The weeds are winning

Sep 09, 2015 

The weeds are winning

Niagara This Week – Welland

There is a multitude of overgrown weeds on almost every island medium in the Niagara, and the region is looking worse than Detroit, Michigan.

All these overgrown weeds everywhere are a real eyesore and only show tourists visiting Niagara that the Region is broke, and so are the municipalities, since they have no money in their budgets for simple weed control and beautification.

 The weed growth on these islands looks just plain disgusting. Niagara is starting to look like one big ghetto, with overgrown weeds everywhere.

With a police budget approaching $400 million annually there is no money left over for any kind of beautification projects in Niagara. That’s right people, Niagara is looking so disgusting because the police force is getting all the money.

Charles Owen,


Source: The weeds are winning