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Lynne Lund makes Summerside Farmers' Market first public appearance

SUMMERSIDE – Lynne Lund accepted the nomination as the Green Party candidate for the federal riding of Malpeque at a fundraising event Friday night and engaged her first public exposure Saturday morning at the Summerside Farmers’ Market.

Linkletter organic farmer Arthur Davies talks with Lynne Lund, Green Party candidate for the federal Malpeque riding, at the Summerside Farmers' Market.

Lund, 31, an entrepreneur who operates a cloth diapering service and other small businesses from her home in Clinton, P.E.I., introduced herself to market vendors and customers to begin spreading the Green Party message.

“It’s time for people to rethink what a Green vote is, and I look forward to being the face that can do that,” she said.

She hasn’t always identified with the Green Party, but having children increased her awareness of some particular issues. Exploring those issues, she read the Vision Green platform and found it to be a level and multi-dimensional fit for her outlook.

“The environment cannot be taken out of the equation, but it is certainly not the only thing that we stand for,” she offered.

“The Green Party is the party for small business. We stand for social justice. We stand for food security,” she itemized several aspects.

“I think people would be surprised, if they re-read Vision Green, how many things we represent,” Lund encouraged.

Provincial Green Party leader Peter Bevan-Baker described Lund, and Charlottetown riding candidate Becka Viau, as vibrant, intelligent, charismatic and articulate women. Though the candidates are currently oriented to federal seats, he says they could effectively represent the party federally or provincially, as the Green Party platforms are united and serve candidates at both political levels.

It’s time for people to rethink what a Green vote is, and I look forward to being the face that can do that.Lynne Lund, Green Party candidate in federal riding of Malpeque

Farmers' Market merchant Arthur Davies connected with Lund's approach and the Green Party as an option.

"We have to change what we have now," he said, citing his view that the current government leader is the most undemocratic that Canada has ever had.

"I like what (Green Party leader Elizabeth May) believes. Maybe I don't agree with everything she does, but I like the fact that she speaks from the heart and you can trust her," Davies added.

"They echo some of the things we feel strongly about, being organic farmers. The environment is important to us. I think we are speaking some of the same language," he said after his talk with Lund.

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