reality. 


In reality, fanatics who operate anti-pesticide & environmental-terrorist-organizations will imminently annihilate the agriculture industry. 


These organizations include Canadian Cancer Society and Liberal Party of Canada. 


These fanatics have already inflicted catastrophic carnage against the professional lawn care industry. 


Growers are deluded into believing that the agriculture industry will be forever granted an exception status from anti-pesticide prohibition. 


It is inevitable that growers will be inflicted with catastrophic anti-pesticide carnage !


These fanatics want to destroy all agricultural businesses, as well as their assets, their customers, their homes, their lifestyles, their job security, their families, their children, their loved-ones, and their future. 


Agriculture is next, across the nation ! 


And do not forget that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party just won a majority government in Canada. 


Trudeau and his pesticide-hating fanatics will conspire to impose national-prohibition against all pest control products, especially against neonicotinoid insecticides. 


More specifically, according to the 2014 Liberal Party of Canada policy resolution on neonicotinoid insecticides    « Be it resolved that the Liberal Party of Canada call for the Pest Management Regulatory Agency ( PMRA ) to suspend  [ i.e. prohibit ]  immediately its registration of all neonicotinoid-based compounds, resulting in an immediate moratorium  [ i.e. prohibition ]  on the sale and use of this class of technology in Canada ». 


In essence, Trudeau and his pesticide-hating fanatics made a campaign promise to prohibit neonicotinoid insecticides. 


The agriculture industry is screwed ! 


Growers across the nation had better get ready for the pain of catastrophic carnage ! 


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