Saving Bees | Animal Cruelty Act | Smartphone App | BeConnected | Ontario BeeKeepers Association Pulls Out

Ontario Bee Keepers Association does not want Bees Classified under the Animal Health and Welfare Act.

Ontario Bee Keepers Association does not want to participate in a Smart Phone App Program for Farmers and Bee Keepers.


  • Ontario BeeKeepers say 'NO' to Animal Health And Welfare Act Link
  • Repeal of the Ontario Bees Act to one that folds bees into the Animal Health and Welfare Act could result in less responsive legislation for bees.


  • A bee hive locator app was developed for smart phones to plot where bee hives are located and to facilitate communication but the OBA pulled out.

  • Grain Farmers of Ontario has developed a new SmartPhone app called ‘BeConnected’ to allow farmers and beekeepers to locate each other (by GPS location) quickly and easily, and to facilitate communication