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And IT’S STARTED!!! Thanks to a supporter, Daniela, for her sharp eye – she spotted this sign a few steps from Wootton High School! Probably done this morning in time for kids to be exposed.

Ambiguous signage like this doesn’t help to protect the public. We have a feeling it is pesticides or a fertilizer/pesticide combo. Seeds and fertilizer-only applications do not need to be posted. pesticide app sign

See a sign? Take a photo and post on our fb page. Include the location you saw it.

If you are feeling brave, call the number posted to find out what’s used. If it’s pesticides you can ask for the name of the product/manufacturer, or for them to email you the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Of course they are not obligated to do that, but some will share the information.

If you can’t get any information, work through MDA – the pesticide office will find out for you: 410-841-5710
Also, any granular (both pesticides and fertilizers) are supposed to be removed off the sidewalk and roads. You can make a complaint to MDA.

Remember, MDA implied we (the public) are supposed to be policing their applicators, and that there’s been few complaints. So let’s make some noise!

Right now few steps away from Wootton highscool, hundreds of kids walk by this house (kids from Wootton and Robert Frost). I am not sure if they were using only seeds or pesticides.“

Daniela Ion D’Orazio ‎Safe Grow Montgomery

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