2014 Landscape Ontario Lawn Care Commodity Group | Highlights

Phoma-  Macrostoma
Scotts has given up on the product.  Karen Bailey and AG Canada has reached out to stakeholder to try to find a new business partner.  There are some questions about efficacy.  The group suggested that we ask for samples.  

Non-compliant companies
The group has noticed an increase in many companies using weed control and iron products illegally.  There was a discussion about how to deal with this issue.
Ask the Ministry to regulate more stringently – both at the public and professional level
There may be many who are cheating as an act of civil disobedience 
It was suggested that we focus on the professionals 
Action: We will set up a meeting with the Ministry of Environment to discuss how to deal with the issue.    Steve will seek the meeting 
Alan will bring this issue up at the Provincial Board 

Algae Bloom Issue 
Hoping to see something from Lee Ann regarding the issue
Sara actually hoping to get something from Lawn Care Group
Messaging needs to be around benefits of turf
Explain good of vegetative buffer zones
A no-phosphorus campaign will help us deal with the Algae Bloom Issue.  The no-phosphorus campaign will focus on licensing.  

Government Relations 
With the new government in place it is time to renew our government relations activity.   It may be a good idea to reconnect with PLCAO and PIRC to decide our next steps.   Suncor is still active at trying to get Clearchoice accepted.   A meeting will be set up September 12.  At that meeting we will discuss strategy.   

Lake Simcoe Water Shed Update 
Lake Simcoe put out a document with misleading information.   We will be responding with truthful comments.                               Action:  Tony 

March 2014 Government Relations.
"Alan, Steve and Tony visited the Environment Commissioner to get his advice on how to encourage new safer pest control technology into Ontario.  The Commissioner provides some valuable insights on how to promote positive change in environmental stewardship.   He suggested that we rededicate ourselves to Integrated Pest Management Approaches and work to eliminate "leakage" caused by poor enforcement of the Act. "     

Update on MOE Licence modernization.
Waiting for information – leaning towards a Continuing Education Credit (CEC) system.  It is difficult to comment on the proposed changes when details are lacking.  At the next meeting we will attempt to develop an industry position on improving the Licensing process.  The IPM symposium is an ideal venue for earning CEC’s