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Green Venture is promoting misinformation regarding Ontario's Cosmetic Pesticide Ban.  These techniques do not work, it has been proven over and over, in many jurisdictions throughout North America where bans are in place.  The Homemade Pesticides are Dangerous, more dangerous than the banned products.

Why do they not scrutinize these ECO MONEY GRABBERS more closely and stop providing them funding.


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Homemade Pest Control Recipes

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nsect Repellent 
Companion Plant e.g. Plant marigolds around tomatoes and cabbages. Garlic and onions will also discourage insects.

Encircle ant burrow opening with a line of red chili powder, paprika, or dried peppermint leaves.


Natural Lawn and Garden Resources

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To learn more about Natural Lawn Care and Gardening with Nature check out these websites, documents and books:<--break->


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