Pesticide Free PEI | Crying to Town Council | Toxic | Significant | Compelling Evidence

We strongly urge council to do the following:

● Revoke the idea of an “engagement process.”
● Instead, channel your full efforts into the legal process of preparing a set of bylaws.
Place the file in the hands of a lawyer.
Until the bylaws are in place, advise the lawn care companies that Bylaws will be
brought in. It is only a matter of time.

Advise the lawn care companies that they are not welcome with the Town until the
Bylaws are brought in,
unless they use environmentally and healthy products such as
those being used in Nova Scotia. If it can be done, a moratorium would be the best
course to follow until the bylaws can be brought into effect.
● As residents of the Town, we are extremely disappointed in the course charted by
Council and sincerely hope that Council will do the right thing and take the advice of
the legendary Walt Disney: “Things get done when people stop talking and start

Roger Gordon and Maureen Kerr

Maureen Kerr noted that she got involved because she had some friends who have children
with cancer and she has learned a lot about pesticides.