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Welcome to Canopy Cohousing — November 6, 2014



Welcome to Canopy Cohousing

We’re changing our name! Canopy Cohousing (formerly TECO) better describes the community we plan to build and grow. A canopy suggests trees, green living, and an environment that shelters all those who come to live or visit under its roof.

At a recent visioning session, we tried out lots of new names, looking for one that captures the spirit of the community we plan to build. While Toronto eCohousing (TECO) was a good name to describe our intentions to develop a sustainable cohousing community, it wasn’t one we could see on the side of a building.

Building a new development under a forest canopy is hard to imagine in downtown Toronto, but we can imagine growing a canopy — one that includes food gardens, fruit trees, natural playgrounds, and shared community spaces.

We’re delighted with all the responses we’ve been getting lately following media attention about cohousing. Our group is growing, and we invite you join us in this exciting new phase.

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