TreeAzin Failure | Ontario BeeKeepers Association | Dangerous Organic Pesticide for Bees

Are you planning to treat your Ash trees this year?
If you are worried about the impact of the Emerald Ash Borer and are exploring the feasibility of treating your trees or those in your community this year, we’d like to encourage you to discuss the treatment procedure with your registered pesticide exterminator and/or municipality to ensure that they are following the label instructions. TreeAzin, the treatment most frequently recommended for this pest, is a tree-injected systemic which can be very toxic to bee brood. The label makes it clear that it should not be applied until after the blooming period – which in Ontario would be mid to late June – and also recommends not applying more frequently than every two years.

If you would like to download the label, you can find it here. As with all pesticides, we encourage its use only when essential.